Street Legal - Season 6

89. BRT & Associates: A New Beginning W: Guy Mullally & Sondra Kelly  D: Stacey Stewart Curtis
(10/30/92)(Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Alana, Dillon, Rob, Laura, Mercedes)
Brian Malony: Ron Lea, Christopher Szabo: Henry Czerny, Ronald Spencer Jr: Joseph Ziegler, Ronald Spencer Sr: Chris Wiggins, Patrick Babits: Sean Hewitt, Kali Szabo: Torri Higginson, Thomas Weldon: Keith Dinicol, Dr. Dorothy Anson: Anna Ferguson, Dr. Parnell: Monique Monhica, Wayne Stanford: Dan MacDonald, Brad Gerber: Dan Duran, Detective Burke: Victor Ertmanis, Judge Morton: Patricia Gage, Judge Armstrong: Gairey Richardson, Reporter 1: Norah Grant, Reporter 2: Hrothgar Mathews, Mr Whitehead: Peter Langley, Jury foreperson: Marium Carwell, Mover: Raymond Hunt
Chuck and pregnant Olivia struggle to resolve their relationship; a lawyer is charged with murdering a judge; Rob suspects R.J. of raiding his practice. Olivia goes into labor.

90. Affairs of the Heart  W: Sondra Kelly & Guy Mullally  D: Eleanore Lindo
(11/6/92)(Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Alana, Dillon, Rob, Laura, Mercedes)
Brian Malony: Ron Lea, Harold Vickers: Gordon Pinsent, Dr Grace Kerr: Barbara Gordon, Moderator: Peter Gzowski, Lynn Chow Fong: Mercedes Tang, Lorne Cassigy: Benedict Campbell, Barbara Jacobson: Joanne Vannicola, Ruth Marks: Shannon Lawson, Nurse Ryan: Judy Makshak, Dr Parnell: Monique Mohica, Charles Fong: Harrison Liu, Simon James: Victor A. Young, Janis Barnett: Elva Mai Hoover, Murray Smythe: Stephen Hunter, Sharon Udall: Ferne Downey, Carol Paulson: Diana Belshaw, Larry Cordell: Dan Lett, Baby Emily: Mallory-Megan Kohn, Nurse: Clare Barclay, Resident: Michael B. King, Immigration officer #1: Brian Furlong, Immigration officer #2: Tracey Holt, Orderly: Kenneth Charlette
Angry because she can't find him when she goes into labor, Olivia keeps Chuck from seeing their baby. Alana helps a single teen-age mother fighting to keep her baby; Leon alienates Harold Vickers by representing a woman facing deportation.

91. Break-Ups and Mergers W: Bruce Martin, Guy Mullally & Sondra Kelly  D: Stacey Stewart Curtis
(11/13/92)(Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Alana, Dillon, Rob, Laura, Brian, Mercedes)
Kim Barr: Asia Vieira, Veronica Beck: Rachel Luttrell, Christian Peveril: Len Cariou, Anna Briso: Isabelle Mejias Jamieson, Spence Wilding: Ric Waugh, Gerry Slazak: Patrick McKenna, Bonnie Zwicker: Donna Goodhand, Jason Rickman: Thomas Rickert, Nicole Herbert: Anna Marie Scheffler, Judge Burton: Larry Reynolds, Constable Osborne: Conrad Coates, Eugenia: Bunty Webb, Jury Foreperson: Donald Haddad, Baby Emily: Mallory-Megan Kohn
Rob is hired to broker a deal to purchase software developed by a high-school friend; Laura defends a widow accused of criminal negligence in the death of her daughter; Leon announces his plan to move into immigration law. Leon tries to discuss having a baby with Alana. Laura breaks it off with Chuck when she realizes he's spent the night with Olivia and she considers resigning.

92. Persistence of Vision W: Leila Basen, Sondra Kelly & Guy Mullally  : D: Stefan Scaini
(11/13/92)(Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Dillon, Alana, Laura, Rob, Brian, Mercedes)
Charlotte Percy: Margot Kidder, Sunny Bernstein: Marilyn Lightstone, Nathan Goldberg: Geoffrey Bowes, Nicole Herbert: Anne Marie Scheffler, Carolyn Nadine: Lynne Cormack, Dan Faulkner: Elias Zarou, Officer Brooms: Donald Carrier, Janie Westlake: Deborah Grover, Eric Westlake: Richard Blackburn, Mark Westlake: Matther Ferguson, Eduardo DaSilva: Jody Laraya, Sherry: Paulina Gillis, Matron: Christina James, Baby Emily: Mallory-Megan Kohn
Alana tells Leon she doesn't ever want to have children. Olivia reveals her new career as a movie producer and Chuck worries that Emily will suffer for it; Rob joins a dating service. Chuck intercepts his tape and Rob catches him watching it. They scuffle and Rob rips Chuck's suit. Alana presides over a case argued by Laura and Malony of a boy who was part of a group that stole another boy's jacket. He doesn't want to be sent home because he feels neglected by his adoptive parents.

