Street Legal - Season Two

Writer: David Cole Director: Randy Bradshaw
(Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Lisa, Steve, Gloria)
Julia MacDonald: Christianne Hirt; Jeremy Fellows: Barry Flatman; Chris Robinson: Gina Wilkinson; Miriam Corbett: Kate Trotter; John Corbett: Robert Bensen; Judge: Eric House; Mic Mason: Don Dickinson; Josh Handleman: Hank Azman; Doctor: Brenda Kamino
Carrie represents a surrogate mother who chooses to keep her baby.

Writer: Don Truckey Director: Allan Kroeker
(Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Lisa, Steve, Gloria)
Dr Peter Marcheson: Colin Fox; Dr Lily Marcheson: Domini Blythe; Lattimer: Michael Donahue; Crown: Lynne Deracon; Hamlett: J Winston Caroll; Dr Candall: George Buza; Judge: Dennis Sweeting; Reporter 1: John Milton; Reporter 2: Alison Sealy-Smith
Leon defends a research sientist who opposes the "Star Wars" defense program; Chuck's wife becomes pregnant.

Writer: Paul Aitken Director: Alan Erlich
(Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Lisa, Steve, Gloria, Jean Marc)
Marty Graham: Chuck Shamata; Brent Graham: Richard Waugh; Nicosia: Tim Henry; Judge Peidman: Maria Vacratsis; Minister: Richard Farrell; Judge Shilwell: Henry Gomez; Arresting cop: Henry Maton; cop: Andrew Martin Thomson; Crown Attorney: Jacquie Presly; Director: Scott Thompsom
Chuck defends a teen-ager accused of brutally beating a homosexual.

Writer: Don Trukey Director: Eleanore Lindo
(Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Gloria, Jean Marc)
Rollie: Kervin McGuire; Doug Somers: Geoffrey Bowes; Fuller: Kimble Hall; Joanne Somer: Christine Moynihan; Sgt Quinn: John Friesen; Alice: Arlene Mazerolle; Judge North: Norma Edwards; Dr Nisset: Gerald Lenton; Judge Reinquist: Frank Perry; Bail Judge: Jason Dean; Scalper: David Fraser
A client's husband, charged with wife beating, sexually assaults Carrie.

Writer: David Cole Director: Don McCutcheon
(Carrie, Leon Chuck, Lisa, Steve, Gloria, Rollie)
Mac: Page Fletcher; Art: Bruce McFee; Crown: Deborah Grover; Mike: James Kidnie; Ken: Robert Morgan; Connie: Bridget O'Sullivan; Mrs Flanigan: Joanne Vannicola; Josh Duncan: Channing Mitchell; Stanley: Mark McKinney; Wallace: Paul Jolicoeur; Gus: A Frank Ruffo; Eddie: John Dee; Judge: David Hughes; Rollie's Mom: Barbara Barnes Hopkins
Carrie goes out of the way to save the lives of her client's family; Leon realizes that Rollie is illiterate.

Writer: Robert Sandler Director: Paul Shapiro
(Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Lisa, Steve, Gloria, Jean Marc) Joe Morrow: Mark Humphrey; Kim Marrow: Isabelle Mejias; Marcia Elton: Elizabeth Reikavina; Jill Potter: Diane Douglas; Judge Granz: Frank Adamson; Judge: Julie Wild
Chuck is accused of sleeping with a client's wife; Carrie reveals her relationship with Jean-Marc.

Writer: Marc Strange Director: Allan Kroeker
(Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Gloria, Jean Marc)
J G Ladeucier: Frank Moore; Everett: Robert Hawkins; Judge Blaikie: Kurt Reis; Dr Jacobs: Joseph Shaw; Lena: Anna Ferguson; Thelma: Carmelle Le Gal; McGuire: Nicholas Rece; Warfinger: Ron Hartmann; Bushman: William Dunlop; Nymchuk: James Haworth; Guilfoyle: Ted Wallace; Judge Grace: Kyra Harper; Dr Valentine: Catherine Gllant; Dr Cavenaugh: Catherine Bruce; Dr Kramreither: Michael Millar
The stress of being a defense lawyer causes Carrie to suffer an emotional breakdown.

