Pit Pony

The Light to the Future
Willie MacLean enters his pony in a contest.
First aired Friday, Feb 5 1999

Best Laid Plans
Nellie plans to marry Ned Hall.
First aired Friday, Feb 12 1999

Willie searches for ghosts.
First aired Friday, Feb 19 1999

The Ball Game
Willie honors a mine-flood victim.
First aired Friday, Feb 26 1999

To Have and to Hold
Willie confronts Mr. Frawley; the MacLeans are evicted.
First aired Friday, Mar 5 1999

Endings and Beginnings
Nellie and Ned leave for their honeymoon; Aunt Rose has a confrontation with a legendary fiddler.
First aired Friday, Mar 12 1999

The Phantom Ship
Willie sights a mysterious ship; Mr. Frawley's son becomes Ned's partner.
First aired Friday, Mar 19 1999

The Mine's Mark
Willie rescues Sable.
First aired Friday, Mar 26 1999

Season 2

Sleeping Dogs Lie
Willie attempts to discover the identity of a thief.
First aired Tuesday, Oct 5 1999

Calling Mr. Bell
Willie's visit with Alexander Bell is canceled; unromantic anniversary gift.
First aired Tuesday, Oct 12 1999

A Ghost in the Lens
Willie is determined to capture the ghostly image of his father on film.
First aired Tuesday, Oct 19 1999

L.B. Collins crusades against child labor.
First aired Tuesday, Oct 26 1999

Winds of Exchange
Ned is laid off; Ned does not want Nellie working.
First aired Tuesday, Nov 2 1999

Aunt Rose, Maggie and Sarah visit for Willie's birthday.
First aired Tuesday, Nov 9 1999

Making Their Way
Aunt Rose offers to buy Nellie a farm; Willie takes a job with Mr. Frawley against Nellie's warnings.
First aired Tuesday, Nov 16 1999

Where There's a Will
Ned returns to work; Nellie opens a laundry service.
First aired Tuesday, Nov 23 1999

Willie, Nellie and Ned all work to build the farm fund; Miss Harper wins a battle with Mr. Crowe.
First aired Tuesday, Nov 30 1999

The Truth About Heroes
Ned runs for leader of the Provincial Worker's Association; a new machine may replace some miners.
First aired Tuesday, Dec 7 1999

Night Into Day
Spider's horse gets colic.
First aired Tuesday, Jan 4 2000

Willie and Angus tease Molly about her new look; Ned is still bitter about losing the election.
First aired Tuesday, Jan 11 2000

Nellie begins work at the telegraph office; community auction turns into a comedy of errors.
First aired Tuesday, Jan 18 2000

Maggie arrives home unexpectedly only to run off again.
First aired Tuesday, Jan 25 2000

Charlie's Secret
A ghost haunts Charley.
First aired Tuesday, Feb 1 2000

Sunshine and Shadows
Nellie tells Ned that she may be pregnant; the safety of the pit boys is in question.
First aired Tuesday, Feb 8 2000

Into the Dark
Willie is concerned he will lose Nellie and Ned to illness; Rose and Sarah help Willie make a difficult decision.
First aired Tuesday, Feb 15 2000

Our Sons and Daughters
Willie and Ned convince the pit boys and men to walk off the job after a fatality.
First aired Tuesday, Feb 22 2000

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