93. It's a Wise Child W: Neil Kozloff, A J Bickerton, Sondra Kelly & Guy Mullally  D: Stacey Stewart Curtis
(11/27/92)(Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Alana, Dillon, Rob, Laura, Brian, Mercedes)
Harold Vickers: Gordon Pinsent, Tom Morgan: Nicholas Campbell, Donald Shackleton: Henry Ramer, Dr Grace Kerr: Barbara Gordon, Nicole Herbert: Anne Marie Scheffler, William Chesley: Roland Hewgill, David Morris: Jan Filips, Susan Hill: Deborah Kip, Evelyn Fischer: Jackie Richardson, Luis Fuentes: Guillermo Verdecchia, Derek Pheno: Eric Donkin, Ted Booker: Ed Sahley, Jane Gilmore: Diane Nyland Proctor, Blair Mitchell: Murray Cruchley, Gillian York: Claire Ross Dunn, Gus Finley: Billy Van, William Hardcastle: Steve Pernie, Doris Chelsey: Fran Elliot, Judge Owen: Bill Copeland, Reporter: Norah Grant, Raymond Laing: Evan Sabba, Salesman: Tom Tonetti, Judge Patrick: Julian Reed, Jeremy Morris: Kevin Zegers, Baby Emily: Mallory-Megan Kohn
Leon and Alana continue to argue over children, while in her court a homosexual father tries to gain custody of his 7-year-old son from his grandparents after the mother dies. Leon defense of a Salvadoran leads him to suspect immigration-board corruption. Rob and Chuck box for charity; Olivia meets her director. Rob goes on a date, which doesn't go well when he spends the whole evening talking about himself.

94. The Rules of the Game W: Bruce Martin, Sondra Kelly & Guy Mullally
(12/4/92)(Chuck, Leon, Olivia, Alana, Rob, Laura, Dillon, Brian, Mercedes)
James Brackit: Gordon Clapp; Beverley Dobson: Vivian Reis, Eva Paredes: Beatriz Pizano; Kristina Wright: Kristina Nicoll; Gus Finley: Billy Van; Judge Atwood: John Bayliss; Jerry Lerner: Roger Dunn; Dr Howell: Catherine Barroll; Constable Syms: Bruce McFee; MC: Dan Gallagher; Referee: Peter Wylie; Brad Gerber: Dan Duran; Reporter: Norah Grant; Jury Foreperson: Shan Cauvery; Stunt Performer: John Stead
Chuck defends a serial killer; a socialite sues Rob and Chuck after Chuck's blood spatters on her when Rob punches him.

95. Never Say Die W: Michael Betcherman, Sondra Kelly & Guy Mullally  D: Allan Harmon
(12/11/92)(Chuck, Leon, Olivia, Dillon, Alana, Rob, Laura, Brian, Mercedes)
James Brackit: Gordon Clapp, Sunny Bernstein: Marilyn Lighthouse, Tassos Dimetrios: John Evans, Ralph Crane: Michael Ayoub, Lisa Hines: Barbara Harris, Thomas Wilson: Steven Whistance Smith, Henry Attles: Frank Moore, Kristina Wright: Kristina Nicoll, Mark Westlake: Matthew Ferguson, Eric Westlake: Richard Blackburn, Janie Westlake: Deborah Grover, Judge Ambridge: Tom Harvey, Eugenia: Bunty Webb, Hotel manager: Peter Snider, Sergeant Nichols: Andrew Moodie, Jury foreperson: Alden Jones, Man in hotel: Doug Crosley, Irene Dimetrios: Ingrid Kavelaars, Kid: Matthew Smith, Workman: Branko Racki, Baby Emily: Mallory-Megan Kohn
An investor pulls out of Olivia's movie and she suspects R J Reynolds is behind it, but thru Rob, she makes a contact and is still able to pull the deal together; Dillon nears a nervous breakdown as the serial killer Chuck defended is tried on another charge. Chuck's bloodtest comes back negative and Kristina Wright offers to not take the case to court if Chuck stills tests negative in a year or pays them $250,000.

