Street Legal - Seasons 4 - 5
1989 - 91

39. Soul Custody
W: Richard Oleksiak & Guy Mullally D: Gilbert Shilton
(Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Nick, Dillon, Gloria)
Lisa Tchobanian: Maria Ricossa; Adam Tchobanian: William Fox; Teri Younge: Brenda Bazinet; Steven Hines: Paul Gross; Judge Benet: Fareed Ahmed; Cliff Homes: Tom Butler: Kate Quinlan: Liisa Repo-Martell; Rick Labrash: Paul Haddad; Jim Altman: Brian Smegal; Judge Vailla: Hazel Desbarats; Domingo Apalma: Von Flores; Gladyn Norcross: Mary Ann Coles
Lisa files for divorce from Chuck and sells the house. She's become involved with an Australian and wants to move there with Adam; Carrie has to convince the young woman she's defending, accused of driving a get-away car, to give up her boyfriend; an old friend of Olivia's offers her a position as head of his legal department.

40. Partners and Other Strangers
(Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Olivia
Alberta Watson; Terry David Mulligan
Near bankruptcy, Carrie, Chuck and Leon must decide whether to merge with a huge law firm or make Olivia a full partner.

41. Without Prejudice
W: Barry Stevens, & Guy Mullally D: Gilbert Shilton
(1989) (Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Nick, Dillon, Gloria)
Sarah Melchuck: Rebecca Jenkins; Frank Norris: Chuck Shamata; Sam Vernon: Denis O'Connor; Judith Baker: Djanet Sears; Glegg: Alan Jordan; Bobby Flower: Jonathan Wise; Bill Hornby: Jack Northmore; Eva Baker: Karen Burthwright; Judge Benet: Fahreed Ahmed; Bobbie Scott: Damon D'Oliveira; Harvey Jackman: James O'Regan; Judge Demeo: Judith Orban; Danne Renaldo: Janine Mantis
Olivia buys into the partnership, championed by Chuck who wants to be managing partner; Carrie defends a policewoman accused of killing a black man in his home; Leon takes on a landlord

42. See No Evil
W: Rebecca Schechter & Guy Mullaly D: Jorge Montesi
(1989) (Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Nick, Dillon, Gloria, Alana)
Alex Roper: Teri Austin; Arthur Fraticelli: Brent Carver; Tracy Kilpatrick: Linda Griffiths; Lisa: Heidi Von Palleske; Michael Beaubein: Les Carlson; Master Farrel: John Bayliss; Judge Scallo: Gordon Jocelyn; Stuart Whitely: J P Linton; Judge Milne: Deborah Turnbull
Leon appeals the case of a woman blinded by imperfect implants; Carrie is talked into defending a writer accused of being a pimp that Olivia is negotiating a movie deal with; Chuck pursues an attractive psychiatrist.

43. The Cradle Will Rock
W: Malcolm MacRury D: Stefan Scaini
(1989) (Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Nick, Dillon, Gloria, Lisa)
Georgina Rawls: Kate Reid; Diane Abbot: Victoria Snow; Douglas Rawls: Michael Donaghue; Tom Hopkins: George R Robertson; Clark O'Dacre: Alf Humphreys; Jonathan Imatsu: Denis Akiyama; Raymond Elder: Paul Aspland; Judge Ambridge: Tom Harvey; Judge Howe: David Gardner; Jean Madigan: Ferne Downey: Dr James Wagman: Lorne Cossette; Judge Campbell: Jack Jessup; Rev Hunter: Malika Mendez
Carrie defends a mother accused of negligence when her child falls off a balcony; Leon battles with the son of a wealthy woman who leave the bulk of her estate to charity. Chuck gets a sports car. Lisa and Adam leave for Australia.

44. Complex Offer
(Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Dillon, Nick, Gloria, Alana)
Rolf Langer: Scott Hylands; Sam Vernon: Denis O'Connor; Richard Coleman: Sean Hewitt; Arnie Polzikoff: Greg Spottiswood; Lennie Smith: Yannick Bisson; Jimmy Kontas: Robert Morelli; Edward Robinson: Kenneth Wickes: Georg Polzikoff: Ivan Dorsky; Petra Polzikoff: Patty Gail; Harry: Victor Ertmanis; Judge Soloman: Jackie MacLeod; Judge Granz: Frank Adamson; Councillor: Donnie Sowes
Leon handles the case of a teen, accused of drunk driving who sues the friend who bought the bottle; Chuck brings Olivia in to help close a business deal and their personal relationship heats up.

