Street Legal - Season 7

107. Strictly Business (10/8/93)  W: Maureen McKeon & Sondra Kelly  D: Milan Cheylov
(Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Alana, Mercedes, Dillon, Rob, Laura, Malony)
Eva Paredes: Beatriz Pizano; BArry Schreiber: David Eisner; Kathleen Dempsey: Kim ADdison; Ian Dyson: Ed Wadley; Teresa hamori: Sarah Orenstein; Judge Burton: Larry Reynolds; Judge Scallo: Gordon Jocelyn; Law society counsel: Jovanni Sy; President: Leslie Yeo; Chess player: Adrian Pellett; Emily: Mallory/Megan Kohn
Chuck and Olivia enjoy their honeymoon; Rob fights for a disabled person's rights; Leon and Alana get news of Eve.

108. Hasta La Vista (10/15/93)
Tragedy mars the resolution of Leon's disbarment; a man is accused of using his employees' money to move their jobs to Mexico.

109. Truth or Dare (10/22/93)
(Leon, Olivia
Leon returns to work and accepts a discrimination case involving the RCMP; Olivia represents an author in a contract dispute with his publisher.

110. But Not Forgotten (10/29/93)
(Chuck, Rob, Laura
Jack Driscoll: Gary Reineke
Laura defends a young man accused of killing his mother; Chuck finally meets the mysterious Jack Driscoll; Rob's latest client proves to be difficult.

111. Black and White in Color(11/5/93)

112. Fit Punishment (11/12/93)

113. What's Love Got to do With It? (11/19/93)

114. Truth, Lies and Consequences (11/26/93)  W:Donald Martin, Sondra Kelly & David Cole  D: F. Harvey Frost
(Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Alana, Dillon, Rob, Laura, Malony, Mercedes)
Paulina Harper: Nicola Cavendish; Todd Conway: Jesse Collins; Valerie: Venus Terzo; John Seymour: Ed Evanko; Beth Stone: Karen Waddell; Det Sgt Higgins: Graham McPherson; Ralph Zimel: John Jarvis; Judge Atwood: John Bayliss; Ben Larkin: Andrew Sardella; Loretta Maxwell: Francois Robertson, TV host: Don Allison; Harvey Andrews: Judah Katz; James: Kevin O'Neil; Bryce Ford: Paul Wensley; Nurse: Cindy Cook; Orderly: Adam David; Emily: Mallory/Megan Kohn
Chuck defends a stockbroker accused of being a pimp; Ben moves in with Leon and Alana; Malony visits Laura in the hospital. Rob's client, Pauline, is accused of stealing her former boss' clients; Olivia appears on a morning show and is offered a permanent spot.

115. Do the Right Thing (12/3/93)  W: Michale Betcherman, Maureen McKeon & David Cole  D: Milan Cheylov
(Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Alana, Rob, Laura)
Valerie: Venus Terzo; Jack Driscoll: Gary Reineke; Phil Carrera: Tony Nardi; Mike Hayden: Barclay Hope; Nina Pascaras: Lenore Zann; Stanley Green: Alan Jordan; Martin Bower: Shawn Lawrence; Pete Bower: Rob Stefaniuk; Gary Cosentino: Philip Williams; Ben Larkin: Andrew Sardella; Madelaine Francis: Christine Moynihan; Joy Keller: Janet Ames; P J Weller: Hamish McEwan; Joe Christopoulos: Costin Manu; Judge Solomon: Jacqueline McLeod; Judge Watson: Vic Cummings; Floor manager: David Christoffel; Jennifer Merriweather: Camille James-Adams; Cyril MacDonald: Joe Lewis; Julia MacDonald: Amanda Smith
Leon is caught in a conflict between a father and his teen-age son who wants to be a plumber. Olivia defends a television journalist determined to protect a valuable source. Rob's affair with Nina comes to a critical point. Laura comes home from the hospital and Valerie shocks her with a declaration of love.

