Street Justice

Sgt. Adam Beaudreaux: Carl Weathers
Grady Jameson: Bryan Genesse
Malloy: Carlene Fernetz
Miguel Mendez: Marcus Chong

Legacy 43101A & B W: David Levinson & Jonathan Glassner   D: Bill Corcoran
(09/29/91) Frank Annese; Lindsey Ginter; Ted Willis: Blu Mankuma; Charlie Pine: Leam Blackwood; Sandra P Grant; Tamsin Kelsey; Timothy Webber; Lenski: Jeff Irvine, Brimley: Michael A Jackson; Mrs Nguyen: Francine Nguyen; Riodin: Kymberley Sheppard; Mrs Tran: Lee Mary Weilnau; Young Grady: Devon Lachance; Henry: Matthew Ray Bennet; Reporter: Joanna Piros; Mororcycle Cop: Lon Katzmann
A hit man whom Beaudreaux is assigned to protect escapes while he is searching for the young man who saved his life in Vietnam. Beaudreaux believes Grady was searching for him when he turns up, but Grady says that the hit man was responsible for his parents death in Nam.

1.2 Loyalties (43103) W: Ann Donahue D: Brad Turner
(10/05/91) Miguel: Marcus Chong; Suzy Joachim; Loco Louis: Steve Bacic; Lt Pine: Leam Blackwood; Lisa Bunting; Lisa Vultaggio; K Street boy #1: Cam Avril; Officer Hardigan: Roger Barnes; Quatro Leader: Hugo Pena
A young woman involved with a gang leader resists Beaudreaux's suggestion that she is making a mistake until her mother is shot during a gang battle.

1.3 Kid Stuff (43108)
(10/12/91)Greg Smith
Beaudreaux and Grady try to help an adopted boy apparently suffering from abuse.

1.4 Tables Turned (43102) W: Barry Schkolnik D: Zale Dalen
(10/19/91) Beverley Hendry; Ryan Michael; Tamsin Kelsey; Timothy Webber; Linda Grossman: Tasha Simms; Woman: Patricia Dahlquist; Judge Gendelman: Fred Henderson; Jesse Peck: Victoria Maxwell
A rape suspect's attorney seeks help from Beaudreaux when she becomes her client's next target.

1.5 Shadows (43107) W: Jonathan Glassner D: Don Shebib
(10/26/91) Aki Aleong; Teddy: Blu Mankuma; Pine: Leam Blackwood; Timothy Webber; Detective Chase: Ken Famroun; Kelsey: Janne Mortil; Schuham: Ken Tremblett; Reporter 2: Katherine Banwell; Reporter 1: Jaylene Hamilton; John Hieu: Sherman Hu; Shadow Dragon Leader: Derek Lowe; Police officer: Sean Orr
Beaudreaux is targeted by a Vietnamese crime syndicate because of the arrest of one of their gang members.

1.6 Sanctuary (43113) W: David Levinson D: Brad Turner
(11/02/91) Norman Browning; Christiana Hirt; Pine: Leam Blackwood; Beverley Hendry; Rosemary: Joy Coghill; Dr. Washburne: Wally Marsh; Kelsey: Janne Mortil; Schuham: Ken Tremblett; Pietr: David Palffy; Hendrick: Sonny Surowiec
Grady attempts to help a diabetic woman who claims to be virtually imprisoned in a foreign consulate.

1.7 The Group (43106) W: Andrew Sipes D: Brenton Spencer
(11/09/91) Benton: Julian Christopher; Teddy: Blu Mankuma; Pine: Leam Blackwood; Tamsin Kelsey; Kelsey: Janne Mortil; Schuham: Ken Tremblett; Cop: Roger Barnes; Psychologist: Merrilyn Gann; Walter: Alvin Sanders; Asian Girl: Ema Tanaka
Beaudreaux and Grady, investigating a series of murders in Little Saigon, arrest a Vietnam veteran who has violent tendencies.