45. Film Noir
(Chuck, Olivia
Paul Gross; Lori Hallier; Ron White
Olivia's association with a controversial filmmaker places her in danger; Chuck has an affair with a socialite;

46. Confession
W: Paul Aitken & Greg Mullally D: Brad Turner
(1989) (Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Dillon, Nick, Gloria, Alana)
Grant Simon: Chris Potter; Robert Briggs: Michael Rhoades; Tom Joicen: Doug Houghis; Barry Taylor: Gary Krawford; Sgt Morris: John Friesen; Vladimir Melnov: Vieslav Krystyan; Coach Kartoff: Alex Laurier; Harold Milton: John Kozak; Janice Sullivan: Janis Nickleson; Dr Post: Anthony Parr; Dr Bernstein: Barbara Hamilton; Judge Ambridge: Tom Harvey; Dr Jameson: Chris Benson; Jury Foreman: Irene Pauzer; Interviewer #1: Catherine Swing; Pete Turner: Brian Sinclair; Mrs Greensberg: Sharon Dyer; Newscaster: Bill Lake
A man commits suicide in Leon's office after implicating another man in a murder case that Leon lost; a Russian hockey player tells Olivia and Chuck he wants to defect; Carrie and Dillon are on opposite sides in a wrongful death suit. Alana weighs a govenment job vs going into private practice.

47. Home
(Carrie, Olivia
Jaimz Woolvett; Alan Frew (of Glass Tiger)
Carrie becomes concerned about her client, a teen-age gang member accused of a fatal stabbing; Olivia helps a rock star fight a paternity suit.

48. Blue Collar   W: Barry Stevens  D: Allan Harmon
(Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Nick, Alana, Dillon, Gloria)
MacLean: Brett Halsey; Denis Tourangeau: Mark Strange; Hodge: Ken James; Jennifer Winston: Miranda de Pencier; Sandy: Mario Romano; Adrian LaLonde: Matsu Anderson; Hank Striper: Thick Wilson; Rena Slavowsky: Beth Amos; Hal Birney: Paul Saunders; Judge Hollowary: Frank Perry; June: Dianne Latchford; Dwayne: Nigel Hamer; Pat: Frank Blanch; Jury Foreman: Jack Newman
Leon jeopardizes his new position on a labor commission when he defends the rights of laid off factory workers who's factory is closed after a buy-out by an Ohio company who plans on moving production to Mexico. Carrie defends a bank robber who gave the money away. Olivia breaks up with Chuck after being told that surgery she had has left her sterile. Chuck is pursued by a waitress employed by a client. Nick thinks he and Carrie should live together; Leon contemplates proposing to Alana.

49. Security Exchange  W: Robert Sandler & Guy Mullally  D: Stacey Stewart Curtis
(Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Nick, Dillon, Alana, Gloria)
Timothy Winston: Lyman Ward; Grace Whitney: Patricia Hamilton; Hettie Ominik: Marianne Jones; Jennifer Winston: Miranda de Pencier; Ernest Brunner: Joseph Ziegler; Jim Kendal: Graham McPherson; Winthrop Stutt: Tom Melissis; Brian Mulony: Ron Lea; Ralph Whitney: Len Doncheff; Penny Whitney: Dana Weiss; Roger Somerville: Paul Jolicoeur; Judge Scallo: Gordon Jocelyn; Judge Presley: Harold Burke; Rod: Tony Munch; Jury Foreman: Tricia Williams
Chuck is implicated in an insider trading scheme involving Jennifer's father; Carrie defends a woman accused of beating her husband. Leon asks for Olivia's advice.