96. Lefter Than Thou (12/18/92)
A Mexican refugee seeks asylum; a doctor treats addicts with morphine.

97. Believe the Children
(1/1/93)(Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Alana, Rob)
Parents are accused of child abuse; Rob takes on a bank for a developer.

98. Thicker than Water W: Giles Blunt, Sondra Kelly & Guy Mullally  D: Allan Harmon
(1/8/93)(Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Alana, Dillon, Rob, Laura, Brian, Mercedes)
Tom Morgan: Nicholas Campbell, Russell Diamond: Robert Haley, Caroline Diamond: Frances Hyland, Gordon Diamond: James Douglas, Fred Bedol: Michael Kirby, Lenore Bedol: Cheryl MacInnis, Kevin Barker: John Dolan, Barbara Pascoe: Arlene Mazerolle, Dr Schmidt: Heidar Piller, James Longman: Robin McCulloch, Judge Morton: Patricia Gage, Judge Scalia: Gordon Jocelyn, George Steinberg: AVery Saltzman, Jack Van Dael: Howard Jerome, Samantha Allen : Pat Yeatman, Dr Jeffries: Wendy Ledoux, Raymond O'Brien: Burns Proudfoot, Corey Webster: Al Therrien, Policeman: Gordon Welke, Emily: Mallory-Megan Kohn
Rob find his brother and takes him home with him. Russell tells Rob he didn't run away, their parents put him in a hospital and wouldn't let him come home. After trying to get Russ declared capable of taking care of himself, he eventually has to admit his brother is ill. But he does take on guardianship and gets him set up in a home and on medication. Chuck's client is suing the bounty hunters who kidnapped him and took him to the states to stand trial for fraud. Olivia causes them to lose a big settlement when she goes behind Chuck's back to sign them to a movie deal and the news gets leaked to the press. Dillon's been removed as Senior Counsel and is unreachable. Mercedes finally goes to the house and finds he's passed out from taking sedatives with alcohol.

99. Best Interest of the Child W: James Nadler, Sondra Kelly & Guy Mullally  D: Milan Cheylov
(1/15/93) (Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Dillon, Alana, Rob, Laura, Brian, Mercedes)
Tom Morgan: Nicholas Campbell, Deborah Lowrey: Cali Timmins, Tassos Dimetrios: John Evans, Barbara Parker: Kate Trotter, Dr Rosenberg: Susan Douglas Rubes, Joan Adamson: Robyn Stevan, Francoise Chagnon: Lynne Adams, Arthur Huang: Simon Sinn, Kenneth Huang: harvey Chao, Rudy Field: Marvin Ishmael, Mark Adamson: Chris Marren, Dr Callaghan: Stavroula Logothettis, Jeanette O'Connor: Robin Craig, Ivy: Denise Jones, Court clerk: Bruce Bisonette, Scott: Curtis Barnett, Emily: Megan-Mallory Kohn
Leon's having trouble getting passports for a couple of immigrant businessmen because of the enemies he's made in Ottawa. Olivia continues to have financing problems for her film. Dimetrios wants a more hands on role which Oliva won't give him. With her star's arrival imminent, she has Rob approach Leon about getting his businessmen to invest, which Leon refuses. Olivia goes behind his back to approach them directly. When Leon finds out, he's furious and tries to have her voted out of the firm, but when Chuck sides with Rob and Olivia to keep her in Leon annouces he's leaving. Alana is called to an emergency court session over a baby born without a brain. The parents have signed a document to allow the baby's organs to be donated, and a lawyer is trying to get a protective order to prevent it. Mercedes keeps tabs on how Dillon is progressing. Alana is stressing over the fact she's not pregnant yet and so she and Leon have fertility tests done.