1.8 Friendly Fire (43116) W: Tom Ashe D: Rene Bonniere
(11/16/91) Linda Darlow; Steve Kahan; Pine: Leam Blackwood; Schuham: Ken Tremblett; Mendosa: Robert Metcalf; Hearing officer: Janie Woods Morris: Louise Holigrans: Donna Peerless; Thurman: John Tench; Karch: Victor Young
A detective who shot a teen-age suspect claims Beaudreaux is the killer.

1.9 Self Defense (43112)  W: Bruce Cervi  D: Jeff Woolnough
Leam Blackwood; Lisa Blake: Sandra Ferens; Eric Keenleyside; Eliot Hirsch: pat Barmal; Wendell Evans: John Bear Curtis; Jeff Field: Deryl Hayes; Malone: Larry Musser
Beaudreaux and Malloy try to help a woman abused by her husband.

1.10 Bashing (43109)
(11/30/91) Sean O'Byrne
When Malloy's brother (Sean O'Bryne) dies as a result of a "gay bashing" incident, Beaudreaux and Grady try to find out who was responsible.

1.11 Homecoming (43117)
(01/11/92) Loco Louis: Steve Bacic
A gang member in Beaudreaux's probationaly custody plans to revenge the death of his best friend, killed during an attack by a rival gang.

1.12 Parenthood (43120)  W: Jonathan Glassner  D: David Winning
Carmen Mendez: Lorraine Morin Torre; Marco Rodriguez; Robert Medcalfe; Malcolm Stewart; Miguel: Marcus Chong; Kelsey: Janne Mortil; Van man: Oliver ecker; Kris Newman: Laurie Briscoe; Cop: Anthony Harrison; Junkie: Scott McNeil
Beaudreaux tries to prevent a woman from killing her child's drug-dealing father (Marco Rodriguez), who gained custody of the baby on the strength of false testimony.

1.13 Partner in Crime (43121)
Beaudreaux finds himself attracted to his new partner (Alex Datscher), but learns upon further investigation that she is not a member of the police force.

1.14 Protectors (43115)
In a neighborhood recently hit by a series of burglaries, Beaudreaux investigates the killing of a vigilante who was shot while staking out a robbery.

1.15 Backbeat (43123)
(02/15/92) Gabrielle: Deborah Gibson
Grady becomes romantically involved with a rock star who hired him as a bodyguard, and then learns she may be into something other than music.

1.16 Debt of Honor (43126)
(02/22/92) Gary Torrey: Michael Harris
Grady gets arrested in order to protect a friend (Michael Harris) who is jailed for a murder he says he didn't commit.

1.17 Bad Choices (43118) (Bad Debts?)
(02/29/92) Teddy: Blu Mankuma; Dustin Nguyen
Grady tries to help Beaudreaux's friend Teddy Willis find a Vietnamese refugee who has been using willis to get drug smugglers admitted into the country.

1.18 Eye Witness (43124)
Beaudreaux fears losing Malloy after she sees a mob hit, unless he can come up with evidence against the killer doesn't require her testimony.

1.19 The Long Way Home (43111)
Lt. Pine's obsession with a case endangers himself and other officers, and leads him to steal a crucial piece of evidence.

1.20 Catcher (43114)
(05/09/92)Sherry Rivers: Jennifer Dale; Krueger: David Palffy; Gabrielle Rose; Kevin McNulty; Danielle Fraser
A couple (Gabrielle Rose, Kevin McNulty) turns to Beaudreaux for help when their foster daughter's biological father, just released from prison, wants to reclaim his child.

1.21 Missing (43119) (MIA?) (05/16/92)
Beaudreaux tries to prevent a woman (Patricia Ayame Thomson) from learning the truth about her missing husband.


2.1 Death Warmed Over (43201)
(10/03/92) Throng: Derek Lowe; Richard Yee
Grady and Miguel go after the gang member who critically wounded Adam, who experiences a series of fateful dreams while in the hospital.

2.2 Circle of Death
(10/10/92)Seth Pierce: Martin Cummins; Scott Hylands
While Beaudreaux searches for a possible serial killer, Grady confronts an old nemesis (Scott Hylands) who stages gladiator kickboxing matches to the death.

2.3 Cross Fire (43203)
Beaudreaux's probe into a detective's death points to an innocent youth being framed for murder by investigators concerned only with their track record.