116. Feared by the Bad, Loved by the Good (12/6/93)  W: David Cole  D: Stefan Scaini
(Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Alana, Rob, Dillon)
Billy Cormier: August Schellenberg; Arthur Locke: James Blendick; Jack Driscoll: Gary Reineke; Paul Desmond: Victor A Young; Valerie: Venus Terzo; Sgt Gary Emmer: Wayne Best; Cost Stanley Green: David Fraser; Jennifer Doucette: Pamela Matthews; Ross Duggan: Tony Munch; Mike Hayden: Barlcay Hope; Ben Larkin: Andrew Sardella; Roger Walters: Timm Zemanek; Tony Grafton: Rick Roberts; Judge Purvis: Lynne Deragon; Judge Wilkinson: David Gardner; Jack Davis: Cory Dagg; Judy Davis: Shelley Hoffman; Robinson: Steve Behal; Jury Foreperson: Darlene Cooke
Chuck defends a native cigarette smuggler charged with conspiracy to commit murder. A senior lawyer tries to influence Alana's judgement in a case; Paul hugs her. Laura tells Rob about Valerie kissing her. Rob gets drunk after Nina goes to Greece with her husband.

117. The Cost of Love (12/17/93)  W: Maureen McKeon & David Cole  D: F Harvey Frost
(Leon, Chuck, Oliva, Alana, Mercedes, Laura, Rob)
Joan Millman: Brenda Bazinet; Stewart Millman: Peter Donaldson; Valerie: Venus Terzo; Paul Desmond: Victor A Young; Ben Larkin: Andrew Sardella; Theo Pascaras Angelo Pedari; Joe Christopoulos: Costin Manu; Gary Cosentino: Philip Williams; Anthea Gibson: Marnie McPhail; Judge Watson: Vic Cummings; Judge McGinty: Jay Smith; Judge Wilkinson: David Gardner; Harold Cooper-Haye: Julian Richings; Officer Harry: Johnie Chase; Officer Zelda: Wendy Hopkins: Lois Fraser: Tracey Hway; Jason: Gil Filar; Jeweller: Michael Ayoub
Leon takes the case of a woman terrorized by her husband; Rob handles a heated real-estate dispute. Laura comes back to work. Paul apologizes to Alana. Theo comes to Rob looking for business advice. The RCMP is asking questions about Jack Driscoll. Chuck gives Olivia an emerald he brought from Brazil for her wedding ring and tells her he's opened a $50,000 account in the Caymans with money Jack Driscoll gave him.

118. Fair is Foul (1/7/94)  W: Rebecca Schechter & David Cole  D: Stacey Stewart Curtis
(Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Alana)
Leon asks Chuck to defend an accused murderer; Alana and Leon need professional help for Ben.

119. The Firm (1/14/94)  W: Hart Hanson, Maureen McKeon & David Cole  D: Steve DiMarco
(Leon, Chuck, Olivia
Waiter: Arthur Eng
Olivia represents a woman journalist denied a news anchor position; Leon defends survivors of a mine disaster; Chuck's plans for the firm are rejected

120. Persons Living or Dead (1/21/94)  W: David Cole  D: F. Harvey Frost
(Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Alana, Mercedes, Dillon, Laura, Rob, Malony)
Tim Woolrich: David Hewlett; Jill Delaney: Heidi Von Palleske; Mike Hayden: Barclay Hope; Const. Tommy Foreman: Thomas Mitchell; Staff Sgt Braddock: Nocholas Pasco, Mr. Diamond: James B Douglas; Mrs. Diamond: Frances Hyland; Jim Kearney: Steve Wistance-Smith; Hugh Dunning: Damir Andrei; Braden Hunt: Bruce Varina; Joey Scallion: John Nelles; Stan Pilete: Mo Bock; Bianca Roberts: Larissa Lapchinski; Const. Ted Doyle: Dan MacDonald; Judge Stone: Abbott Jones Anderson; Insp. Bevan: Brian Kaulback; Bill MacKinley: Gary Fruchtman; Lina: Kate Parr; Desk Cop: Julie Lemieux; Mover: Louis Valere; Emily: Mallory/megan Kohn
Laura defends Rob's cousin, an officer accused of assaulting a prostitute. As Leon gets entangled in the miners' case, Chuck worries about the firm. Olivia helps a jounalist get his stolen property back from the police.

