Street Legal - Season One

1. BIRDS OF A FEATHER   W: Tom Scheinbeck  D: Alan Erlich
(Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Lisa, Jill, Steve)
Harry Squires: Gary Reineke; Ted Barr: Barry Stevens; Judge Menzies: Jack Creley; Peter Blais; Howie: Steve Marshall; Atherton: David Clement; Reg: Robert Morelli; Mrs. Walker: Terry Tweed; Dan: Dan Lett; Bob: John Rutter; Malone: Diego Matamoros; Cop: David Huband; Hot Dog Vendor: Rummy Bishop
Carrie, Chuck and Leon try to hold their law practice together when Carrie's estranged husband quits the firm.

2. EVEN LAWYERS SING THE BLUES   W: Larry Gaynor & Don Truckey  D:
(Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Jill, Steve)
Ruby Prynne: Susan Hogan; Ted Barr: Barry Stevens; Jack Armstrong: Michael Kirby; Margo Armstrong: Sharry Flett; Mrs Greco: Kay Tremblay; Gypsy: Deborah Cass
Leon falls in love with an old flame and learns the identity of her illegitimate daughter's father.

3. A LITTLE KNOWLEDGE  W: Jan Sutherland  D: Marc Strange
(Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Jill, Steve)
Joseph Farraday: John Colicos; Sarah Patterson: Diana Reis; Charlie Wainwright: Victor Ertmanis; Jerry Immerman: Jonathan Welsh; Harris Parker: Shaun Austin Olsen; Mark Collins: Jack Blum; Sgt Jack Benton: David Hemblen; Wendel Tyler: Lee J. Campbell; Barnes: Richard Sali; Benny: DAniel MacIvor; Reporter: Tonya Williams
Carrie engages in a deadly battle of wits with her client, a man accused of murdering his wife.

4. STING LIKE A BUTTERFLY  W: Don Truckey  D: Sturla Gunnarsson
(Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Jill, Steve, Lisa)
Artie Koplina: Ron White; Halbert Fells: Sean Hewitt; Desmond: Errol Slue; Joanne: Jackie Richardson; Reece: Lubomir Mykytiuk; Hoskins: Brian Paul;Alex Ralston: Colin Miller; Ring master: Reiner Schwarz; Referee: Peter Wylie; Romana Hicks: Derrick Kikot; First fighter: Sadik Sulemana; Hector Robinson: Martin Mezzera; Artie's double: Bryan DeMarshi; Gary: Jeff Christensen
Chuck makes a risky decision to abandon his practice in order to back a young boxer.

5. MATTER OF HONOUR   W: Marc Strange   D: Mort Ransen
(Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Lisa, Steve, Jill) Max: Cedric Smith; Eleanor Purvis: Sara Botsford; Edmund Purvis: Marc Strange; David: Marlow Vella; Frank: Frank Pellegrino; Principal: Janice Bryan; Troon: Dennis O'Connor; Cop: Christopher Benson; Lee Aaron: herself.
Chuck must unearth several family skeletons when he defends a 12-year old charged with manslaughter.

6. TANGO BELLAROSA   W: Ian Adams & Marc Strange  D: Randy Bradshaw
Mercedes: Alberta Watson
A young Argentine woman hires Carrie to guide her through an application for landed immigrant status. When she goes into her first meeting with the government's immigration officer, she is shocked to discover he resembles a man who interrogated and tortured her in Buenos Aires.

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