50. The Bracelet  W: Michael Leo Donovan & Greg Mullally   D: Sturla Gunnarsson
(Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Nick, Dillon, Alana, Gloria)
Jennifer Winston: Miranda de Pencier; Dirk Kendrick: Justin Louis; Kim Davis: Asia Vieira; Leah Davis: Elizabeth Berman; Maureen: Maureen McRae; Suzanne James: Mishu Velani; Alexandra Mann: Clare Coulter; Lyle Trig: Alec Stockwell; Mark Rothman: Harry Ditson; Nancy Cross: Elva Mai Hoover; Dr. Jake Bliss: Robert Bidaman; John Cable: Murray McRae; Judge Grantz: Frank Adamson; Judge Poslin: Norma Edwards; Judge Mackie: Tommy Earlls; Judge Benet: Fareed Ahmed; Rabbi Feinstein: Aaron Schwartz; Veronia Beck: Rachel Luttrell
Carrie fights to get repeat offender a sentence that will allow the woman to continue caring for her daughter. Nick moves in. Leon handles Alana's divorce. Jennifer asks Chuck to help a fellow student who claims to have co-written her late lover's last book. When Leah takes off, Carrie applies for custody of Kim.

51. Leon's Story (1990)   W: Robin White & Guy Mullally  
(Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Nick, Dillon, Alana)
Jennifer Winston: Miranda de Pencier; Arthur Robinovitch: Jan Rubes; Willem De Groot: Anthony Bekenn; Kim Davis: Asia Vieira; Blair Capshaw: Brucw Vavrina; Angelo Lisanti: Tony DeSantis; John Wendsly: David Clement; Harry Storm: peter Krantz; Dr. Ruth Thomas: Miriam Newhouse; Sgt Morris: John Friesen; Mrs Kafka: Maxine Miller; Margret pearson: Mairlyn Smith; Judge Grantz: Frank Adamson; Judge Demeo: Judith Orban; Judge Howe: David Gardner: Edward Jones: T J Scott; Constable Tremblay; David Kirby; Veronica Beck: Rachel Luttrell
Leon's father shows up after a 10-year absence, and is arrested shortly thereafter. Carrie discovers a burglar in her bedroom.

52. Wedding
W: Malcolm MacRury D: Stacey Stewart Curtis
(1990) (Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Dillon, Alana, Nick)
Jennifer Winston: Miranda de Pencier; Sam Vernon: Dennis O'Connor; Kim Davis: Asia Vieira; Anthony Davis: Geraint Wyn Davies; Brian Malony: Ron Lea; Carmen Fernandez: Paulina Abarca; Miguel Dario: Juan Chioran; Samantha George: Leonard Chow; John Connors: Henry Czerny; Mrs Kafka: Maxine Miller; Paul Reynolds: Christopher Bundy; Rabbi Feinstein: Aaron Schwartz; Sgt Morris: John Friesen; Rusty Newman: John Spiegel; Audrey Newman: Joan Fowler; Judge Vailla: Hazel Desbarats; Officer: Mark McKinney; Staples: Vincent Dale; Mario: Dean Richards
An immigrant is accused of robbing the till at his work place; Olivia defends a movie director being sued by a stuntman; the guys get arrested for painting a water tower during Leon's bachelor party while the ladies put their billiard skills to good use. Leon and Alana get married.

53. Godfather of Mimico
W: Angelo Stea, Peter Lauterman & Guy Mullally D: Michael Franks
(1990) (Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Olivia; Nick; Dillon, Alana)
Jennifer Winston: Miranda de Pencier; Paulo DePalma: Paul Hecht; Jude Singer: John Kapelos; Bruce Collier: Nicholas Kilbertus; Doreen Collier: Laura Bruneau; Angus MacMillian: Donald Davis; Jack McLeod: Terry Doyle; Michael Wagner: Damier Andrei; Marsha Keswick: Laurie Paton; Sandra Devlin: Peggy Mahon; Mrs Kafka: Maxine Miller; Torchy Sullivan: Jon Granik; Captain Crosby: Tom Douglas; Judge Campbell: Jack Jessup; Judge Vailla: Hazel Desbarats; Judge Presley: Harold Burke; Kristy Morgan: Michelle Duquet; Tony Ross: John Stoneham Sr.; Reporter: Mark Griffis; Stunt co-ordinator: T J Scott
Leon & Alana return from their honeymoon, Carrie defends an arsonist Dillon is prosecuting; Chuck's client has reputed mob connections; Olivia's client wants to buy out a movie chain to increase outlets for his muffins.

54. Suite Sixteen
(Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Nick, Alanna)
Nick is wounded and his new partner is murdered; Leon and Alana discover hidden cash; Olivia reveals her true feelings for Chuck.

