The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne

Jules Verne: Chris Demetral
Phileas Fogg: Michael Praed
Rebecca Fogg: Francesca Hunt
Passepartout: Michel Courtemanche

Aired on Canada's CBC from June - December 2000.
The series began airing in the US on SciFi Channel Friday nights at 10pm, repeating Saturday morning at 1am (est) beginning Jan 5. It was moved to Saturday at 10pm on March 24, and Saturday night/Sunday morning at 1am on April 14.

They are listed in the order that CBC aired them in. SFC, for the most part, aired them in the same order. The number after the title is the filming order.

101. In the Beginning (1.19) W: Gregory de la Doucette D: Mark Roper transcript
(CBC: 06/18/2000; SFC: 5/12/2001) Arago: David Warner; Count Gregory: Rick Overton; Sir Jonathan Chatsworth: Jonathan Coy; Professor De Morancy: Wayne Best; Baron Von Breslau: Ross Petty; Graham Harley; The Prime Minister: David Francis; Queen Victoria: Patti Allan; Queen's Aide: Jeffrey Aarles; Erasmus: Stephen Bogaert; Phileas' servant: Harry Hill; Felix Nadar: Stephane Archambault; Maurice Greve: Philippe Martin; Japanese Samurai: Richard Collier; Rebecca stunt double: Helena Laliberte
Jules Verne is a visionary, a young Paris student who dreams of writing great novels and plays about the future. He is kidnapped by the League of Darkness, and forced to download his vision of the future into the disembodied mind of Count Gregory, the League's monstrous leader. Meanwhile, Phileas Fogg has embarked on a life of gambling after the death of Sir Boniface Fogg, head of the British Secret Service. He wins the airship AURORA in a card game - just in time to help his cousin, secret agent Rebecca Fogg, rescue Jules from the League's evil power.

102. Queen Victoria and the Giant Mole (1.10) Teleplay: Gavin Scott   Director: Pierre de Lespinois CBC vs SFC
(CBC: 06/25/2000; SciFi: 01/05/2001) Queen Victoria: Patti Allan; Stephane Archambault; Lorne Brass; Sir Jonathan Chatsworth: Jonathan Coy; Stephane Demers; Pierre Drolet; British envoy: Laird Evans; Tracy Scoggins
In the foggy street of Paris, a giant tunnelling machine called the Mole drills through an ancient wall and impales a British secret agent. The League of Darkness has developed this weapon to kill Queen Victoria and plunge Europe into war. Jules Verne and Phileas Fogg must overcome their mutual distrust to find the Mole and defeat the League.

103. Rockets of the Dead (1.09) W: Brian Finch D: Pierre de Lespinois  CBC vs SFC
(CBC: 07/02/2000; SciFi: 01/12/2001) Duke Angelo Rimini: Patrick Duffy; Sir Jonathan Chatsworth: Jonathan Coy
A British envoy is murdered in London by a rocket-powered assailant. When Rebecca investigates, she is kidnapped by the handsome and sinister Rimini, Duke of Carpathla. Rimini intends to take over the world with an army of rocket-powered vampires. Phileas and Jules set out to rescue Rebecca from his clutches, but Rebecca is not sure that she wants to be rescued.

104. The Cardinal's Design W: Trevor Preston D: Mark Roper  CBC vs SFC
(CBC: 07/09/2000; SciFi: 01/19/2001) Alexandre Dumas: John Rhys Davies; Cavois: Rene Auberjonois; d'Artagnan: Christopher Heyerdahl; Sir Jonathan Chatsworth: Jonathan Coy
Jules' friend, Alexander Dumas, has squandered his fortune building the Phoenix, a time machine designed by Cardinal Richelieu. When our heroes board the Phoenix, they are transported back into another dimension of time, one where Richelieu still battles the Musketeers and looks exactly like Phileas Fogg.

