Island Son


Dr. Daniel Kulani: Richard Chamberlain
Dr. Margaret "Maggie" Judd: Brynn Thayer
Dr. Kenji "Ken" Fushida: Clyde Kusatsu
Dr. Anthony "Tony" Metzger: Timothy Carhart
Nana Kulani: Betty Carvalho
Dr. Caitlin McGrath: Carol Huston
Sam "Pono" Kulani: William McNamara

Recurring characters:
Tutu Kulani: Kuan Hi Lim
James Kulani: Ray Bumatai
Nurse Emma Kepolino: Carmella Barut
Dr. Morris Landowski: Glenn Cannon
Susan Fong: Polly Sommerfeld
Paul Brody: Michael Adamshick
F Marino: Michael Mikasa
Nancy Leeds: Kathleen Edwards
Dr. Jay George: Michael W. Perry
Rafael Lemann: Joseph Fanene
Julie Foy: Sarah Stanley
Nina Delany: Alberta Watson
Tess Delaney: Ariana Clarice Richards

1. Heart and Soul (446101) W: Les Carter & Susan Sisko  D: Dick Lowry
(Tutu, James, Emma, Morris; Susan; Jay; Nancy; Rafael)
Ollie Trout: Louis Guss; Teresa Saunders: Lenora May; Veronica Redfield: Leslie Bevis; Anthony Detco: Clarence Felder; Johnny K: Branscombe Richmond; Bobby Cachola: Michael Worden; Nik the bartender: Don Nahaku; Lu Omala: Tina Santiago
A young girl is critically injured in a car accident and Daniel has to persuade her distraught mother to donate the girl's heart to a dying boy. Metzman is bewildered by his patient's improved health and dispostion, not knowing the man's dog has been smuggled into the hospital.

2. Fathers and Sons (446103) W: James Kramer  D: Michael Switzer
(Tutu; James; Emma; Susan; Landowski; Nancy)
Tom Keahi: Jesse Dizon; Mary Keahi: Clare Nono; Frank Keahi: Tad Horino; Coach Page: Colin Fong; Doug Greco: Michael Courtney; Referee: Don Sakata; Mr. Victor: Norman Wright; Ambulance Attendant: Brian Norwood
Daniel tries to bridge the gap between him and his son while treating a man that he believes is being abused by his son.

3. Sometimes They're Zebras (446104) W: Les Carter & Susan Kisko  D: Jorge Montesi
(Emma; Paul; F Marino; Rafael)
Dr. Faye Darrow: Barbara Barrie; Charlie Darrow: Raphael Sbarge; Elisa Bordinet: Kelli Renee Williams; Zeke Paretti: Tom Triggs; Kathy: Kimberly Brooke Calder
Faye Darrow, visits her son Charlie and insists he follow the family tradition into surgery.

4. Gifts (446102) W: Linda Salzman  D: Jorge Montesi
(Paul; Morris; F Marino)
Joan Alexander: Deborah Wakeham; Ryoko Kihara: Nobu McCarthy; Julie Foy: Sarah Stanley; Steve Kanahele: Dick Jensen; Nathan Chandler: Bob Fimiani; Robert Garrison: Bill Fiddler; Antonio Serrano: George O'Hanlon; Ira Crane: Milton Staackmann
Daniel dates a woman with a dark secret.

5. Painkillers (446105) W:   D: Helaine Head
(Susan Fong; Paul)
Eugene Culver: Robert Desiderio; Henry Metrano: Dean Devlin; Mrs. Anders: Karen Keawehawaii; Sandra Kalili: Stephanie Akina-Burke; George Kaupili: Denis Chun; Tory: Kanoe Miller; Nurse: Masayo Ha; Walter: Norby Flores; Young Doctor: Hank George; Jackie Morray: Tauanuu Lolotai
Dr. Culver, the new Cardio head, is abusing drugs. Tony urges orderly Henry Metrano to apply to a med-tech class not knowing Henry has a secret: he can't read.

6. Life Sentence (446107) W: Herbert Rocket  D: James A. Contner
(Tutu, James, Julie Foy)
Otis Harper: Richard Masur; Gina: Stacy Galina; Buzz Beam: Bill Ogilvie; Dwight Jones;Chris Borden; Imogene Shriver: Tricia Rowley; Ned Shriver: John Bayalis; Police sergeant: Leighton Kaonohi; Reporter: Robert D. Marlo; Helen Alana: Dede Reiplinger; Ralph DeSoto: Dan Seki; Walter Burns: Terry Avakian; Henry Malan: Warren Gray
Daniel's patient is a paroled rapist and Caitlin has a problem with treating him. Preparations for Tutu's birthday; Sam picks up a hitchhiker while driving the car Nana has bought for Tutu and gets it stolen.

7. The State Versus John Kulani (446108) W: Linda Salzman  D:David Jackson
(Tutu, James, Emma)
Clifford Post: Francis Guinan; Matthew Silva: Danny Kamekona; Walter Ellison: Steven Keats; Mason Amura: Evan C. Kim; Leah Silva: Rosalia Hayakawa; Joe Wyler: Davo Corta; Marion Charles: Jo Pruden; Sandra Kali: Stephanie Akina-Burke
Tutu performs a cleansing ritual on a hospitalized friend, and a recently arrived doctor has him arrested for practicing medicine without a license.

