Wind at my Back

Grace Bailey: Kathryn Greenwood
Honey Bailey: Cynthia Belliveau (season 1 - 3)
Honey Bailey Sutton: Laura Bruneau (season 4 - )
May Bailey: Shirley Douglas
Hubert "Hub" Bailey: Dylan Provencher
Henry "Fat" Bailey" Tyrone Savage
Bob Bailey: Dan Lett
Toppy Bailey: Robin Craig
Jim Flett: Robert Bockstael
Max Sutton: James Carroll
Pritchard: Bradie Whetha

1. Four Walls and a Roof Pt 1
Hugh Morrison: Craig Eldridge; Jack Bailey: Booth Savage
Bankrupt, Honey and Jack Bailey move in with his family; Jack dies, and Honey is turned away; she gives up her children and finds work in another city.

2. Four Walls and a Roof Pt 2
Hugh Morrison: Craig Eldridge; Jack Bailey: Booth Savage
Honey finds work in another city; Hub and Fat run away.

3. No Way of Telling
Ben Molloy: Bob Bainborough; Sgt. Stoneman: Rodger Barton; Frank Bleary; Torquil Campbell; Station Master: Gordon Joelyn; Patrick Mullen: Geza Kovacs
Hub and Fat search for clues to a bank robbery; Honey's brother disappears with her savings.

4. A Family of Independent Means
Ben Molloy: Bob Bainborough; Farmer Doogan: John Friesen; Alastair Grady: Ken James; Judd Wainwright: Dan Redican; Principal Pagnutti: Chuck Shamata
Honey is fired and cannot find another job; Hub and Fat try to earn money.

5. My Dog Pal
Dottie Grady: Corinne Conley; Helen McCloud: Jill Frappier; Alastair Grady: Ken James
Hub and Fat earn money taking care of a dog.

6. Something from Nothing
Harry Bloomington: Robert Buck; Alden Cramp: Dan MacDonald; Brambly Wilson: Tom McCamus; Wick Thompson: Michael Ray Rhodes
Uncle Bob gets Hub a job on weekends at a local farm and Fat manages to win a small part in a local Chautauqua show. Meanwhile, when Honey loses everything and is forced into a charity mission, Grace intervenes and May finally agrees that her daughter-in-law may return.

7. Moonshine Struck
Old Bones: Sam Malkin; Percy Ardley: Karl Pruner
Honey is attracted to a policeman; the boys search for a bootlegger's still.

8. Train to Nowhere
June Pritchard: Jillian Cook; Alden Cramp: Dan MacDonald; Reenie Bigelow: Debra McGrath
Honey and Grace help Max with the local drama society.

9. Aunt Grace's Wedding
Hal the Hobo: Mark Hondroyanis; Reverend Patterson: Gerry Quigley; Judd Wainwright: Dan Redican
Grace secretly attends a wedding with Judd.

10. No Place Like Home
Uncle Joe: Jesse Collins
Uncle Joe makes a surprise visit to New Bedford; Honey and the boys try to bring Violet back home.

11. Chasing Rainbows
Matilda Morrison: Brenda Bazinet; Dottie Grady: Corinne Conley; Hugh Morrison: Craig Eldridge; Rev. Patterson: Gerry Quigley; Martha Wanless: Francoise Vallee
The boys raise money for Honey's birthday present; fund-raising proceeds disappear.

12. Moving Mountains
Skip Roper: John Bourgeois; Mrs. Whiteny: Charmion King; Principal Pagnutti: Chuck Shamata; Tony Piretti: Dominic Zamprogna
Hub hangs out with the wrong crowd.

13. Back in My Arms Again
Matilda Morrison: Brenda Bazinet; Suzanne Nelson: Laura Bertram; Hugh Morrison: Craig Eldridge; Judge Elliiot: Leon Pownall
Honey tries to bring Violet home.

Season 2

14. Many Happy Returns
Hattie Olson: Marilyn Boyle; Mr. Yuen: Ho Chow; Martin Le Claire: James B Douglas; Alastair Grady: Ken James; Station Master: Gordon Jocelyn; Joe Willis: Aron Tager
Max gets a new job and proposes marriage to Honey, who accepts.

