Emily of New Moon

101. Eye of Heaven
An orphan is sent to live with her aunt.

102. Storms of the Heart
Distraught by her father's death, Emily heads for the train station.

103. The Book of Yesterday
Emily attends school.

104. The Disappointed House
Emily has a crush on a classmate.

105. Paradise Lost
Emily is tricked into eating a poisonous apple.

106. The Enchanted Doll
Emily meets the ghost of her mother as a child.

107. Falling Angels
Emily and Ilse befriend Maida Flynn.

108. The Tale of Duncan McHugh
Emily sees a boy crying in public and tries to befriend him.

109. The Wild Rover
Miss Brownell falls in love with Mr. Plover.

110. The Ghost of Wyther Grange
Emily hears a rumor from her aunts.

111. A Child Shall Lead Them
Emily searches for the truth about Ilse's mother.

112. A Winter's Tale
Two men have feelings for Laura.

113. The Sound of Silence
Elizabeth finds Emily's secret letters.

201. Summer of Sorrows
Aunt Elizabeth is lost at sea.

202. And So Shall They Reap
( )
Elizabeth's death sparks emotions in Emily.

203. A Shadow in His Dreams
Laura prepares for the arrival of Scottish relatives.

204. Where Angels Fear to Tread
Isabel Murray becomes mistress of New Moon.

205. The Curse of the Poppett
Teddy and Ilse sneak Emily away from New Moon.

206. By the Rivers of Babylon
Isabel refuses to let Emily sing with the choir.

207. A Time to Heal
Emily and Ilse ask about the facts of life.

208. The Devil's Punchbowl
A preacher encourages people to rid their souls of the devil.

209. Pins and Needles, Needles and Pins, When a Man Gets Married, His Trouble Begins
Emily and her friends pray for happy marriages.

210. Crown of Thorns

211. When the Bough Breaks
A baby is abandoned on the Murrays' doorstep.

212. Love Knots
Isabel forbids Emily to enter a contest.

213. The Book of Hours
Emily imagines four different outcomes for Laura's wedding day.

301. Ask Me No Questions, I'll Tell You No Lies
Emily and Ilse are concerned about Laura's love life.

302. The Return of Maida Flynn
Maida Flynn returns to take back her child.

303. Under the Wishing Moon
Jimmy is struck by lightning.

304. Under the Wishing Moon: Bridge of Dreams
Jimmy becomes director of the First Institute of Scientific Discovery.

305. Bred in the Bone
Perry suspects his aunt will attempt to get his mother out of prison.

306. The Return of Malcolm Murray
The ship carrying Malcolm Murray is quarantined due to small pox.

307. The Return of Malcolm Murray: The Plague
Robbie Burns dies from smallpox.

In the Valley of the Shadow of Death First aired Wednesday, Oct 6 1999

308. Had a Wife and Couldn't Keep Her
Emily writes an anonymous gossip column.

309. A Fall From Grace
Emily writes a dramatic biography.

310. The Bequest
Malcolm leaves New Moon to Isabel, Laura, Jimmy and Emily, causing a family squabble.

311. Command Performance
Emily wants to attend school in Shrewsbury.

312. A Man May Work From Sun to Sun but a Woman's Work Is Never Done
Isabel refuses to support Laura.

313. A Weaver of Dreams
Emily and Ilse consult a palm reader.

401. Rites of Passage
Emily struggles with insecurity.

402. The Taming of Ilse Burnley
Ilse resents her future stepmother.

403. A Bill of Divorcement
Jimmy returns; Ian Bowles owns a share of the farm; Laura wants a divorce.

404. Too Close to the Sun
Jimmy receives a passionate letter; an exotic stranger arrives.

405. The Weight of the World
Jack persuades Jimmy to become his partner in the fox-farming business.

406. Away
Rhoda Stuart steals Emily's mail.

407. A Seller of Dreams
(06/07/00) Emily completes her first novel.

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