Power Play

Brett Parker: Michael Riley
Colleen "Coco" Blessed: Kari Matchett
Mark Simpson: Dean McDermott
Michelle Parker: Caterina Scorsone
Duff McArdle: Gordon Pinsent

Recurring characters:
"Terminal" Todd Maplethorpe: Jonathan Rannells
"Brainiac" Jukka Branny-Acke: Mark Lutz
"Shakey" Al Tremblay: Normand Bissonnette
Rose Thornton: Krista Bridges
Renata D'Alessandro: Lori Alter
Rayanne Simpson: Fiona Highet
Jake Nelson: Don Cherry
Bud Travis: David Keeley
Coach Harry Strand: Neil Crone
Regan Sexsmith: Tanja Jacobs
Samantha: Jennifer Dale
Hudson James: Jonathan Crombie

Perambulate Me Back to my Habitual Abode (1.1)  W:  D: John Fawcett
Andrea Johanna Black; Ray Malone: Sean McCann; Kathleen Laskey: Megan Atwell; English broadcaster: William Laurin; French broadcaster: Glenn Davis

Changing the Luck (1.2)  W:  D: Penelope Buitenuis
Andrea: Johnanna Black; Ray Malone: Sean McCann
For the first time in franchise history, the Steelheads make it to the playoffs; Brett moves in with his 17-year-old daughter, Michelle.

All For One (1.3)  W: Sharon Corder & Jack Blum  D: Don McBrearty
(10/29/98) (Todd, Branny, Shakey, Rose, Renata, Jake, Rayanne, Bud)
Coach Lloyd Gorman: Al Waxman; Greg Spottiswood; Andrea: Johanna Black; Mickey Dubois: Sean Bell; Referee: Rich Grean; Turner; Damon Hardy; Old Time Player: Roman Podhora; Player 1: Tim Ware; Player 2: Mike Burkelt; TV announcer: Rob Faulds
As the team takes the lead in the series, the star center continues to hide a concussion and the coach continues to drink too much. Brett fires Gorman and tries to coach the team himself.

Seventh Game (1.4)  W:  D: John Fawcett
Brett decides to leave Hamilton and go back to New York to prevent losing his company to his former assistant.

The Off Season (1.5)  W:  D: Graeme Lynch
Brett shows up at the team's fishing camp intent on signing goalie Al Tremblay and loses his fiancee, Andrea, in the process.

Brothers in Arms (1.6)  W:  D: Don McBrearty
Jeff Maplethorpe: Kevin Jubinville
Brett's opening game extravaganza ends up a public relations nightmare; the Maplethorpe brothers compete against each other for the final spot on the team.

The Bad Boy (1.7)  W:  D: John Fawcett
Bobby Gunn: Gabriel Hogan
Brett signs bad boy Bobby Gunn with the best of intentions, but fans revolt over the new player's exorbitant salary.

Purple Hazing (1.8)  W:  D: Jeff Woolnough
The team's reputation is at stake after a hazing incident gets out of control and ends in an arrest.

Family Values (1.9)  W: Steven Barwin & Gabriel David Tick  D: John Fawcett
(01/13/99)(Todd, Branny, Tremblay, Rose, Renata, Harry)
Alan Van Sprang: Hamish McEwan; Marni Thompson: Cherilee Taylor; Play by play announcer: Rob Faulds
Brett has to deal with a variety of issues when a potential sponsor insists on a wholesome image from the team and possible player/spokespersons.

Pucks the Size of Beach Balls (1.10)  W: Phil Bedard & Larry Lalonde  D: T W Peacock
(01/20/99) (Todd, Branny, Tremblay, Rose, Renata, Harry)
With the Steelheads heading for financial disaster, Coach Strand pushes to trade Tremblay. Brett and Colleen argue over whether to sell the team.

High Noon (1.11)  W: Paul Quarrington  D: Glenn Davis
(02/03/99) (Todd, Branny, Tremblay, Rose, Renata, Harry, Rayanne)
Allison Lee: Ruth Marshall; Duskey: Noah Danby, Linda McIntyre: Dorothy Rennie; Andy Simpson: Taylor Abrahamse; Scotty McIntyre, Technician: B J McQueen, Play by play announcer; Kevin Quinn
Brett gets a national broadcast for the Steelheads by promising a fight between Todd and Frank Duskey, the toughest fighter in the league.