15. Never Sleep Three in a Bed
Benny: Jefferson Mappin; Grocer Greeley: Wayne Robson
The blended family struggle to adjust in their small quarters.

16. The Agony Column
Hattie Olson: Marilyn Boyle; Martha Wanless: Francois Vallee
Grace plays the role of an advice columnist on a radio show.

17. Triple Trouble
Buck Mayhew: Noah Shebib
An old prospector returns to town with his rebellious granddaughter in tow.

18. Summer Dreams, Summer Nightmares (br> (10/26/97)
Mr. Sainsbury: Robert Benson; Gene MacFarlane: Richard Donat; Doris Bailey: Kathryn Long
Del helps Ollie woo Grace; Toppy returns and asks Bob for a divorce.

19. The Champ
The Dynamite Kid: Andrew Jackson; Captain Death: Layton Morrison; Battling Bob: Alan C. Peterson; Mike the Mauler: Garry Robbins
Uncle Joe makes a surprise visit in order to promote a wrestling tour.

20. By Gosh or By Golly
Ethan Newcombe: Anthony Bekenn; Gene MacFarlane: Richard Donat; Alastair Grady: Ken James
Family members react to the news that Honey is expecting a baby.

21. Careers
Mrs. Whitney: Charmion King; Buck Mayhew: Noah Shebib
Max plans a Career Day at school; Hub discovers a passion for mining.

22. Radio Waves
Skip Roper: John Bourgeois; Lee Yuen: Ho Chow; Rev. Milo McClellan: Richard Partington; Mr. Walcott: Bruce Pirrie; Chan Yuen: Jovanni Sy
Grace makes an unpopular decision as new station manager of CRNB.

23. A Ghost of a ChanceW: Roy Sallows, Raymond StoreyD: Stefan Scaini
Chambermaid: Kelli Fox
Believing the hotel is haunted, Fat, Hub and Maisey try to photograph the ghost.

24. A Meeting of the Clan
Luc Gerrard: Carl Marotte; Hugo Gerrard: Daniel Pilon; Cousin Jessie: Kay Tremblay
Jessie accidentally steals a brooch; Max finds iron ore on property May thought worthless.

25. Of All That Human Hearts Endure
Mr. McEwen: Chris Benson; Farmer Doogan: John Friesen; Luc Gerrard: Carl Marotte; Nurse Harper: Louisa Martin; Hugo Gerrard: Daniel Pilon
May suffers a serious heart attack; Grace bids to become head of the company.

26. Smiling Through
Luc Gerrard: Carl Marotte; Nurse Harper: Louisa Martin; Hugo Gerrard: Daniel Pilon; Cousin Jessie: Kay Tremblay
The bank calls in the Bailey's loan; Honey goes into labor at the mine.

Season 3

27. The Resurrection of May
Mr. Sainsbury: Robert Benson; Luc Gerrard: Carl Marotte; Hugo Gerrard: Daniel Pilon; Harmon Drakeford: Sany Webster
May fights to win back the mine; Luc Gerrard romances Grace.

28. The Long WeekendW: Raymond StoreyD: Stefan Scaini
Dr. Barlow: Don Allison; Ollie Johnson: Neil Crone; Alden Cramp: Dan MacDonald; Callie Cramp: Lynne Griffin; Mr. Yuen: Ho Chow; Edmund Wanless: Roger Dunn
Hub, Fat and and Maisy enter the New Bedford Bed Race; Grace resigns herself to spinsterhood.

29. The Forever LeapW: Kelly D: Kevin Jubenville
Charlie McGregor: Peter costigan; Edmund Wanless: Roger Dunn; Ralph Fillian: peter Millard; Leonard Olson: David Roemmele; Tony Piretti: Kenny Vadas
Honey grows concerned about Hub's irresponsible behavior.

30. My Beautiful Mom W: D: Stefan Scaini
Frankie Bloore: Stephanie Graham; Tucker Findlay: Mark Humphrey; Doris Bailey: Kathryn Long
A photographer tries to con the townspeople; Toppy's daughter visits.

