Street Legal - Seasons 3

A Powerful Prison Story W: Paul Aitken, Malcolm MacRury, Peter Mitchell & Don Truckey D:
(1988) (Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Lisa, Steve, Sidney)
Tony Azzarella: Winston Reckert; Larry Simmons: Ron Gabriel; Warden Vanderklat: Michael Hogan; George Szabo: Wayne Best; Angus Sheppard: Jack Mather; Trevor Forsythe: David Clement; Joyce Dwyer: Brooke Johnson; Judge Sinclair: Patricia Gage; McKechnie: Michael Copeman; Sam Vernon: Denis O'Connor; Satien Loc: Denis Akiyama; Judge Williams: Vernon Chapman; Al: Mario Romano; Luke: Milan Cheylov; Bernard Sarducci: Peter Wildman; Capt Mastromantei: Gerry Mendecino; Gustave Hortand: Vince Waring; OPP Officer: Tim Koetting; Jim Thompson: Steve Whistance-Smith; Mark Azzarella: T J Scott
Carrie gets involved in the investigation of a prison shooting; Chuck brings in Olivia to work on a case involving a female swimmer accused of steroid use; Leon has to argue a case with the judge stuck in an elevator; Chuck invests in a fashion designer.

The Waiting Chair W: Paul Aitken, Malcolm MacRury, Peter Mitchell & Don Truckey
(Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Lisa, Gloria, Steve, Sydney)
Ray Gilson: Phil Jarrett; Carlton Heller: Errol Slue; Maureen Laurier: Maida Rogerson; Glenn Laxer: William Colgate; Robert Hinkley: Rod Heffernan; Justice Minister: Bob Clout; Judge: Charles Kerr; Marcie: Mary Long; Simon: Dana Anderson
Leon defends a youth arrested for purse snatching who's wanted in Florida for murder, which could send him to the electric chair. Chuck wants to hire Olivia. Carrie's father is killed in an accident.

22. Elliot vs McTavish W: Paul Aitken, Malcolm MacRury, Peter Mitchell & Don Truckey D: Alan Simmonds
(1988) (Carrie; Leon, Chuck, Lisa, Olivia, Steve, Gloria)
Judge John R Caldwell: Al Waxman, Michael Barr: Gordon Thomson; David McTavish: David Stein; Joan Elliot: Diana Reis; Elsa: Elizabeth Rukavina; Derek Shriver: Barry Greene; Geordie Roberts: Tom Jackson; Jenkins: Richard Hardache; Judge Keil: Cec Linder; Morley: Stephen Miller; Trellis: Alan Argue; Brutus: Gary Robbins; Dubnik: Rex Hagon; Apellate Court Judge: John Lefebvre; TV Commenator: Judy Foster; Dr Freed: Richard Fitzpatrick; District Court Judge: Claire Sanclay
Chuck defends an anti-abortionist who's being sued by a woman who was injured at a rally and miscarried and he's shattered when Lisa reveals that she had an abortion when she was 17. Carrie defends a First Nations person charged with drunk driving who is excessively sentenced by Judge Caldwell. Leon uses Olivia on a case where a wrestler injured a spectator and he disapproves of her tactics, even tho the case was dropped. Carrie meets with her ex-husband to give him a watch her father had left him and the flame rekindles.

23. State of Mind W: Paul Aitken, Malcolm MacRury, Peter Mitchell & Don Truckey D: Stefan Scaini
(1988) (Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Lisa, Olivia, Sydney)
Judge John R Caldwell: Al Waxman; Michael Barr: Gordon Thomson; Karen Vanstone: Marnie McPhail; Lazare: Graham McPherson; Michael Abbott: Karl Pruner; Judge Lamberts: Peter Boretski; Judge Anderson: Abbott Anderson; Dean B Powers: Francois Klanfer; Eddie Colter: Shawn Lawrence; Sandy O'Brien: Mary Ann Coles; Reporter 1: Gai Kerbel; Reporter 2: Richard Sali
Judge Caldwell shoots an ex-con who confronts him in his office and hires Carrie to defend him. Leon is accused of sexual harrassment when he threatens to flunk her. Chuck has a barbecue for the partners.

