The Hidden Room

Dream Child
Jennifer: Alice Krige; Paul: Karl Pruner; Victoria: Nancy Czar; Paco: Santino Buda; Sammy Reed: Joshua Satok
After the stillborn birth of her child, a woman disconnects herself from her husband and retreats to the comfort of a fantasy world.

Splinters of Privacy
Nicole: Lara Flynn Boyle; Abraham Stone: Gordon Pinsent; George Davies: Bruce Gray; Glenn: Yannick Bission; Lorenzo: Lowell Conrad
A college student struggles with her father's sexual and emotional demands.

Wasting Away
Helen Slater, Peter Outerbridge, Gloria Slade, Barbara Harris
During a long night spent alone, a tormented model confronts her demons, which come to her in the form of her own shadow.

Spirit Cabinet
Melissa Gilbert, Barclay Hope, Don Francks, Mimi Kuzyk
A haunted cabinet transports a woman through time and space to a Victorian seance, where the participants believe her to be a ghost.

To the Orchards
C C Murphy: Heidi Von Palleske; Bobby: Marc Gomes; Grandma: Helen Highs; Grandpa: Walter Massey; Jimmy: Paul Popowich
A policewoman must make a life and death decision after she and her partner try to stop a robbery.

A Friend In Need
Jane: Marg Helgenberg; Cicely Taylor: Carolyn Scott; Janes' mother: Martha Burns; Steve: Matt Cooke; Young Jane: Ashley Ann Wood; Young Cicely: Suzanne Clutterbuck
An imaginary childhood friend provides solace for a writer trying to avoid painful memories.

Let Death Do Us Part
Claire McIntire: Barbara Williams; Tom McIntire: Geordie Johnson; Dan: Chris Potter, Mimi Kuzyk
When a hired hand tries to keep a young widow from dwelling in the past, her husband's ghost intervenes.

Taking Back the Night
Matt: Dana Ashbrook; Caroline: Krista Bridges; Black lady: Jackie Richardson; Henry VIII: Larry McLean; Burn victim: Kaya McGregor; Old lady: Susan Kottmann; Giant: Garth Holding
A woman living in New York develops a strange power as a defence mechanism to help her cope with an overwhelming fear of the city.

Little Nightmares, Little Dreams
Elsie: Audra Lindley; Fabian: Paul Soles; Louise: Brenda Bazinet; Noah: Andrew Airlie; Millie: Aria Jean Sillers; Nonnie: Billie Mae Richards
A husband's idea to share his dreams with his wife yields unexpected results.

A Type of Love Story
Amanda Plummer, David James Elliott, Angela Gee, Mimi Kuzyk
A plain-looking woman has a brief affair with a dashing executive, who eventually fails to see her true beauty.

Dream of the Wolf
Adam Arkin
A Man's dreams of being a wolf become a part of his reality

Death of the Right Fielder
Cheryl Pollak
A young woman is torn between her desire to be a baseball player and the responsibilities of adult life.

Rogue in the Bathroom

Season 2

Dangerous Dreams
Martha: Amanda Donahoe; Victor: Geraint Wyn Davies; Janet-Laine Green; Alice: Sarah Polley; Snake Smoth man: Geza Kovacs; Stunts: Alison Reid, Marco Bianco, Matthew Van Hart, Ron Van Hart, Rick Forsayeth
A woman has unsettling premonitions about her stepdaughter

Love Crimes
Sarah: Helen Mirren; Jack: Stephen McHattie; Boss: George Buza; Bartender: Peter Snider; Older Woman: Micki Maunsell; Callie: Frances Flanagan; Maitre'd: Nigel Hamer
A woman alters her identity to play a game that may change her life in unexpected ways.

While She was Out
Stephanie Zimbalist; David Orth; Victor Ertmanis
After leaving a mall, a woman is confronted by four attackers.

Hungry Girls
Ally Sheedy
A businesswoman experiences a revelation after meeting a homeless girl.

Transfigured Night
Deborah: Harley Jane Kozak; Amy: Lenore Zahn; Andrew: Andrew Gillies; Leon: Nigel Bennett; Rhoda: Karyn Dwyer; Gilda: Alex Appel; Max: Dean Marshall; Professor: Jonathan Welsh; Bartender: Louis Wrightman; Dick: Don Francks; Tall dark man: Harry Minsbull; Stunts: Shelley Cook, Alison Reid
After a woman is deserted by her husband at a party, she accepts a ride from a female trucker.

Jillie: Mayim Bialik; Michael: Zachary Bennett, Sandra: Victoria Snow; Daniel Kash
A young girl, upset over her parents relationship, takes drastic action.

After the Crash

The Faithful Follower

Dreams About Water

Stark in Love

Happily Ever After

The First Battle

Her Life as a Dog

Tim: John Glover; Ann: Kathleen Roker; Mark: Ray Jewel; Georgia: Torri Higginson; Amy: Kaya McGregor; Dara: Nahanni Johnstone; Mrs Davidson: Meg Hogarth; Young man: Patrick Chilvers
A professor encounters a woman who insists that her dreams reveal an incident from his past.

My Sister's Keeper
Helen: Cynthia Stevenson; Amy: Robyn Stevan; Kevin: William Hope; Louise: Mary Ann McDonald; Store manager: Mung Ling Tsui; Tina: Natalie Radford; Young Helen: Ceciley Carrol; Policeman: Christinea Collins
A woman's life is disrupted by her younger sister's erratic behavior.

No Word for Mercy
Nina: Ann Magnuson; Cliff: Joseph Scorsiani; Gary: Gene Mack; Dr Shepard: Robert Bockstael; Mr Mankowitz: Louis Strauss; Mr Friedman: Len Doncheff; Lou: Bill Lake; Nina's daughter: Sarah Campbell; Sunny: David Fraser; Man at hospital: Henry Alessan
A nurse is faced with a fateful decision when her young lover threatens to tell her husband about the affair.


Best Intentions

The Third Option

Marion and Jean
Marion: Roxana Zal; Jean: Kymberley Huffman; John: Yannick Bisson; Mrs Reese: Eve Crawford; Countergirl: Polly Shannon; 1st girl: Alexa Gilmour; 2nd girl: Lexa Doig; Johnny: Brandon Boone, 4th girl: Gemma Berry
Two young women must come to terms with events from their teen years.

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