105. The Cardinal's Revenge W: Gavin Scott D: Mark Roper  CBC vs SFC
(CBC: 07/16/2000; SciFi: 01/26/2001) Jules/Louis XIII: Chris Demetral; Phileas/Richelieu: Michael Praed; Rebecca/Madame D'Urfe: Francesca Hunt; Porthos/Dumas: John Rhys Davies; Cavois: Rene Auberjonois; d'Artagnan: Christopher Heyerdahl; Aramis: Chip Chuipka; Camille/17th Century: Melissa Curzi; Lavater: Steve Griffith; Referre: Jean Guimond; Louis' Fool: Greg Kramer; 17th Century Whore: Nathalie Matteau; Hangman: Michael Scherer; Stunt Guard 1: Gere Gillis; Stunt Guard 2: Benoit Gauthier; Stunt Guard 3: Marc De Soudry; Stunt Guard 4: Mike Chute; 17th Century stuntman: David McKeown; Fencing Guard 1: Daniel Levinson; Fencing Guard 2: Jean-Francois Gagnon; Fencing Guard 3: Steve Wilsher; Phileas stunt double: Francois Gauthier; Phileas/Richlieu fencing double: Rick Little; Rebecca stunt double: Helena Laliberte; D'Artagnan stunt double: John Walsh
Cardinal Richelieu mistakes Rebecca Fogg for Madame D'Urfe, an assassin he's hired to kill King Louis XIII. Jules and Phileas meet D'Artagnan, and persuade him to reunite the Musketeers. Together, they rescue Rebecca, save the King, and defeat Richelieu and his Guards. Meanwhile, Passepartout discovers the secret of the Phoenix, and returns our heroes to their rightful place and time.

106. The Eyes of Lazarus W: Eliza Childs D: Pierre de Lespinois
(CBC: 07/23/2000; SciFi: 02/02/2001) Dr Draquot: Michael Moriarty; Madame Soretski: Margo Kidder; Sir Jonathan Chatsworth: Jonathan Coy
At a seance for his dead aunt, Passepartout is possessed by the spirit of Lazarus, a mad anarchist seeking revenge for dying at the hands of Phileas Fogg. A neurologist, Franz Draquot, tries and fails to return Lazarus to the spirit world. Lazarus enters the body of Rebecca, shoots Chatsworth, and nearly kills Phileas. Then, the spirit of Pasepartout's Aunt Louisa takes a hand, and Lazarus is banished forever.

107. Lord of Air and Darkness (1.05) W: Gavin Scott D: Gabriel Pelletier
(CBC: 07/30/00; SciFi: 02/09/2001) Helene D'Anjou: Sonia Vigneault; Count Gregory: Rick Overton Small boy: Laurence Arcouette; Damourette: J. P. Berger; Dancing girl (Simone): Isabelle Blais; Chandler Banks: Terence Bowman; Countess de Neuilly: Nathalie Breuer; Gunnery Officer: Andrew Burr; Felix Nadar: Patrice Dubois; Colonel Colbert: Jean-Emery Gagnon; Father Beausoleil: Luc Morissette; Madame Bonnard: Lennie Scoffie; The Observer: Richard Robitaille; Black Robed surgeon 2: Constantine Kourtidis; Prometheus Crewman: Brendan Healy; Prometheus Crewman 2/Stunt Crewman 2: Gilbert Larose Jr.; Stunt Crewman 1: Mike Chute; Phileas stunt double: François Gauthier; Jules stunt double: Stephane Lefebvre; Rebecca stunt double: Helena Laliberte; Helene d'Anjou stunt double: Nathalie Girard; Stunt Deck Crewman
While investigating a priest's murder, Jules is seduced into joining the crew of the League of Darkenss' flying battleship.

108. Southern Comfort (1.03) W: Gavin Scott D: Jean-Marc Vallée  CBC vs SFC
(CBC: 08/06/2000; SciFi: 02/16/2001) Saratoga Browne: Larissa Laskin; Helene d'Anjou: Sonia Vigneault; Count Gregory: Rick Overton; Black Robed Surgeon 1: Daniel Bisson; Jeb: Jhunyor Cherry; General Teddy Steele: Barry Flatman; Drummer Boy: Marc Andre Grondin; Black Robed Surgeon 2: Constantine Kourtidis; Union Trooper: Philip Lemaistre; Confederacy Artillery Captain: Chris MacCabe; Union Sergeant: Bondfield Marcoux; Steele's Aide de Camp: Simon Peacock; Union Lieutenant: Swede Svensson; The Observer: Richard Robitaille; Telegraph Operator: Dennis St. John; Prometheus Gunnery Officer: Andrew Burr; Phileas stunt double/stunt trooper: Francois Gauthier; Jules stunt double/stunt trooper: Stephane Lefebvre; Saratoga stunt double: Annie Carignan; Union Lieutenant riding double: Benoit Robert; Stunt troopers: Jason Cavalier, Mike Chute, Benoit Gauthier, Gilbert Larose Jr., Louis Pharand
Our heroes pursue the Prometheus across the Atlantic and into the battlegrounds of the Civil War. When the Aurora crashes, Phileas falls in love with Saratoga Browne, the Southern belle who rescues him. Rebecca, Jules and Passepartout help the Union troops to destroy the Prometheus. But Count Gregory takes a terrible revenge and Saratoga dies in Phileas' arms.