55. Holy Thursday
W: Guy Mullally D: Allan Harmon
(1990) (Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Dillon, Alana, Kim)
Ben Tochet: Maury Chaykin, Wendy Nelson: Wendy Crewson; Brian Malony: Ron Lea; Ron Harris: Nigel Bennett; Detective Marian: David Nichols; Judge Burton: Larry Reynolds; Judge Cruickshank: Corinne Conley; Mercedes: Alison Sealy-Smith; Jean Rhomer: Lenore Zanh; Susan Porter; Laurie Paton; Steven Waters: Kevin Hicks; Judge Ambridge: Tom Harvey; John Trimble: John Gilbert; Male Lawyer: Jeff Grantham; Woman Cop: Janie Brennan; Reporter: Mark Griffis; Jury Foreman: Grace Armas
When Carrie's accountant loses a visitation case against her ex-husband, Carrie tells her she'd hide her child in the same circumstances. When the woman does, she's jailed for contempt and Carrie is arrested; Kim catches Carrie and Dillon in bed; Leon's client has been disfigured by a beauty cream, but he wonders if it's a set up after the woman's ex-fiancee testifies for the defense but they reunite after the award; Alana tells Leon she may be pregnant; Olivia accuses Mercedes of stealing infomation, and Mercedes quits even tho the other partners express confidence in her; Olivia thinks her affair with Chuck gives her an edge on the Managing Parter vote, but Carrie is elected Managing Partner.

56. Spare Parts
W: Robert Sandler & Guy Mullally D: David Pears
(199 ) (Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Dillon, Alana, Nick)
Wanda: Pamela Sinha; Ben Tochet: Maury Chaykin; Wendy Nelson: Wendy Crewson; Brian Malony: Ron Lea; Ben Harris: Nigel Bennett; Sid Novak: Booth Savage; Larry Novak: Peter Graham; Andrew MacDonald: Garwin Sanford; Sgt Morris: John Friesen; Sophia Delgado: Lorna Wilson; Nora: Kristen Kieferle; Abe Garnet: Patrick Patterson; Judge Presley: Harold Burke; Judge Marvel: Annie Kidder; Judge MacRae: Vince Metcalf; Ian Fowler: James Kee; Payne: Ron Tough: Judy Hope: Sandi Ross; Lori: Lyne Tremblay; Constable Fladge: Paul De La Rosa; Flower Lady: Stella Sprowell; Taka: Mark Conway Dog Training
Olivia's brothers are caught dealing animal parts; Leon helps Nick's mother in a rental dispute; Alana goes after a judgeship. Charges against Carrie are dismissed; Wendy shoots her ex-husband; Chuck hires a new office assistant.

57. Double Agenda
(Carrie, Leon, Dillon
Carrie defends and Dillon prosecutes her friend charged with murder; Leon goes after an unscrupulous immigration lawyer.

58. Shadow Boxing
(Leon, Olivia, Alana
Leon must report a friend to the Law Society; Olivia represents a Hollywood producer; Alana accepts a judgeship.

59. Standard of Care W: Barry Stevens & Guy Mullally
(Chuck, Carrie, Leon, Olivia, Dillon, Alana, Wanda, Kim) George Wilson: Kenneth Welsh; Lisa Holmes: Maria Ricossa; Helen Annesley: Dawn Greenhaugh; Brian Annesley: Eric Donkin; Seth Cuthbert: Chris Owens; Dr Minetti: Bob Clout; Dr Kenvyn: Claire Crawford; Mrs Gosel: Donna Farron; Maureen Laurier: Maida Rogerson; Dr Wu: Oscar Hsu; Judge Burton: Larry Reynolds; Judge Armstrong: Gairey Richardson; Adam Tchobanian: Lance Paton; Court Officer: Daniel Legault; Nurse: Michelle Goodeve
Adam is a patient in a hospital being sued for negligence; Carrie defends an elderly shoplifter; Leon considers moving to Ottawa.

60. The Psychic
Police charge a woman with murder after her psychic vision leads them to the body; Leon helps the Toronto Island radicals.