24. The Homecoming W: Paul Aitken, Malcolm MacRury, Peter Mitchell & Don Truckey D: Brad Turner
(1988) (Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Gloria)
Sidney: Kathleen Laskey; Ailene Prouse: Lally Cadeau; Grant Mitchell: Saul Rubinek; Nick Del Gado: David Elliott; Tom Prouse: Keram Malacki Sanchez; Wormak: Damir Andrei; Sandy Dera: Brigit Wilson; Dr Anita Clean: Patricia Collins; Judge Delacourt: Patricia Gage; Clare: Deborah Taylor; Judge: Leslie Yeo; Adam Monteith: Dale Wilson; Judge Granz: Frank Adamson; Cashier: Sherry Smith; Store Detective: Dee McCafferty; Teenager: Sean Roberge; TV Producer: Ralph Bemmergui; Winnifred Trella: Rita Tucker
Leon goes after a TV host who publicizes the name of a 13 year old arsonist protected under the young offender act; Chuck and Olivia defend a company charged with wrongful dismissal vs a woman acting as her own defense. Carrie's arrested for shoplifting when a store has a sale item inproperly labelled.

25. Mondo Condo W: Paul Aitken; Malcolm MacRury; Peter Mitchell & Don Truckey D: Eleanore Lindo
(1988) (Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Lisa, Sydney, Gloria, Nick)
Walter: Stephen Ouimette; William Brock: Richard Monette; Sarah: Lynn Deragon; Dimitri Popadopalous: George Touliatos; Robert Farlane: Geordie Johnson; Judge McDowell: Michael Tait; Director: Scott Denton; Benson Reeves: Jim Morris; Peter McConnell: Rosa MacDonald; Crown: Patricia Idlette
Chuck's fast-talking friend Walter wants Chuck to help him acquire financing for condos; Chuck convinces a client to invest by putting up $100,000. The original investors can't get immigration clearance. Chasing after new investors proves too much for Walter, and he holds a bank manager at gunpoint. Olivia's client is a wheelchair bound actor who was rejected for a commercial for a handicapped-aid agency. When she wins him the part, his anger gets in the way. Leon and Sydney go to Niagra Falls for a weekend and she tells him she's taking a promotion which will take her to Vancouver.

26. Murder By Video W: Robert Sandler  D: Brad Turner
(1988) (Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Lisa, Gloria, Nick)
Rob Silver: Simon Reynolds, Sam Vernon: Dennis O'Connor, Maddock: Peter Dvorsky, Brent Havelik: Andrew Sabiston, Tanya Terry: Kirsten Kieferle, David Lister: David Hewlitt, Ernie Silver: Lee J. Campbell, Greg Scarponi: Jayson Boyd, Jane Lister: Pixie Bigelow, Bill Lister: Norwich Duff, Judge Robins: Barbara Wheldon, Det. Dwornik: Reg Dreger, Charlie Sandberg: Jefferson Mappin, Elmore Shank: Eric Trask, Judge Robinson: Frank Perry
A young man is charged with criminal negligence in the death of a friend during production of a video. Carrie thinks the dead boy was suicidal and the videos were a cry for help. Leon frets about turning 40. Chuck wants to throw him a surprise party. Sam Vernon is having lunch with Leon, trying to get some names of Leon's friends, when he has a heart attack. Leon is surprised to find that Sam's only 37. Leon and Olivia defend a man who's leg was injured by falling merchandise. There's concern about disclosing that he had a football injury to the leg two years previously.

27. Whose Woods Are These
Leon defends a radical environmentalist (Mimi Kuzyk) bent on saving a forest; Carrie dances with Nick; Chuck and Lisa fight.

28. Act of Silence W: Don Truckey & Malcolm MacRury Story by: Jerome McCann D: Steve DiMarco
(1988) (Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Lisa, Gloria, Nick)
Paul McBride: Leon Pownall, Father Agostini: Maurice Godin, Dale Defoe: Louise Marleau, Judge Newgate: Alec Willows, Crown Rob Martin: Ted Wallace, Judge Dixon: Melanie Macquarrie, Richard: Darren O'Donnell, Ron Jarvis: Lane White, Susan Lepage: Robyn Stevan
Carrie's afraid her client, a religious fanatic charged with murdering a prostitute, will go free and tried to find a way around her privilge; Leon negotiates an unusual sentence for an eccentric businesswoman. Chuck tries to find ways to make his marriage work.