Writer: Brian Kit McLeod Director: Steve Di Marco
(Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Steve, Gloria)
Spence Creighton: David Ferry; Gormaz Snoot: Patrick Brymer; Dr Parker: James Mainprize; Judge Granz: Frank Adamson; Danny Swartz: Sam Malkin; Mrs Payne: Helen Carscallen; Dr McLaren: Sandy Crawley; Coroner: Maureen McRae; Head of Tribunal: Desmond Scott, Nurse Lamont: Lili Francks; Dr Silvius: Adam Ludwig; Jane Reynolds: Gabrielle Rose; Dr Jensen: Marvin L Ishmael; Geoff Thomas: Don Allison; Mrs McAdam: Rena Plley; Mr McAdam: Don Ritchie
Leon discovers his doctor friend has a serious drug addiction after defending him in a medical negligence case.

Writer: Jerome McCann Director: James Swan
(Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Gloria)
Monica: Vivian Reis; Phillipe: Bernard Behrens; Rollie: Kervin McGuire; McKearney: Wayne Robson; Judge Smither: John Bayliss; Schultz: Tony Nardi; Mrs Rusho: Pam Hyatt; Rosalita: Paulina Gillis; Robin Hood: Edwin Stephanson; Seamus Kelly: Paul-Emile Frappier; Judge Rawlings: Eugene Clark; Officer Bray: Darlene Mignacco; Inspector Dean: Joseph Matheson; Barker: Rummy Bishop
Chuck's client sues a dating service for not finding the perfect partner; Leon meets a woman through the personal ads.

Writer: Malcolm MacRury Director:
(Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Gloria, Steve)
Terry Silver: Derek McGrath; Lydia Silver: Jeannie Elias; Margaret: Martha Burns; St Clair: Gwynyth Walsh; Dr Giacomelli: Graeme Campbell; PG Wilson McDonald: Peter Van Wert; Street Vendor: Jason Blicker; Connie: Megan Smith; Saul: Christopher Maher; Judge: Carolyn Heatherington; Frank : Peter Mahlon
Leon's client is sued for divorce; Chuck goes after a plastic surgeon who allegedly gave his client the wrong nose.

Writer: Don Truckley Director: Eleanore Lindo
(Leon, Chuck, Lisa, Steve, Gloria)
Billy Cooper: Dennie Doherty; Jack Lewis: Robert Clothier; Anne Madison: Kate Lynch; Gallegher: Dan MacDonald; Jorgenson: Howard Jerome; Thai Judge: Abbott Anderson; Jim Driscoll: Grant Roll; Marg Driscoll: Marcia Bennett; Directive 17: D17; Official: Reg Dreger; Melissa Driscoll: Jordana Aarons; Counsel: Jerrold Karch
Chuck becomes head of a gold mining concern and gets involved in a dispute over ownership of the land with the gold. A groupie of Steve's band commits suicide; Leon tries to get a tenant out of a building that's scheduled for demolition.

Writer: Paul Aitken, Malcolm MacRury, Peter Mitchell & Don Truckey Director: Eleanore Lindo
(Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Lisa, Gloria, Jean-Marc)
Samantha Greene: Rosemary Dunsmore; Carol Greene: Lori Friedman; Jimmy Baxley: David McFarlane; Laura: Patricia Phillips; Judge Grantz: Frank Adamson; Squire: Leslie Carlson; Bank Manager: Hal Eisen; Judge: Norma Crawford; Grocer: Gino Marrocco; Dr Grey: David Gardner
A retarded man comes to Leon when his retarded girlfriend's mother won't let them be together; Chuck is declared legally dead, which he finds amusing until the reality sets in.

Writer: David Cole Director: Randy Bradshaw
(Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Lisa, Gloria, Steve, Jean-Marc)
Rollie: Kevin McGuire; Ray Amiro: Harvey Atkin; Hefferman: Gillie Fenwick; Mel: Don Francks, Flora Broder: Doris Petrie; Larry: Patrick Rose; Ray: Grant Cowan; Don: Chick Roberts; Jim Marshall: Alec Willows; Judge: Graham Harley; Donovan: Elizabeth Lennie; Karen: Mary Hawkins; Rose: Elizabeth Lislie; New Mel: Ben Bass; Guard: Deborah Kimmett; Performer: Marilyn Denis; Guard: Joe Cote
A man attacks his neighbors elaborate Christmas display; Leon tries to get his elderly client released before Christmas; Jean-Marc tells Sally he has to spend the holiday with his family in Montreal; Chuck and Lisa's baby is born..

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