61. Softsell
W: Angelo Stea; Peter Lauterman & Guy Mullally D: Mitchell Gabourie
(19 ) (Carrie, Leon, Olivia, Chuck, Dillon, Alana, Nick, Wanda, Kim)
Kevin Coatsworth: Michael Sarrazin; Andrew MacDonald: Garwin Sanford; Karen MacNeil: Jessica Steen; Bernie Chernoff: John Kapelos; Leah Davis: Elizabeth Berman; Susan Porter: Laurie Paton; Richard Bonner: George Touliatos; Barclay Chambers: Wayne Robson; Jeffrey Chernoff: Peter Spence; William Davenport: Thomas Peacocke; Harry Carson: Peter Keleghan; Judge Presley: Harold Burke; Reporter: Janet Bailey; Jury Foreman: Joan Karasevich
A former employee charges a mayoral candidate with sexual harassment; Carrie worries when Kim's mother is released from jail.

62. The Divine Image  W: Barry Stevens & Guy Mullally  D: Stacey Stewart Curtis
(1990)(Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Dillon, Alana, Wanda, Kim)
Johnny Marsh: Kim Coates; Ken sobel: Tom Wood; Jane Grey: Catherine Colvey; Leah Davis: Elizabeth Berman; Ted Hunter: Ralph Bemmergui; Holly Mendel; Ann-Marie MacDonald; Brian Malony: Ron Lea; Brad Casey: Robert Bockstael; Policeman: Paul de la Rosa; Reporter: Janet Bailey; Judge poslin: Norma Edwards; Judge Cook: Francois Klanfer; David Dane: Jeff Grantham; Jury foreman: Kathy Imrie; Cal: Eric McCormack; Jack: Tim Lee; Reporter: Tim Progosh; Jury member: Fred Lee; Jury member: Laura Di Cicco; Ambulance attendant: Peter Kosaka
Leon decides to run for Mayor when Kevin Coatsworth has to drop out. His view and style causes clashes with some of the Coatsworth team. He asks Chuck to be fund-raiser. While Olivia supports a friend of hers who's involved in a sexual assault case, she clashes with a juror who threatens that he will accuse her of jury tampering if she won't go out with him; Leah is given unsupervised visits with Kim, which causes trouble in her relationship with Carrie and puts Kim into a dangerous situation.

63. Sanctuary  W: Debra Nathan; Guy Mullally & Catherine Denson  D: Stefan Scaini
(1990)(Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Dillon, Alana, Wanda, Kim)
Sean McGillivray: Stephen Ouimette; Peter Garland: Joseph Bottoms; Johnny Marsh: Kim Coates; Jane Gray: Catherine Colvey; Leah Davis: Elizabeth Berman; Daniel Kugari: George Seremba; Zola Kidane: DJanet Sears; Dorothy Urquhart: Vivian Reis; Angela Kos: Larissa Lapchinski; Judge Poslin: Norma Edwards; Judge Marvel: Annie Kidder; Judge Bodner: Leslie Yeo; Female reporter: Janet Bailey; Male reporter: David Gow; Tony Botelho: Vito Rezza; Jim Abrose: Bill McDermott; Derek Litton: Michael Simpson; Federal prosecutor: Sean O'Hara; Howie Kirsch: Lane White; David Dane: Jeff Grantham; Harry Katz: Raphael Vigod; RCMP officer: John Parson; Immigration officer: Geordie White
Chuck finds raising funds for Leon's campaign difficult when Leon takes the case of a Kenyan terrorist and the priest harboring him; Carrie plans to adopt Kim; Olivia appears before the law society on charges of jury tampering.

64. Lies  W: Sami Fareed Ahmed; Guy Mullally & Barry Stevens  Douglas Jackson
(1990)(Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Dillon, Alana, Wanda, Kim)
Barbara Riley: Shirley Douglas; Doug O'Leary: Peter MacNeill; Jane Grey: Catherine Colvey; Andrew MacDonald: Garwin Sanford; Max Simka: John Evans; Ram Singh: Jolly Bader; Sujeet: Damon D;Oliveira; Harry Carson: Peter Keleghan; Nora: Kirsten Kieferle; Reporter: Janet Bailey; Ho Ling: Harvey Chao; Betty Ling: Janet Lo; Judge McRae: Vince Metcalfe; Josie Rosenberg: Miriam Laurence; Priest: John Innes; Police Officer: Roger Montgomery; Campaign worker: Eric Coates; Motorcycle rider: Ken Quinn; The cousin Wanda's father has arranged for her to marry is arrested. Olivia's client is an illiterate artist cheated by a gallery owner. Leon's campaign threatens his marriage.

