Animated series. Narrated by Christopher Plummer.

"In an old house in Paris, that was covered with vines, lived 12 little girls in two straight lines. The smallest one was Madeline."
These words open most of our visits into Madeline's world.

Madeline in London (1990)
Madeline: Marsha Moreau; Miss Clavel/Ambassadress: Judith Orban; Nicole: Sonja Ball; Danielle/Dr. Stone: Liz MacRae; Chloe: Anik Matern; Pepito: Julian Bailey; Ambassador: A. J. Henderson; Queen: Emma Stevens; Simon: Mark Hellman; Piccadilly: Daniel Lesourd
When the Spanish Ambassador is transferred to London, the girls visit to cheer up a homesick Pepito.

Madeline's Christmas (1990)
Madeline: Marsha Moreau; Miss Clavel: Judity Orban; Nicole/Marie: Sonja Ball; Danielle: Liz MacRae; Chloe: Anik Matern; Radio Announcer: Mark Hellman
The girls' plans for the Christmas holiday are upset by the flu.

Madeline and the Bad Hat (1991)
Madeline: Marsha Moreau; Miss Clavel/Ambassadress: Judith Orban; Nicole: Sonja Ball; Danielle: Liz MacRae; Chloe: Anik Matern; Pepito: Julian Bailey; Ambassador/Dr. Cohn: A. J. Henderson
The Spanish Ambassador moves in next door and he has a mischevious son.

Madeline's Rescue (1991)
Madeline: Marsha Moreau; Miss Clavel/Ambassadress; Judith Orban; Nicole: Sonja Ball; Danielle: Liz MacRae; Chloe: Anik Matern; Genevieve: Paul de La Rosa; Lord Cucuface/Dr. Cohn: A. J. Henderson
The girls try to convince Lord Cucuface to let them keep a stray dog.

Madeline and the Gypsies (1991)
Madeline: Marsha Moreau; Miss Clavel/Ambassadress; Judith Orban; Nicole/Gypsy: Sonja Ball; Danielle: Liz MacRae; Chloe: Anik Matern; Pepito: Julian Bailey; Ambassador/Dr. Cohn: A. J. Henderson; Gypsy Mama: Kathleen Fee; Strongman/Lion Tamer: Mark Hellman; Clown/Gendarme: Carlysle Miller
When Madeline and Pepito get left behind a the carnival, they decide traveling with the Gypsies is more fun than going to school.

1993 credits
Madeline: Tracey-Lee Smyth
Miss Clavel, Genevieve: Louise Vallance
Also starring:
Vanessa King, Kelly Sheridan, Kristin Fairlie, Andrea Libman, A. J. Bond
Additional voices:
Garry Chalk, Long John Baldry, Ian James Corlett, Wezley Morris, Alec Willows, Luke Palmer, Jay Brazeau, Jim Byrnes, Jane Mortifee, Mark Weatherly, Kyle Lebine, French Tickner, Dale Wilson, Corrine Koslo, Don McManus, Kathleen Barr, Brent Chapman, Sam Mancuso, Danny Mann, Phil Hayes, Susan Blu, Babz Chula

Madeline and the Dog Show
Genevieve is ridiculed by the other contestants in a dog show, but her heroics make her the toast of the town.

Madeline and the New House
The girls are forced to move into a high-rise apartment and "the house covered with vines" is threatened with demolition.

Madeline and the Soccer Star
When Madeline's cousin comes to visit, he plays an integral part in a soccer match.

Madeline and the Forty Thieves
When clothes start to disappear, Madeline is determined to find out what's happening to them.

Madeline at the Ballet
Madeline's dreams of being a ballerina seem very distant.

Madeline and the Talking Parrot
The girls try to figure out what a lost parrot is saying so they can return him to his owner.

Madeline's Birthday at the Zoo
Madeline's birthday nearly turns into a disaster.

Madeline and the Mean, Nasty, Horrible Hats
The girls and Pepito visit Spain and meet Pepito's mean cousins.

Madeline in New York
The girls and Pepito travel to New York for a holiday.

1995 Credits:
Madeline: Andrea Libman; Miss Clavel: S. Louise Vallance; Danielle: Tracey-Lee Smyth; Chloe: Vanessa King; Nicole: Veronic Sztopa; Pepito: David Morse; Genevive: S. Louise Vallance; Lord Cucuface: French Tickner
Additional voices:
Adam Harrison, Andrew Francis, Andrew Savadas, Blu Mankuma, Chris Gaze, Corrine Koslo, Dale Wilson, Garry Chalk, Dennis Thatcher, Ian James Corlett, Jane Mortifee, Jay Brazeau, Jim Byrnes, Joely Collins, Justin Escabedo, Kaitlin Turner, Kathy Morse, Michael Donovan, Nigel Bennett, Paige Heuser, Scott McNeil

Madeline and the Lost Crown
The young Prince of Monaco just wants to be an ordinary boy.

Madeline on the Orient Express
A missing snake and a train full of suspect are just a few of the adventures the girls encounter on the way to a spelling bee.

Madeline and the Toy Factory
Madeline becomes a living doll and meets a lonely little girl.

Madeline and the Dinosaur Bone
Genevieve finds a treasure in the back garden.

Madeline and the Magic Carpet
Madeline and Pepito have a great adventure with a magic carpet searching for a lost young genie.

Madeline and the Hunchback of Notre Dame
Madeline and friends get some unexpected advice when they make a play of one of Miss Clavel's favorite stories.

Madeline and the Treasure Hunt
The children learn about Paris and true rewards while trying to win a newspaper treasure hunt.

Madeline and the Big Cheese
Lord Cucuface wants fondue out of a very special cheese, but Miss Clavel and the children have to find a replacement when the mice get into it.

Madeline and the Science Project
The girls hot-air balloon project is more successful than they imagine.

Madeline and the Mummy
The girls and Miss Clavel join Pepito's family on a visit to his uncle in Egypt.

Madeline and the Wild West
Madeline competes in a rodeo.

Madeline's Detective School
Madeline tries to find who's sending Miss Clavel all the stolen "cat" items.

Madeline At Cooking School
Madeline and the Singing Dog
Madeline's Winter Vacation
Madeline In Hollywood
Madeline and the Pirates
Madeline at the Louvre
Madeline and the Costume Party
Madeline and the Haunted Castle
Madeline and the Old Violin

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