109. Let There Be Light (1.04) W: Gavin Scott D: Jean-Marc Vallée
(CBC: 08/13/2000; SciFi: 02/23/2001) Michael Yarmush; Sir Jonathan Chatsworth: Jonathan Coy
Jules and Rebecca try to divert a suicidal Phileas by interesting him in the career of 13-year-old Thomas Edison. Young 'Al' has designed the world's first military tank, intending it as nothing more than a toy. When arms manufacturer Isiah Thrubworth turns Al's creation into a killing machine, our heroes must find a way to stop him.

110. The Ballad Of Steeley Joe (1.06) W: Gavin Scott D: Gabriel Pelletier
(CBC: 08/20/2000; SciFi:03/02/2001) William Quantrill: Robin Andrew Wilcock; Sam Clemens: Jonathan Walker; Lily Ledoux: Dixie Seatle; Steeley Joe: Mario Diamond; Jesse James: Kent McQuaid; Frank James: Josh Byer; Sheriff Jim Downey: Minor Mustain; Phileas stunt double: Francois Gauthier; Jules stunt double: Stephane Lefebvre; Rebecca stunt double: Helena Laliberte; Sam Clemens stunt double: Mike Chute; Stunt Union Wagon Driver: Joel Bailey; Stunt Dead Union: Jean Frenette; Stunt Outlaw 1: Pete White; Stunt Outlaw 2: Benoit Gauthier; Stunt deck Crewman: Patrick Kerton
Jules, Phileas and Rebecca arrange to rendezvous with the Aurora after a sojourn aboard a Mississippi gambling boat. Their plans change when the James Brothers hijack the Aurora and use it to take over a small frontier town. Passepartout creates Steeley Joe, a steam-powered gun-fighter. Together, our heroes and Steeley Joe defeat the outlaws and liberate the town.

111. The Black Glove of Melchizedek W: Trevor Preston D: Pierre de Lespinois  CBC vs SFC
(CBC: 08/27/2000; SciFi: 03/09/2001) Zai Chao: Kim Chan; Jacomb Hyde: Nigel Bennett; Vargas: Tom McCamus; James O'Neilan: Peter Cockett; Wei San: Andrea Lui; Phileas stunt double: François Gauthier; Rebecca stunt double: Helena Laliberté; Passepartout stunt double: Marc Desourdy; Jacomb Hyde stunt double: Mike Chute; Wei San stunt and fight double: Nathalie Girard; Zai Chao stunt double: David McKeown; Asian fighter guard 1: Russel Yuen; Asian fighter guard 2: Fernando Chien; Asian fighter guard 3: Jason Cavalier; Asian fighter guard 4: Weifang Tang; Asian fighter guard 5: Houston Wong; Rebecca fighting double: Hilary Porter
Phileas' old friend, Jacomb Hyde, sends him an ancient black glove adorned with caballistic symbols, said to contain all knowledge. When Jacomb-Hyde is killed, Phileas does telepathic battle with Vargas, the glove's owner, who wanders the earth as a shadow. Meanwhile, a Chinese gangster, Zal Chao, kidnaps Rebecca Fogg and exchanges her for the glove. The glove's power appears to destroy Zal Chao, but in fact turns him into another Vargas, a disembodied shadow.

112. Dust to Dust W: Brian Finch D: Tom Clegg
(CBC: 10/01/00; SFC: 03/31/2001) Manny: Carl Alacchi; Adriana Locke: Pascale Bussières; Sir Jonathan Chatsworth: Jonathan Coy; Alexander Douglas: Victoria A. Young; Newsboy: Antonio Falsetti; Security Guard (George): Randy Thomas; Rebecca stunt double: Hilary Porter; Adriana's stunt double: Nathalie Girard
When Phileas transports an Egyptian sarcophagus to New York City, he falls under the spell of beautiful Adriana Locke. Mysterious deaths begin to occur, but Phileas is too infatuated to care. The Sarcophagus turns out to contain Nepka, high priest of an ancient spider cult. Adriana is his mate, the Queen of the spiders, who wants to sacrifice Phileas to bring Nepka back to life.