65. Tyger, Tyger
Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Kim
Chuck resents Olivia's time with a client (Joseph Bottoms); disaster strikes Leon's campaign; Kim's grandparents claim her.

66. Murder
Carrie, Leon, Chuck,
Nick: David James Elliott;
Chuck hires Nick to trail Olivia and Peter; Leon sues for libel; Carrie defends an octogenarian charged in a death.

67. The Cookies Crumble
(Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Alana
Chuck is arrested for Peter's murder; Leon faces a test of loyalty; Andrew pursues Alana; Carrie learns of evidence against Chuck.

68. The Prosecution
(Carrie, Leon, Chuck Olivia, Dillon
Nick: David James Elliott
Chuck approaches Nick for help; Leon stands by Chuck; Olivia sues an old union nemesis; Dillon proposes to Carrie.

69. Election Day
(Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Alana
Johnny Marsh: Kim Coates;
Chuck learns that Peter had Johnny Marsh investigated, and Olivia used the information; Alana is transferred. Carrie struggles to defend Chuck; Nick tries to find Peter Garland's Killer; Leon holds on to a slim lead in the election.

70. The Truth
(Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Alana, Dillon
Carrie gives Dillon her answer; Leon confesses to Alana; new data on Peter comes to light; the verdict is issued; Leon, Nick and Olivia work to prove the new mayor's linked to Peter Garland's murder.

71. The Legacy of Stanley Wall
(Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Alana,
Nick: David James Elliott;
A fellow inmate saves Chuck's life; a student reveals his screenplay about a double murder is true; Leon contests Alana's divorce proceedings. Leon and Nick uncover new evidence in Chuck's murder case; Olivia makes a bad deal with a film producer (Geoffrey Bowes); Carrie postpones her engagement.

72. The Harley
(Chuck, Olivia, Dillon, Mercedes
Chuck is released; the screenplay cannot be used; Dillon reveals his marriage plans to Veronica. Ex-con Chuck tries to rebuild his practice; Mercedes joins the firm as Wanda's replacement; Olivia is sued by a film producer.

73. Presumed Toxic
W: Rebecca Schecter & Guy Mullally D: Stacey Stewart Curtis
(1991)(Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Dillon, Alana, Kim, Mercedes)
R J Williams: Donnelly Rhodes; Brian Malony: Ron Lea; Veronica Beck: Rachel Luttrell; Andrea Pope: Seana Mckenna; Arnold Hodis: Geordie Johnson; Tony Pope: Tom McCamus; Nathan Goldberg; Geoffrey Bowes; Dr. Madelbaum: Barcia Diamond; Dr. Itken: Diego Matamoros; Pigpen Rodnicki: Earl Pastko; Dr. Merryman: Alison MacLeod; Ray Morelli: Martin Julien; Judge Morton: patricia Gage; Judge McRae: Vince Metcalfe; Dennis Morgan: Gerry Quigley; Sgt Mark Everett: Roger McKeen; Jury Foreperson: Helen Carscallen; Court clerk: Thomas Goerz
Leon's client, dying with cancer, sues his employer; Carrie plea bargains for Chuck's first client; Olivia scrambles to find the money when Nathan demands she pay for the lost revenues. Carrie tries to connect with Veronica, and upsets Dillon.

74. Reasonable Doubt
(Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Olivia
Veronica: Rachel Luttrell
Carrie tries to befriend Veronica; Olivia loses a case; Chuck makes a mistake in court; Leon announces a merger offer.

75. Shades of Difference
(Leon, Chuck, Dillon,
R J Williams: Donnelly Rhodes; Veronica: Rachel Luttrell
Veronica is charged with assault; Dillon must prosecute a black community leader accused of embezzlement; Chuck receives an unusual thank-you gift; Leon and R J negotiate a merger.

76. Questions of Dignity
(Carrie, Chuck, Olivia, Dillon
Chuck's carelessness hurts a client; a new managing partner joins the firm; Carrie delays the wedding plans when she and Dillon grow apart following a difficult case; Olivia represents an aging jazz musician.

77. Sing for Me, Olivia
(Carrie, Chuck, Olivia, Rob,
Veronica: Rachel Luttrell
Olivia receives her father's estate; Chuck receives information from a prison client; Rob steals a client from Olivia; Carrie defends Veronica on assault charges.