121. Crossroads (1/28/94))  W: Paul Hay, Maureen McKeon & David Cole  D: Milan Cheylov
(Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Alana, Dillon, Mercedes, Laura, Rob, Malony)
Spencer Garvie: Robin Gammell; Arthur Locke: James Blendick; Jack Driscoll: Gary Reineke; Gillian Delaney: Heide Von Palleske; Valerie Sanducci: Venus Terzo; Mike Hayden: Barclay Hope; Julia Macdonald: Sharry Flett; Howard Rossiter: Dan Redican; Ben Larkin: Andrew Sardella; Dennis Bristow: Sean Hewitt; Andrew Michaels: Nigel Bennett; Janet Thompson: Gina Clayton; Dave Henderson: Diego Matamoros; Hugh Dunning: Damir Andrei; Nigel Campbell: Les Porter; Cyril MacDonald: Joe Lewis
Olivia fights a lawyer who denied a woman partnership in his firm; Leon gains ground in the miners' case. When the firm votes to let Leon procede with the miner's case, Chuck resigns.

122. The Morning After (2/4/94))  W: Ann MacNaughton & David Cole  D: Steve DiMarco
(Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Alana, Dillon, Mercedes, Laura, Rob, Malony)
Spencer Garvie: Robin Gammell; Howard Rossiter: Dan Redican; Jack Discoll: Gary Reineke; Valerie Sanducci: Venus Terzo; Jill Delaney: Heidi Von Palleske; Mike Hayden: Barclay Hope; Julia MacDonald: Sharry Flett; Jim Kearney: Steve Wistance-Smith; Hugh Dunning: Damir Andrei; Ellen Filipchek: Linda thorson; George Ready: Peter Smith; Martin Ready: Nathaniel Moreau; Jason Peterson: Bill MacDonald; Patricia Wylie: Barbara Harris; Judge Sheffman: Joan Heney; Judge Scallo: Gordon Jocelyn; Ann Bromley: Pam Hyatt; Gary Knowles: Matt Birman
Leon and Rob concentrate on the miners' case; Alana makes an unusual ruling in a child custody case.

123. No Holds Barred (2/11/94))  W: Maureen McKeon & David Cole  D: Milan Cheylov
(Leon, Olivia, Alana
Leon loses his star witness; Olivia meets an old enemy on an AIDS task force she may join; Alana makes a controversial speech.

124. The Long and Winding Road (2/18/94)
Paul Desmond: Victor Young
Leon's win in the miners' case brings both stability and questions; Paul Desmond faces a sexual harassment charge.

(1994) W: David Cole D: Stacey Stewart (Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Dillon, Alana, Rob, Laura, Malony, Mercedes) Jack Driscoll: Gary Reineke, Spencer Garvie: Robin Gammell, Arthur Locke: James Blendick; Donald Campbell: Dan Lett, Paul Desmond: Victor A Young; Jessica Grant: Janet Wright; Judge Wilkinson: David Gardner; Jeremy Weinberg: Ed Sahley; Christine Miller: Tamara Gorski; Judge Cox: Pat Moffatt; Scott Farrow: Martin Julien; Anita Budhwar: Malika Mendez; Victor Sowlan: Michael Anderson Jr; Ellis Gardner: Alec Willows, Mitzi Rose: Deborah Duchene, Ben Larkin: Andrew Sardella; Mary Eisen: Marcia Diamond; Reporter: Edward Leefe; Attendant: Laurel Paetz; Clerk: Todd Alger Chuck has left the practice and Leon suggests bringing in new lawyers; the building goes up for sale. Chuck tries to get back with Olivia, but winds up heading for Vancouver. Alana testifies against a judge accused of sexual harassment; Rob & Laura get together.

Series Finale (2 hour movie) Last Rites (11/6/94) W: D: Stacey Stewart Curtis (Leon, Olivia, Chuck, Dillon, Alana, Rob, Laura, Brian) Brent Carver, Tom Jackson, James Blendick, Ann Medina The cast of "Street Legal" reunites in this finale to the series, which ran for eight years. Olivia reluctantly lets her estranged husband and former partner Chuck defend her when she is charged with murder after helping a terminally ill friend die.

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