29. Equal Partners W: Leila Basen & Malcolm MacRury  D: Stacey Stewart Curtis
(1988) (Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Lisa, Gloria, Nick )
Karl Morgan: Art Hindle, April Morgan: Gwynyth Walsh, Judge Grantz: Frank Adamson, Ian Morgan: J. J. Stocker, K. Samuels: Jill Frappier, Judge Boone: Michael Reynolds, Arlene: Rhona Shekter, John: Silvio Oliviero, Barry: Philip Eckman, Faciliator: Stewart ARnott, Dr. Bellows: Robert McClure, Saul Gold: Henry Beckman, Leo Gold: Alfie Scopp
Leon represents a friend with AIDS in a divorce and custody battle; The others ask Leon to meet with him outside the office. Carrie referees feuding brothers when one wants to retire. While Lisa is in Florida visiting her mother, Chuck takes Olivia to dinner but doesn't sleep with her. When Lisa returns, they agree to separate.

30. Cat and Mouse W: Barry Stevens  D: Dick Benner
(1988)(Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Gloria, Nick)
Arnold: Ian Tracy, Joanie: Joanne Vannicola, Heraszti: Jeff Braunstein, Chambers: David Calderisi, Novela: Claudette Roach, Carlo: Nick Paso, Jensen: Gordon Masten, Judge Matz: David Gardner, Crown Menzies: Tony de Santos, Carla: Cathy Imrie, Stunt double: Gary Chessman
On a challenge, Olivia and Carrie swap cases: Carrie takes Olivia's land deal and Olivia gets a boy arrested for B&E. He tells Olivia he can't go to jail, but she says the best they can do will probably be 30 days. She doesn't know he has a blind sister he's looking after. After a split with Lisa, Chuck moves in with Leon; Leon's ego interferes in a case.

31. Basketball Story W: Paul Aitken, Malcolm MacRury & Peter Mitchell   D: Gilbert Shilton
(1988) (Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Gloria, Nick)
Wendel Walker: Real Andrews, Bobby Walker: Elliot McIver, Byron Coleman: Anthony Young, Malcolm Jones: Dwight Bacquie, Det Barnes: Shane Rimmer, Det Polack: Thom Bell, Andrew Simpson: Robin McCullogh, Sam Vernon: Dennis O'Connor, Jacob Roznkoff: Daniel Pilon, Mary Roznkoff: Goldie Semple, Bill McElroy: Malcom Stewart, Lorne Masters: Kevin Frank, Judge Williams: Larry Reynolds, Coach Reilly: Rick Ridding,br> Drug charges may lose an athlete his college scholarship who is protecting his brother; Sparks fly between Chuck and Olivia as they represent a computer programer seeking to get out of a contract without giving up rights to the program he's working on, altho Chuck later tells Olivia he's not sure that it's over with Lisa; Leon negotiates custody of a violin in a divorce settlement.

32. Principles W: Bill Kuhns & Ian Sutherland Story by: Paul Aitken, Malcolm MacRury & Peter Mitchell  D: Allan Harmon
(1988)(Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Gloria, Nick, Lisa)
Hans: Joseph Kell, Abraham: Tom Heaton, Green: Barry Flatman, Egerton: Laura Robinson, Dirk Valone: Tony DeSantis, Judge Beckerman: Tom harvey, Harris: Denis Forest, McIntyre: Murray Cruchley, Clarence: Wayne Robson, Blanchard: Richard Blackburn, Accountant: Robbie O'Neill
Chuck and Olivia try to help a swindled Mennonite, but his father, representing the elders, says they can't go to court. Leon's defiance over the treatment of the homeless lands him in jail--The court's imposing stiff bails and sentences to clean up the city for the IOC committee. Carrie defends a video art store owner accused of possessing obscene material. Lisa tells Chuck she wants him to come home, but he's unwilling to talk at that time. When he comes back a few days later, Lisa has a date.