2.4 Feet of Clay (43207)
A drug dealer's plea bargin accuses Beaudreaux of corruption.

2.5 Each One, Teach One (43212)
A new detective seems involved in a series of murders.

2.6 Country Justice (43208)
(11/07/92) Billy: Collin Raye
Malloy's high-school sweetheart returns, suspected of his wife's murder.

2.7 Back from the Dead... Again (43209)
(11/14/92) Lindsey Ginter
Grady learns the man who sacrificed his parents isn't dead after all.

2.8 Innocent Blood (43205)
(11/21/92) Landau: R Lee Ermey; Victor Young
A badly planned mission to capture a terrorist (Victor Young) results in teh accidental death of the man's son and the shooting of Malloy in retaliation.

2.9 Angel of Death (43204)
(11/28/92) Felker: Pat Harrington Jr; Eric Trask
An unscrupulous journalist(Pat Harrington) hinders Beaudreaux's search for a serial killer (Eric Trask) who appears to be preying on nurses.

2.10 Remember Me (43213)
Beaten and delirious, Beaudreaux's foster father claims he witnessed a murder.

2.11 Black or Blue (43206)
Beaudreaux's loyalties are tested when a friend is accused of murder because of his color.

2.12 Bitter Fruit (43211)
A Vietnam medic needs Beaudreaux's help to prove a company knew it's chemical spray was deadly.

2.13 A Sense of Duty (43214)
(01/30/93) Carrie-Anne Moss
A boy is the sole witness to a drug-related murder.

2.14 Obsession (43218)
(02/06/93) Scott Jaeck
Malloy becomes the victim of an obsessive admirer with the law on his side, leaving Beaudreaux and Grady to wait until he crosses the line.

2.15 Honor and Trust

2.16 On My Honor W: Vivienne Radkoff   D: Brenton Spencer
(02/20/93) Rothman: Eric McCormack; Joe Cannon: Kim Coates; CharliePine: Leam Blackwood; Dwight McFee; Guard: paul Bittante; Mary Peterson: Chilton Crane; Cop: Michael LaRochelle; Buyer: Richard Lautsch; Mitch Cannon: Michael Philip
A cop killer's brother kidnaps Malloy and threatens to murder her in an attempt to keep Beaudreaux from testifying about the police officer's death.

2.17 The Cost of Peace W: Jonathan Glassner   D: Rene Bonniere
(02/27/93) Rothman: Eric McCormack; Maria Rangel; Joe Wandell; Pine: Leam Blackwood; Christopher Racasa; Sgt Robert Martin: Ken Camroux; G-Roc: Paulo Ribeiro; Javier: Tony Sagastizado; Clavo: Alfonso Quidaja
A flyer is circulating urging gang members to kill cops. Beaudreaux is upset to learn that Miguel is back with his old gang. Miguel's plan to bring peace to his old neighborhood takes a big step backward when he's accused of killing a rival gang leader.

2.18 Countdown (43222) W: Vivienne Radkoff   D: Brad Turner
(03/06/93) Rothman: Eric McCormack; Judy Reyes; Captain Stryker: Bo Svenson; Pine: Leam Blackwood; Alex Bruhanski; Steven Williams; Frank: Charles Andre; Jack: Douglas Arthurs; Cop: John Dadey; Bo: Sonny Surowiec
A vicious killer attempts to free his son from jail by taking everyone in Beaudreaux's precinct house hostage.

2.19 Hello Again
(04/08/93) Melanie Nicholls-King; Detective Ritter: David Palffy

2.20 The Wall

2.21 My Brother's Keeper (43221) W: Steven Long Mitchell & Craig W Van Sickle   D: Rene Bonniere
(05/22/93) Rothman: Eric McCormack; Charlie Pine: Leam Blackwood; Jay Brazeau; William S Taylor; Ricky: Alex Diakun; Runaway: Aaron Joseph; Earl Pastko: Deputy Otis; Young Adam: Bruce Robbins; Curtis: Kevin Williams
Beaudreaux turns in his resignation as he marks his 20th anniversary on the force. He's haunted by the death of his younger brother, Curtis, for which he feels responsible.

2.22 Desperate

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