78. Keeping Secrets
(Carrie, Chuck, Olivia, Kim
Olivia's supposedly dead mother (Elizabeth Shepherd)contests the will; Carrie and Kim leave for a Bermuda vacation; Chuck tries to end business with biker clients.

79. The Good Lawyer
(Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Alana, Veronica, Malony
R J Williams: Donnelly Rhodes; Brian Malony: Ron Lea; Veronica: Rachel Luttrell
Chuck defends a man accused of murder against old foe, Malony; R.J. assigns Olivia a high-profile case; Veronica learns about date rape; Leon asks Alana to move back in with him.

80. Hollywood North  W: Rebecca Schechter & Guy Mullally  D: George Bloomfield
(11/19/91) (Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Dillon, Alana, Rob, Laura, Mercedes)
R J Williams: Donnelly Rhodes; Violet Beltain: Catherine Disher; Harold Douglas: Peter Dvorsky; Nellie MacLean: Gina Wilkinson; Steve Parker: Heath Lamberts; Sam Vernon: Dennis O'Connor; Gerhardt Dineson: Patrick Galligan; Judge Bristol: Gary Reineke; R C Lapinski: Peter James Haworth; Jury Foreperson: Allan Aarons; Henrietta Merton: Kathryn Albertson
Leon learns information about Rob's computer company; Olivia becomes involved in a screenwriter's battle with a movie star; Chuck's defense of an immigrant protester arouses public interest.

81. Eye of the Beholder  W: Sondra Kelly & Guy Mullally  D: Allan Harmon
(12/6/91) (Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Dillon, Alana, Rob, Laura, Mercedes)
Violet Beltain: Catherine Disher; Harold Douglas: Peter Dvorsky; Patricia Wineberg: Jennifer Dale; Dr Paul Wineberg: Eugene Glazer; Anita Graham: Nicky Gaudagni; Nellie MacLean: Gina Wilkerson; Gerhardt Dineson: Patrick Galligan; James Laughton: Peter Messaline; Judge Bristol: Gary Reineke; Judge Marvel: Annie Kidder; Master Bingham: Paul Soles; Constable Elridge: Wendy Hopkins; Detective Finlay: Wendy Hopkins; Aaron Wineberg: Tyler Labine; Fan: Sarah Levy.
Leon takes a messy divorce case; Olivia uses drastic means to win her case; Laura helps Chuck get revenge on Malony; Chuck is arrested.

82. Too Many Cooks  W: Leila Basen & Guy Mullally D: George Bloomfield
(12/13/91)(Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Alana, Dillon, Rob, Laura, Mercedes)
Veronica Beck: Rachel Luttrell; Phil Paley: Eugene Lipinski; Susan Paley: Diana Reis; Elizabeth Paley: Susan Stackhouse; Eva Paley: Elizabeth Goodyear; Noel Brownlow: Ross Petty; Salesman Bob: David Eisner; Gwen Hopkins: Michelle Moffatt; Rhonda Tan: Kyra Harper; Professor Fielding: Jim Feather; Dean James: Alex Carter; Constable Elridge: Wendy Hopkins; Judge Campbell; Jack Jessop; Amy Paley: Sheila Heti; Paley children: Daniel De Santo; Tui Greenaway; Genele Templeton; Anthony Antonacci; Reporter: Heidi Hatashita
Leon and Chuck represent a polygamist; Olivia's client is a nuisance; Alana wants a sports car; Rob is interviewing lawyers -- to expand or to replace Carrie or Chuck?

83. On Women and Independence  W: Barry Stevens, Gary Freedman, Guy Mullally & Sondra Kelly  D: Steve DiMarco
(12/20/91)(Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Dillon, Rob, Mercedes, Laura, Kim)
Veronica Beck: Rachel Luttrell; R J Williams: Donnelly Rhodes, Captain McDonnell: Allan Royal; Lt. Col. Jenson: Bruce Vavirna; Lt. Dunn: Phil Jarrett; Lt Col Verdon: Lorne Cossette; Magor Dupres: Jacques Tourangeau; Michael Barlow: Sean Roberge; Catherine Gallagher: Sandi Stahlbrand; Barry Taylor: Eric McCormack; Judge Advocate: Richard Curnock; Beth Larson: Stephanie Kerr; Officer of the court: Michael Gencher
When Mercedes is attacked by a burglar in her apartment, Rob uses the opportunity to try to replace her. Leon ignores R J's instructions for a court martial case. Rob tells the partners that he's replacing Carrie with Laura. When Carrie returns, she tells Leon & Chuck she's going to start her own firm; Chuck asks if she wants a partner. Leon later decides to join them. R.J. tells Olivia he's falling in love with her.