33. Brotherhoods W: Rebecca Schechter  D: Peter Yalden-Thomson
(1988)(Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Nick, Gloria)
Jane Morrison: Sharon Acker, Mano Pestrano: Vlasta Vrana, Mark Leeson: Jeremy Ratchford, Crown Thomson: John Blackwood, Judge Frank: James Millington, Isabel Margues: Maria Del Mar, John Furtaco: Michael Caruana, Judge Kerner: Norma Edwards, Judge Summerill: Tom Earlls, Angelina del Gado: Lorna Wilson, Julian Hartley: Alan Mozes, Paula Carter: Marla Pinsky, Carrie learns Nick's mentor is corrupt when he sets her client up to take the fall for a murder. After Carrie gets the case dismissed, the real killer is later caught. The Sgt threatens Carrie when who wants to bring him up on Charges. Nick and Carrie fight. Carrie mets Nick's mother. Gloria is injured playing racketball and Chuck helps her sue the shoe store and she wins $10,000. Leon battles a biological mother from El Salvadore who says she was drugged and her baby was stolen at birth. He argues that the boy is better off staying with his adoptive mother rather than return to the war torn country. The judge give custody to the biological mother, but when she comes to pick up the baby, she realizes that he has a better life with the adoptive mother and she leaves him. Oliva keeps ambushing Chuck in the office.

34. Beauties and Beasts W: Katherine Neilsen  D: Eleanore Lindo
(1989)(Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Gloria)
Angelina: Kelly Rowan, Jessica: Diana Belshaw, Claude: Andrew Gillles, Sally Robert: Carolyn Dunn, Crown Davidson: Ted Dykstra, Perkins: Layne Coleman, Judge Fenwick: Terry Doyle, George: Danny Pawlick, Dr. Collier: John Dolan, Mervin Walters: Marvin Karon, Judge Earl: Frank Perry
Chuck's client, a teen model, is suing her mother who is also her manager. The emotional teenager develops a crush on Chuck. Leon helps a woman enforce her sister's living will. Carrie shows compassion to the crown attorney against her in a case and he comes to her for sympathy telling her he was fired. But Olivia finds out he didn't get fired, and helps Carrie get revenge. Olivia tells Carrie that she and Chuck are lovers.

35. In Search of a Dream W: Drew Taylor & Malcolm MacRury  D: Stefan Scaini
(1989) (Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Gloria)
Rufus Beardy: Denis LaCroix, Ryan Lewis: Alexandre Brown, Bary Beardy: Michelle Goodeve, Michael Parker: Joe Zeigler, Pat Hardaker: Barbra Williams, Jim Coady: Murray McLauchlan, Floyd Hayden: Ron Hartman, Calvin Burke: William Lynn, William Corble: Rene Highway, Mrs Burke: Nonnie Griffin, Judge 1: David Hughes, Judge 2: Meg Hogarth, Dr Williams: Bruce Clayton, Police Captain: R D Reid, Police Officer: Christopher Trace, Court Clerk: George King, Secretary: Lucy Filippone, Crown Frater: Carl Ritchie
A social worker claims that the beliefs of a boy's Indian foster parents endanger him. Chuck's client turns down a $15 million deal to avoid paying his ex-wife. Olivia talks to the ex-wife and gets her to agree not to remarry. When she presents the deal to Chuck, he's furious and tells her it's unethical, almost illegal. Carrie defends an old friend who tried to pay a fine for posting notices on telephone poles with beer bottles. The firm's trust account is overdrawn, Chuck blames Leon, but finds out the account had debited twice. Olivia clashes with Leon over Chuck and Carrie confronts Leon over his attitude about Olivia and Chuck.

36. Slipping Through the Cracks
Carrie's cousin is diagnosed with schizophrenia; an artist accuses a gallery owner of destroying a dead artist's work.

37. Conflict of Interest
Chuck's latest scheme ends in fraud; a government agency says Leon is a security threat; Olivia exposes an illegal puppy farm.

38. World Class City
Leon and Chuck represent opposing sides in a development dispute; Chuck has a job offer; Olivia takes advantage of the disruption.

? W: Barry Stevens D: Stefan Scaini (1989) (Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Gloria) Harold Paynter: Gordon Pinset; : John Bourgeois; : Seana McKenna; :Gram Batchelor; Mrs Porter: Helen Beavis; J : Sandi Ross; Mike Carrothers: George Mermer Chuck and Leon are on opposite sides in the case of a landlord who wants to demolish low income housing and put up condos involving bribed city councilmen; Carrie looks for a house; Chuck gets a job offer in New York from Transurban.

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