113. The Golem (1.11) W: Paul Pender; D: Ian Sharp
(CBC: 10/08/00; SFC: 03/24/2001) Sir Hugo Bezel: Jerry Doyle; Claude Duval: Philippe Lambert; Felix Nadar: Stephane Archambault; Angelique Dore: Caroline Dhavernas; Thomas Legrande: Pierre Drolet; Mme Ludek: Renee Girard; Brigitte Dussault: Anne-Catherine Lebeau; Inspector Racine: Claude Lemieux; Maurice Greve: Philippe Martin; Ambrose: Luc Proulx; Mme Dupuis: Yvette Thuot; Beautiful woman: Genevieve St. Amour; Morgan: Jerome Thiberghien; Doctor: Andre Vezina; Jules stunt double: Stephane Lefebvre; Rebecca stunt double: Helena Laliberté; Claude Duval stunt double: Alain Berard; Golem stunt double: Marc Desourdy; Felix Nadar stunt double: Benoit Gauthier; Sir Hugo Bezel stunt double: Jay Lavallee
A legendary monster called the Golem seems to be on a killing spree in the streets of Paris. When Jules is arrested for the murders, Phileas, Rebecca and Passepartout try to clear his name. They trace the killings to Sir Hugo Bezel, the mad chief architect of Paris, who envisions a 'city of the future' uncorrupted by human beings.

114. Crusader in the Crypt (1.02) W: John Brown D: Eleanore Lindo
(CBC: 10/15/00; SFC: 04/07/2001) Erasmus Fogg: Stephen Bogaert; Old Shepherd: Griffith Brewer; MacIver: Noel Burton; Eric Bodkin: Ian D. Clark; von Kessler: David Ferry; Colin Yardley: Tony Robinow; Mrs. Partridge: Elizabeth Shepherd; Sanderson: Adrian Hough; Phileas stunt double: François Gauthier; Jules stunt double: Stephane Lefebvre; Rebecca stunt double: Helena Laliberté; Sanderson stunt double: Benoit Gauthier; Prussian Guard 1: Jason Cavalier; Prussian Guard 2: Gilbert Larose Jr.
Rebecca Fogg escapes from the Prussian Secret Service and returns to her quiet country home - only to find that the body of Sir Boniface Fogg has vanished from the church crypt. While the Prussians try to recapture Rebecca, Jules discovers an Alien Being who has lain dormant in the crypt for a thousand years. The Prussians are defeated, Sir Boniface's body is recovered, and the Alien is reawakened and set free.

115. The Strange Death of Professor Marechal (1.13) W: Paul Pender D: Tom Clegg   CBC vs SFC
(CBC: 10/22/2000; SFC: 04/14/2001) Monique Lacroix: Polly Draper; Sir Jonathan Chatsworth: Jonathan Coy; Count Gregory: Rick Overton; Menard: Richard Lemire; Professor Marechal: Claude Prefontaine; Giroux: Daniel Skorzewsky; Priest: Paul Stewart; Phileas stunt double: Francois Gauthier
When professor Marechal dies in Paris, his daughter Monique persuade Jules and Phileas to transport his body to the coast of France. There they discover the Vitallsphere, a machine invented by Marechal to bring the dead to life. Unfortunately, the Vitallsphere has fallen into the hands of the League of Darkness. Jules and Phileas must destroy the machine before Count Gregory uses it to become immortal.

116. The Rockets Red Glare (1.08)
(CBC: 10/29/2000; SFC: 04/21/2001)
When the Commander of West Point is kidnapped by the League of Darkness, Jules, Phileas and Rebecca set out to rescue him. They follow his trail through the forests and rivers of Canada - and discover a plot to provoke war between Canada and the United States. In a spectacular finale, Rebecca is attached to the Victorian equivalent of a Cruise missile, while Phileas finds himself face to face with his old nemesis Count Gregory.

117.Rocket To The Moon (1.01)
(CBC: 11/05/00; SFC: 04/28/2001)
Phileas wagers his fortune against a Russian Count, while Jules helps the Count prepare the first manned rocket to the moon. Then Jules discovers that the rocket is actually a giant gun aimed at the Russian capital. When Jules, Phileas and Rebecca race to defeat the Count's scheme, they accidentally send the first Russian into space.

118.The Inquisitor  W: Gregory de la Doucette  D: David MacLeod  CBC vs SFC
(CBC: 11/18/00; SFC: 05/05/2001)
Kajimori: Mako; The Inquisitor: Raoul Trujillo; Amateratsu: Cecile Cristobal; Ship's Steward: Martin Sims; Woman: Josee Beaulieu; League surgeon 3: Simon Lepage; Phileas stunt double: François Gauthier; Rebecca stunt double: Helena Laliberté; Passepartout stunt double: Marc Desourdy; Jules stunt double: David McKeown; Rider stuntman 1: Benoit Gauthier; Rider stuntman 2: Denis Veillette; Castle stunt guard 1: Minor Mustain; Castle stunt guard 2: Dave Rigby; Thug stuntman: John Walsh; Asian Fighter Guard 1: Russel Yuen
When Amateratsu, a friend of Rebecca from her days at Oxford, arrives in Paris with her Grandfather Kajimori, Rebecca is overjoyed. But when Kajimori disappears, supposedly taken by the Pufifying one; a spirit from a supreme level of consciousness, a chase ensues which inevitably leads our heroes into the path of the League of Darkness.

