Material World

Kitty: Laura Bruneau
Angela: Angela Dohrmann
Tim: Chris Potter
Martin: James Kee

1. The Trouble with Pam
Pam: Nancy Sakovich
Kitty is surprised when Tim brings his girlfriend, Pam, to her fashion show.

2. Confessions of a Third Wheel
Kitty confides in Bernice.

3. Member of the Wedding
Kristina Nicoll
Kitty is reunited with her childhood friend (Kristina Nicholl) when she is asked to design her wedding dress.
Bridesmaid Kitty confronts Shelley about her abusive groom.

4. The Most Important Thing
Daniel MacIvor
Kitty volunteers for an AIDS benefit.


6. The Little Me
Jack Kruschen; Linda Sorenson
Kitty (Laura Bruneau) loses her self confidence after her designs are rejected by a buyer.

7. Carry Your Heart
Kitty inherits Classy Fashions.

8. My Favorite Martin
To save Classy Fashions, Kitty takes a partner.

9. Different for Girls
Angela's apartment is burglarized. 10.


12. The Picture of My Life
Kim Coates
Kitty evaluates her relationship with Tim after she meets an artist at Martin's party.

13. The Art is a Lonely Hunter
Kitty confesses the kiss to Tim.


15.The Road to Heaven
Kate Trotter?
Kitty visits a wholeness guru.

16. Kitty Chills Out
Jack Kruschen
Kitty learns a lesson about commitment after her relationship with Tim comes to an end.

17. Heart and Sold
A teen idol wears Kitty's design; Kitty wants Tim back.

18. Death of a Salesman
Martin develops a cologne and names it for Kitty; Tim quits teaching.

19. Just a Couple of Working Girls
Martin's cologne smells awful; Kitty is pregnant.

20. Things Change
Kitty opens a boutique on Queen Street. Virginia runs a dating service.

21. Leap of Faith
Kitty's candid, teen-age employee (Karen LeBlanc) alarms customers.

22. It's a Chemistry Thing
Kitty's mother sets up Angela with a doctor.

23. A Little Something in Plaid
Moe: Richard Davidson
Kitty has a secret romance with a bagpiper; Virginia dates Martin's father, Moe.

24. Clash of the Tartans
(12/03/1992) Kitty and Angela vie for a musician; Lucy advises Martin.


26. A Kiss is just a Kiss

Kitty's business meeting turns into a date; Angela falls in love with Martin during her "adult feelings" class.

27. Up to Her Neck
Kitty asks Angela for help with a creativity block; Angela has a job setback.

28. Double Exposure
Lucy is arrested for indecent exposure; Martin feels spied upon.

29. Straight to the Bone
Kitty enlists Angela, Lucy and her mother as models rather than pay the cost of professional models.

30. Lost and Found
Kitty is shocked to learn she has a second mother; Martin agrees to take care of his girlfriend's pet ferret.

31. Lingering Doubts
Kitty and Angela track down Kitty's first boyfriend; Martin tries to prevent his father's proposal.

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