Dire Straits (1.12)  W: Sharon Corder & Jack Blum  D: Richard Lewis
(02/10/99) (Todd, Branny, Tremblay, Rose, Renata, Harry, Rayanne, Bud)
Mrs. Duskey: Judy Marshak; Grant Nickalls; Shorty Green: Paulino Nunes; Reporter: Larry Schwartz; Photographer: Dennis James; Player 1: Frank Gaultier; Player 3: Tim Ware; Play by play announcer: Rob Faulds
Todd is troubled by putting Duskey in a coma. When paychecks are late, it turns out Bud is trying to force the team into a cash-flow crisis. Brett and Colleen make numerous trades to lower the payroll.

Everything is Broken (2.1)  W:  D:
Brett and Colleen finally have a romantic interlude, but Colleen is suspicious of his intentions. Brett struggles through a rough patch that leaves him unemployed and broke as well as facing fraud charges south of the border. Colleen contemplates resorting to drastic measures following a confrontation with Duff. Simpson finds himself on thin ice with his wife, who is pressuring him to hang up his skates.

Resign or Re-sign (2.2)  W: Sharon Corder & Jack Blum  D: Richard Lewis
(10/22/99) (Todd, Tremblay, Rose, Renata, Harry, Rayanne, Regan)
Paul Soles; Chas Lawther; Dan Duran
Facing extradition to the US for fraud, Brett plots his revenge against everyone, especially Colleen.

Manipulation (2.3)  W: Paul Quarrington   D: Geraint Wyn Davies
(10/22/99) (Todd, Rose, Renata, Harry, Rayanne, Regan)
Ted Ludzik; Robert Posa; Clint Owen
Colleen confronts Regan Sexsmith. Rose goes shopping with Renata for a look that will attract Brett. With Mark staying in a hotel, Brett tries to drive a bigger wedge between him and Rayanne, hoping Mark with let Brett represent him

Evasion (2.4)  W: nbsp; D:
Brett tries to keep his relationship with Rose secret.

Temptation (2.5)  W:   D:
Michelle is married to Hudson James.

The Truth (2.6)  W:   D:
Brett and Harry clash over his treatment of one of Brett's clients.

The Jumper (2.7)  W:Paul Quarrington   D: David Wu
(12/09/99) (Todd, Renata, Rose, Harry, Hudson, Regan, Samantha)
Rod Wilson, Johnny Bower, Rob Faulds, Stephen Young, Rummy Bishop
Goalie Jackie McCloud has a chance to set a record. A former client of Brett's plans to commit suicide by jumping from the rafters when a goal is scored. Regan tries to convince Barrett Dixon not to back Duff's plan to regain the team.

The Mask (2.8)  W: Sharon Corder& Jack Blum   D: Geraint Wyn Davies
(12/16/99) (Todd, Renata, Rose, Harry, Regan, Samantha)
Jacques Plante: Guiseppe Tancredi; J P Davis; Brian Grieve, David Kelly
Regan and Harry scheme to hold up Duff's plan to buy back the team, Brett plots to drive Harry crazy. When Duff catches Brett, he hires him to get rid of Regan.

Foolish Hearts (2.9)  W: Julie Lacey  D: David Wu
(01/13/00) (Todd, Trembley, Renata, Hudson, Samantha)
Ryan cott; Sean Ross; Terry V Hart; Brian Bowman
Off-ice turmoil jeopardizes the Steelheads post-season chances, including losing their head coach and Simpsy receiving divorce papers. Michelle is caught in the middle when Hudson takes a future star under his wing before Brett can sign him to the struggling team.

Quarter Finals (2.10)  W: Glenn Davis & William Laurin   D: Bert Kish
(01/21/00) (Todd, Tremblay, Rose, Renata, Harry, Hudson, Jake)
Matthew Bennett; John Hemphill; Alan Mozes; Ryan Scott; Chris Tessaro

The Cubicle (2.11)  W:   D:
A newspaper story about an unnamed gay player raises tension to new heights just as the league prepares to revoke the Steelheads franchise. Brett and Colleen continue to heat things up, but Brett risks alienating Michelle with his behavior toward Hudson. Secret financial information is leaked to the league, leading Brett and Colleen to believe there's a spy in the organization

The Finals (2.12)  W:   D:
It seems things have finally turned around for the Steelheads when they make it to the finals, until Colleen reveals that she thinks a mole is out to destroy them.

What it all Meant (2.13)  W:   D:
With the Steelheads on the brink of the championship, Duff turns up missing. Brett puts an end to Rose's negative publicity of the team.

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