119. Royalty (1.07) W: Peter Sands  D: Tom Clegg  CBC vs SFC
(CBC: 11/25/00; SFC: 05/19/2001)
Lord Tyrol: Geordie Johnson; Krasnov: Richard Fitzpatrick; Passepartout/King Carl V: Michel Courtmanche; Princess Mariana: Macha Limonchick; Elisa: Alexa Dubreuil; Serbian Captain: Jeremy Lang; Police Sergeant: Pierre Lenoir; Bettina: Gwenme Eyre; 1st Lawyer: Scott Faulconbridge; 2nd Lawyer: Greg Dunlevy; Mayor of Tslit: Richard Orlando; Lord Tyrol's falconer: Ian McInroy Watson; Royal falconer: Robert Rudman; Buxom young woman: Ann-Marie Rued; Dancing sentry: Charles Scott; Priest: François Gauthier; King/Passepartout stunt double: Richard Gohier; King/Passepartout fencing double: Marc Desourdy; Jules stunt double/riding double: Stephane Lefebvre; Mariana stunt double/riding double: Helena Laliberté; Lord Tyrol stunt riding double: Benoit Robert; Lord Tyrol stunt guard 1: Patrick Kerton; Lord Tyrol stunt riding double 2: Gilbert Larose Jr.; Stunt carriage driver: Benoit Gauthier;
Passepartout is forced to impersonate King Carl V of Montravia until an important peace treaty is signed. He becomes the target of psychopathic Lord Tyrol, who has designs on the throne. When Phileas comes in search of Passepartout, he must masquerade as the King's valet. Meanwhile, Rebecca helps the real king Carl to find his courage and defeat Lord Tyrol.

120. Secret of the Realm (1.20)
Rebecca and Phileas Fogg are imprisoned in another dimension by Count Gregory, who plans to steal the Holy Grail with the help of a pair of imposter Foggs.

121. The Victorian Candidate (1.12) W:   D: Ian Sharp
(12/09/00) Queen Victoria: Patti Allan; Sir Jonathan Chatsworth: Jonathan Coy; Sir Nicol McLean: Bill Paterson: Strachan: Keir Cutler; Colonel Mitchell: Patrick Galligan; Fiona MacLeod: Annabelle Torsein; Minister: Shawn Lawrence; Man in Tweed 1: Benoit Gauthier; Man in Tweed 2: Mike Chute; Chatsworth impersonater: Benoit Quimet; Guard: Vlad Padowica; Phileas stunt double: François Gauthier; Jules stunt double: Stephane Lefebvre; Rebecca stunt double: Hilary Porter; Passepartout stunt/sword double: Marc Desourd; Phileas sword double: Jean-François Gagnon; Rebecca sword double: Carrie Thiel; Chatsworth stunt double: Alain Berard; Strachan stunt double: John Walsh
The League of Darkness sets up an elaborate masquerade to brainwash Phileas Fogg. In a sinister Scottish castle, Phileas is bombarded with sonic vibrations that unhinge his sanity. The League convinces Phileas that he's brutally murdered by his friends, and that somehow Queen Victoria is to blame. As Jules, Rebecca and Passepartout race to stop him, Phileas is wired with dynamite and sent to kill the Queen.

122. The Book of Knowledge  W: Eliza Childs   D: David MacLeod
(12/16/00) Arago: David Warner; Sir Nigel Harwell: Michael McManus; Dr. Cordoba: Chas Lawther; League surgeon 1: Constantine Kourtidis; League surgeon 2: Johnny Rethmetakis; Jules stunt double: David McKeown; Passepartout stunt double: Marc Desourdy
Jules is in Tangiers with his friends when he falls sick with yellow fever. Fortunately, Sir Nigel, a famous doctor and explorer, flies with them in the Aurora to a Corsican hospital hoping to find a cure. Jules suffers wild hallucinations as the League of Darkness, which controls the hospital, tries to take over his mind. Phileas, Rebecca and Passepartout rescue Jules from Sir Nigel's snare just as he wins his mental battle against the League, helped once again by the mysterious Arago.

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