31. The Fever W: D: Ken Jubenvill
Cliff: Barna Moricz
Hub is smitten with Alice; Del is partner in a new bus line; the boy's basketball team is challenged to an exhibition game.

32. The Crystal SkullW:D: Ken Jubenvill
Aaron Rothsteen: Nico Branzea; Ruby Trammel: Kristin Fairlie: Rennie Bigelow: Debra McGrath; Martha Wanless: Francoise Vallee; Harmon Drakeford: Sandy Webster
May inherits a crystal skull that seems to have strange powers.

33. Public EnemiesD: Stefan Scaini
(03/07/99) Eddy Jackson: Philip Granger
A crime gang terrorizes the citizens of New Bedford.

34. New DirectionsD: Don Shebib
Mr. Sainsbury: Robert Benson; Maurice Woodman: Donald Carrier; Senator Woodman: Colin Fox; Benjamin Kendrick: Thomas Hauff; Mr. Wilmott: David Huband; Angus Hardy: Jonathan Wilson
May boycotts the bank; Del teaches engineering to children.

35. The StrapD: Stefan Scaini
Mrs. Whitney: Charmion King
Max battles with Principal Whitney over discipline.

36. Grace of HollywoodD: Don Shebib
Burt Potter: Layne Coleman; Rev. Milo McClellan; Richard Partington; Nathan Sparks: Greg Spottiswood
A film director's arrival in town fuels Grace's dreams of stardom; Fat enters a public-speaking contest.

37. MarathonD: Don McBrearty
The radio station holds a dance marathon.

38. A Mission for HoneyD: Stacey Curtis (04/18/99)
Myrt Dumphry: Ann Holloway
Honey becomes nurse to a family with flu.

39. Life on Mars
Fat contemplates life; Grace plays a role in a wedding.

40. All This and Heaven Too
Grace faces a frightening night in the woods.

41. It Don't Mean a Thing
Toppy tries to run her own business; a dance craze hits New Bedford.

42. A Girl in Trouble
Pregnant Alice turns to Hub for support.

43. A River Rages
A novelist forces Grace, Toppy, Max and Fat to re-examine their lives.

44.After Leo
Following Leo's death, Maisey reunites with her father.

45. Faith Healer
An evangelist suffers a crisis of faith.

46. Remembrance Day
Alden faces the ghosts of his past; Old Roolie refuses to acknowledge her son.

47. The Shadow Boxer
Fat is obsessed with winning at boxing; Del pursues Grace.

48. Murmer Most Foul
Max writes a mystery; Callie thinks she is the target of a murder plot.

49. The Wild Blue Yonder
A flying ace visits New Bedford.

50. A Family Again
Alice: Julia Chantrey; Eddy: Phillip Granger The Bailey's get ready to welcome Honey (Laura Bruneau) home; Alice must make a life-changing decision; May rethinks her feelings for Eddy.

51. A Formal Affair
(10/22/00) Laura Brigeman: Emily Andrews
Hub tries to find a way to escort Laura Bridgeman to the Winter Ball in Toronto. Toppy must deal with her resentful daughter Doris, as well as divorce demands from Bob

52.The Foolish Heart
(10/29/00)Archie: Richard Blackburn; Jim: Robert Bockstael; Alice: Julia Chantry
As preparations for New Bedford's annual Valentine's Follies keep many of the townspeople busy, a few are left to realize the true meaning of love.

53. Coming of Age
Fat learns a hard lesson about the dangers of gambling; a mysterious stranger arrives in town and proceeds to agressively woo Grace.

54. Oh, Happy Day
(11/12/00) Van: Andrew Jackson
Honey (Laura Bruneau) re-opens the beauty parlour and struggles to regain the town's business. May's domineering ways forces Grace to elope with Van. May collapses with a stroke

55. Trick Cyclist
May's stroke has left her paralyzed and helpless. The entire family comes together to help May, but not without hidden concerns of their own.

56. New Girls In Town
Mrs. McFarlane is fired when she abuses her position as May's caregiver. The family must come to terms with their own attitudes when the agency sends a qualified and able nurse, who is black. Revised 15 May, 2001

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