8. Role Models (446106) W: Stephen C. Beck  D: Michael Switzer
(Jay George; Emma; Paul Brody)
Greg Caldwell: Corin "Corky" Nemec; Carl Fiori: Justin Dana; Stan Wing: Allen Murabayashi; Nurse: Masayo Ha; Tory: Kanoe Miller; Larry Sakai: Seth Sakai; William Hursin: Hank Lindsley; Head Nurse: Keokeokalae Hughes; Triage Nurse: Susan Park; Helen: Stephanie Reynolds
Sam has as much trouble dealing with a friend who is diagnosed with diabetes as the boy has coping with his illness. Kenji causes chaos when he's hospitalized with an infection.

9. Everyday People (446109) W: Les Carter & Susan Sisko  D: James A. Contner
(Emma; Rafael)
Duke Algren: Pat Hingle; Ray Acosta: Pepe Serna; Veronica Redfield; Stan Sorrell: Terry Kiser; Lu Omala: Tina Santiago; Alan Murcer: Bob Fimiani; Mara: Suzanne Fermil; Boyd Rawley: Allen Coe; Mr. Navarete: Glenn Pinho; Mrs. Rosemont: Junne Barnes; Mr. Joseph: James Carroll; Technician: Steven Cohen
Poor people protest when a corp. tries to move them out of their lodgings. A DJ is hospitalized and broadcasts from his bed. Veronica comes back.

10. Hihia aka The Bends (446110) W: Stephen C. Beck D: Stephen L. Posey
(Tutu; James)
Karen Koba: Rosalind Chao; Ted Koba: Bennett Ohia; Lou Ton: Steve Kaiser; Allen Leiloha: Blaine Kia; Nurse: Alice Ritchie
Daniel tells Pono he has to get a job or take classes, so Pono gets hired on a salvage ship. He gets James to give him a card saying he's certified to dive. Tony's Japanese girlfriend won't tell her parents about him because they are prejudiced against Americans.

11. The Christmas Story (446113) W: Linda Salzman  D: Gwen Arner
(Tutu; James; Morris; Julie Foy)
Graham Newberry: Robert Costanzo; Louie Veverka: Peter Isacksen; Laura Fushida: Roxanne Hart; Frank Drake: Victor Bevine; William Inachy: Ben Wong; Robby: Lawrence Romero; Sharon: Masayo Ha; Scooter Kravitz: Eric Gillion; Eddie Gilemoa: Kimo Kahoano; Allen Leiloha: Blaine Kia; Red: Richard Vales; Ikenaki: Norm Gold; Santa Claus: Arnold Kidder
Kenji and his wife disagree over the question of adoption after she loses a baby; Daniel's Christmas Eve shift includes "elves" with bubonic plague and Pono finds an abandoned baby on the beach.

12. Falling Stars (446111) W: James Kramer  D: Gwen Arner
(Emma; Paul)
David Konner: Howard Duff; Lenny Gresham: Eugene Roche; Rhonda Gresham: Cheryl Anderson; Laura Fushida: Roxanne Hart; Accountant: David Traylor; Gloria Wills: Karina Ezitis; Paramedic: Ric Groenendal; Stephanie; Nova Ball
Daniel tries to help Kenji & Laura who are on the verge of splitting up; Pono gets involved with a man who has Alzheimer's; Tony's error causes serious problems for a politician who check in for a face lift.

13. Icarus Falling (446112) W: Marc A Brown  D:Stephen L. Posey
(Julie Foy)
Ben Leighton: Tom O'Brien; Tina Abalado: Monique Salcido; Henry Metrano: Dean Devlin; Etta Casala: Florence Chang; helicopter Pilot: James " Rod" Stone: Maternity Nurse: Didi Leeng; Airport Supervisor: William LeBus; Pediatrician: Kathleen Furey
Daniel grounds a pilot who's determined to keep flying to the point of endangering Caitlin's life. Henry and his girlfriend disagree over whether or not to keep their baby.

14. Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary (446114) W: Tammy Ader  D:Joseph L. Scanlan
(Emma; Nina; Tess)
Morgan Phillips: Robin Thomas; Victor Grumisch: Michael Constantine; Claire Phillips: Kathryn Leigh Scott; Malcolm Hastings: Peter Clark; Mary Phillips: Heather McAdam; Hotel Assistant Manager: Ellen Maloney; Neil: Scott Walker; Herbert Stanley: Norman J. Wright; Mary: Aloiialani Jones; Mair: Marika Yamato
A girl tries to commit suicide after confiding to Sam that her father abuses her. A former patient of Maggie's comes to her for treatment and is disappointed when her current duties don't allow her to spend time with him.

15.Janine Returns (446115) W: Linda Elstad  D: Nick Havinga
(Tutu; Nina; Tess; James; Morris; Paul)
Janine Willis: Christine Ebersole; Karen Beals: Rosemary Dunsmore; Roy Lightman: Jonathan Perpich; Elizabeth Lightman: Karina Ezitis; Ruth Harris: Josie Over; Young Girl: Elizabeth Algoso; Pediatric nurse: Mayuri Nakasone
Janine comes to visit for Sam's birthday and wants back in Daniel's life. A young couple and a doctor both have young daughters who need a liver transplant.

16. Viruses  D: Michael Rhodes
A young girl has AIDS.

17. Moving Targets (446117) W: James Kramer  D: Gwen Arner
(Emma; Rafael)
Beverly Nichols; Kathleen Layman; Trey Webber: Ron Orbach; Detective Baker: Steven Perry; John Sullivan: Frank Hamilton; Cop 1: Eric Gilliom; Betty Rieger: Anne Willmarth; Paramedic: Marc Bossley; Heather Lawson: Judi Andersen Hookers are being targeted by a killer. James' new girlfriend is an ex-hooker.

18. Separations aka Relationships   D: Jerome Courtland

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