100. Pride and Prejudice W: Michael Betcherman, Sondra Kelly & Guy Mullally  D: F. Harvey Frost
(1/22/93) (Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Alana, Dillon, Rob, Laura, Brian,Mercedes)
Tom Morgan: Nicholas Campbell, Deborah Lowrey: Cali Timmins, Howard Champion: Vlasta Vrana, Angelo Lisanti: Tonly DeSantis, Richard Watson: Greg Spottiswood, Salvatore Grano: Lubomir Mykytiuk, Hugh Champion: Nicholas Shields, Stephen McNaughton: Patrick Galligan, Patricia Peters: Frances Bay, Martin Reiner: Simon Reynolds, Detective Johnson: Richard Sali, Brad Gerber: Dan Duran, Abbie Holmes: Mary Ann Coles, Judge Burton: Larry Reynolds, Judge Campbell: Jack Jessop, Foreperson 1: Laura-Jean Kelly, Foreperson 2: Terry Hart, Armstrong's brother: David Bovell, Court Clerk: Gordon Depp, Emily: Mallory-Megan Kohn
Chuck receives an early Sunday morning call to defend the son of the most powerful lawyer in Toronto who's charged with murdering an undercover cop. The black cop had chased a guy dressed in drag into an alley and the son said he went to help the "woman" and took a baseball bat for protection. Laura's defending a man for the mercy-killing his wife. She gets him off and then finds that he did it because his wife wanted to sell the house and go to Mexico for treatment. Laura's upset that she was so busy fighting with Brian she didn't see the truth. Olivia's still mad that Chuck missed their Sunday breakfast date and they argue on the way to the partner's meeting. Chuck then sides with Leon and Laura when they vote that Olivia shouldn't be allowed to vote on issues concerning her movie. Mercedes spends the night with Dillon, but he's gone when she gets up in the morning, and when Leon invites both of them to dinner, Dillon won't speak to Mercedes and they both leave. Deborah Lowrey disagrees with Tom's vision for her character and refuses to work with him. Olivia gets Tom to give in. When Chuck goes to see Emily, Olivia tells him she's not there; that he can only see Emily if she wants him to, and she doesn't want him to.

101. Forgiveness W: Maureen McKeon, Sondra Kelly & Guy Mullally  D: Eleanore Lindo
(1/29/93)(Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Alana, Dillon, Rob, Laura, Brian, Mercedes)
Harold Vickers: Gordon Pinsent, Tom MOrgan: Nicholas Campbell, Russell Diamond: Robert Haley, Caroline Diamond: Frances Hyland, Gordon Diamond: James Douglas, Donald Shackleton: Henry Ramer, Eva Parades: Beatriz Pizano, Francisco Mendez: Fab Filippo, Frances Doneff: Chapelle Jaffe, Anita Graham: Nicky Guadagni, Lorne Cassidy: Benedict Campbell, Immigration Minister: Jacques Tourangeau, Production Manager: Michael Healy, Hatun Demir: Malika Mendez, Calla Robinson: Nancy Cser, Wayne Hobart: John Robinson, Arturo Tomin: Pedro Rosse, Constable Stewart: David Berni, Waiter: Jorge Garcia Leiva, Baby Emily: Megan-Mallory Kohn, Vocal coach: Yanira Contreras
Leon's conflict with Harold Vickers intensifies when he goes over Vickers' head on a client's behalf; Chuck seeks to make his visitation rights legal. Rob's brother dies after being beaten.

102. Sex and Death W: Barry Stevens, Sondra Kelly & Guy Mullally  D: Stacey Stewart Curtis
(2/5/93)(Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Alana, Dillon, Rob, Laura, Brian, Mercedes)
Tom: Nicholas Campbell, Julia McCrindle: Debra McGrath, Frank McCrindle: Derek McGrath, Kristina Wright: Kristina Nicoll, Angelo Lisanti: Tony DeSantis, Bill Stewart: John Nelles, Peter Levinson: Jank Azman, Judge Marvel: Annie Kidder, Cop: Henry Alessan, Denny: Steve Ross, Flower Seller: Arthi Sambasivan
Rob represents the ex-wife of Russell's funeral home director. Olivia turns to Chuck for help when an explosion injures a crew member and Tom is charged with criminal negligence; Becoming frustrated with their infertility, Alana suggests adopting. After initally being against it, Leon agrees to look into it. Chuck asks Olivia to marry him, but Olivia turns him down. Dillon, much improved, and Mercedes continue to see each other. Malony becomes increasing possessive of Laura. He comes to the office and gets violent when she tells him she's ending their relationship. Rob has to threaten to call the police to get him to leave. Rob puts Russell's ashes into a roman candle and lets him "fly". Leon receives notice he's under investigation from the Law Society.