84. Children's Hour
(1/3/92)(Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Olivia
Christianne Hirt
Carrie's defense of an abused mother delays her wedding; Leon, Carrie and Chuck want out of the merger; tension between Chuck and Olivia finally explodes.

85. Breach of Trust  W: Neil L Kozloff, A J Bickerton, Guy Mullally  D: Steve DiMarco
(1/10/92)(Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Dillon, Alana, Rob, Laura, Mercedes)
Kim: Asia Vieira; Brian Malony: Ron Lea; Veronica Beck: Rachel Luttrell; R J William: Donnelly Rhodes; Renee Stonehouse: Tantoo Cardinal; Lenny Costa: Jason Blicker; Bernie Brock: Daniel Kash; Wolfman: Frank Pellegrino; Arnold Hodis: Geordie Johnson; Judge Appleby: Lawrence Dane; Judge Scallo: Gordon Jocelyn; Judge Shipton: Victoria Mitchell; Sparky Henderson: Thomas Hauff; Mr McAndrew: David Fox; Neil Bickerton: Ron Hartmann; Maureen Laurier: Maida Rogerson
R.J. sues for breach of contract; Carrie and Dillon marry.

86. November W: Toby Mullally & Guy Mullally D: Stefan Scaini
(1/17/92)(Carrie, Leon, Chuck, Olivia, Dillon, Alana, Rob, Laura, Kim, Mercedes)
Brian Malony: Ron Lea; Veronica Beck; Rachel Luttrell; Renee Stonehouse: Tantoo Cardinal; Kyle Thompson: Colm Feore; Judge Appleby: Lawrence Dane; Arnold Hodis: Geordie Johnson; Claude Rousseau: Graham McPherson; Wolfman: Frank Pellegrino; Dr McAndrew: David Fox; Lenny Costa: Jason Blicker; Jean Kofax: Sharry Flett; Judge Holloway: Frank Perry; Judge Scallo: Gordon Jocelyn; Judge Presley: Harold Burke; Judge Howe: David Gardner, Maureen Laurier: Maida Rogerson; Judge Ambridge: Tom Harvey; Judge Soloman : Jacqueline McLeod, Doctor: Gerry Mendecino, John Rasp: Matt Cooke; Tom Banton: Brian Kaulback; Nurse: Juliet Dauni; Jury Foreperson: Mark Terene; Stunt Co-ordinator: Ted Hanlan, Stunt Performer: Barbara C Joy
R.J. intends to ruin Carrie, Chuck and Leon; Chuck requests a second autopsy; a hit-and-run driver kills Carrie.

87. After the Fall W: Sondra Kelly, Rebecca Schechter & Guy Mullally D: Stacey Stewart Curtis
(1/24/92)(Chuck, Leon, Olivia, Alana, Dillon, Rob, Laura, Mercedes)
Brian Mahony: Ron Lea; R J Williams: Donnelly Rhodes; Judge Appleby: Lawrence Dane; Dr McAndrews: David Fox; Arnold Hodis: Geordie Johnson; Bernie Brock: Daniel Kash; Wolfman: Frank Pellegrino, Lenny Costa: Jason Blicker; Angelo Lisanti: Tony Desantis; Neil Bickerton: Ron Hartmann; Peter : Nolan Jennings; Judge Holloway: Frank Perry; Judge Ambridge: Tom Harvey; Judge Burton: Larry Reynolds; Jury Foreperson: Mark Terene; Jury Foreperson: Dana Brooks, Stunt co-ordinator: Ted Hanlan, Stunt performer: Larry MacLean; Stunt performer: Marco Bianco
Leon and Chuck have to cope with Carrie's death while continuing the fight against R J Williams; Chuck suspect the real killer in the Kofax case; Rob quits R J Williams; Appleby is found guilty in Carrie's death.

88. Phoenix
(1/31/92)(Leon, Rob, Laura)
Leon takes on the political system in a battle to stop the logging of native land; Rob and Laura attempt to join the new firm.

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