103. Conduct Unbecoming W: James Nadler, Sondra Kelly & Guy Mullally  D; Milan Cheylov
(2/12/93) (Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Alana, Dillon, Rob, Laura, Brian, Mercedes)
Tom Morgan: Nicholas Campbell, Deborah Lowrey: Cali Timmins, Allan Michaels: Gary Farmer, Peter Murdoch: Neil Barclay, Maurice Stiller: Maurice Godin, Roland Atkinson: Julian Richings, Anita Graham: Nicky Gaudagni, Eva parades: Beatriz Pizano, Judge Armstrong: Gairey Richardson, Judge Pervis: Lynne Deragon, Dr Quentin: Briant Tree, Eugenia: Bunty Webb, Roger: Eric Fink, Jennifer Dell: Vanessa Vaughn, Jury foreperson: Dawn Obokata, Baby Emily: Megan-Mallory Kohn
Chuck defends a gambler accused of embezzling money to play the lottery; the investigation of Leon's immigration practice becomes more serious when Mendez suddenly disappears. Eugenia calls Chuck when Emily develops a fever and she can't reach Olivia. Tom presses Olivia to convince Deborah that a rewritten scene containing nudity makes the picture better. Olivia is reluctant, but Rob convinces Deborah to take another look at it. Brian continues to pursue Laura. Alana finds out she's pregnant.

104. The Price W: Maureen McKeon, Sondra Kelly & Guy Mullally  D: Stacey Stewart Curtis
(2/19/93) (Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Alana, Dillon, Rob, Laura, Brian, Mercedes)
Tom Morgan: Nicholas Campbell, Harold Vickers: Gordon Pinsent, Kim Barr: Asia Vieira, Veronica Beck: Rachel Luttrell, Dr Grace Kerr: Barbara Gordon, Doris Banachowska: Janet Wright, Francisco Mendez: Fab Filippo, Inspector Neal: Michael Ball, Maurice Stiller: Maurice Godin, Ruth Marks: Shannon Lawson, Bob Granby: Ralph Benmergui, Anita Graham, Nicky Guadagni, Donald shackleton: Henry Ramer, Sgt Lehrer: William Dunlop, Panel member: Marion Gilsenan, Auditor: Paul deSilva, Eugenia: Bunty Webb, Brad Gerber: Dan Duran, Judge Downes: Eric House, Reporter 1: Monica DeSantis, Reporter 2: Hrothgar Mathews, Reporter 3: Hany Ishak, Emily: Megan-Mallory Kohn
Leon defends his immigration practice before the Law Society. Mendez is caught at the border and he admits to Leon that he was in the army and ordered the massacre. Evidence is presented that some Mendez's documents were forged. The committee recommends that Leon be disbarred. Chuck and Olivia take their custody battle to court. Olivia is upset at Eugenia's testimony and fires her on the spot. Tom returns to Toronto to help take care of Emily. The judge leaves Emily in Olivia's custody. Laura and Brian are back together, but his continuing pressure for them to move in together has Laura reconsidering again. When she has to go to Rob for help in getting Brian out of her apartment, she tells him it's over for good, but he seems unwilling to accept that. She threatens to get a restraining order. The RCMP is investigating Rob investments for Tassos Demetrious as possible money laundring. Mercedes surprises Dillon by arranging to have the girls come to visit.

105. Strange Bedfellows W: Michel Betcherman, Maureen McKeon, Sondra Kelly & Guy Mullally  D: Steve DiMarco
(2/26/93) (Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Rob, Laura, Brian, Mercedes)
Tom: Nicholas Campbell, Charlotte Percy: Margot Kidder, Anthony Harris: Leon Pownall, Maurice Stiller: Maurice Godin, Sgt Lehrer: William Dunlop, doris Banachowska: Janet Wright, Carolyn Nadine: Lynne Cormack, Les Allroy: peter Krantz, Tassos Dimetrios: John Evans, Donald Parker: Robert Benson, Irene Dimetrios: Ingrid Kavelaars, Dr Helen Ruth: Yanna McIntosh, Judge Howe: David Gardner, Judge Holloway: Frank Perry, Judge Morton: Patricia Gage, Projectionist: Alison Woolridge, Hencher: Dick Grant: Process server: David Christoffel, Tassos Goon: David Campbell, Baby Emily: Megan-Mallory Kohn
Olivia fights obstacles to the film's release: RCMP seizes the film, Charlotte Percy is suing for defamation and the uranium company sues for libel. They offer to buy out the film for $14 million; Dimetrios threatens Rob if he cooperates with the RCMP; Leon and Chuck team up to prevent Leon's disbarrment (Leon's been a member of the bar for 14 years); Alana has a miscarriage. Tom proposes to Olivia.

106. Faking It (3/5/93)
(Leon, Chuck, Olivia
Tom: Nicholas Campbell
Olivia's movie opens; Chuck interferes in hers and Tom's wedding plans; Leon hears the Law Society's decision.

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