Alexander Addington: Christopher Plummer
Peter Sinclair: Simon MacCorkindale
Luke Brenner: Stephen Shellen (1990)
Nicole "Nicki" Beaumont: Cyrielle Claire (1990)
Hector Stone: James Purcell (1991-93)
Gabrielle Germaint: Sophie Michaud (1991-93)
Suzanne Addington: Laurence Ashley
JJ Johnson: Andre Mayers
Bennett: Tom Kneebone
Helene Previn: Patricia Cartier (1991-93)

This is not 100% complete, but I do think I have all the titles listed here. Comments and corrections are welcome at the email below.

Season 1

01. The Dealbreaker
(07/01/90) Kirkoff: Nigel Bennett, Annette: Susan George, Eric Morley: Chuck Shamata, Cantrell: Cedric Smith, Inspector Dantley: Lawrence Dane, Kidnapper: John Bourgeois, Lex: Jill Hennessy
Addington's UN friend suspects a link between a bombing attack and the disappearance of a CIA agent's wife

02. Art For Art's Sake
(07/22/90) Sgt Luther: Chris Wiggins, Milos Janzan: David Hemblen, Lord Sutcliff: Colin Fox, McQueen: Michael Polley, Retue: Julian Richings, Mendez: Silvia Oliviero, The Guide: Tanya Austin, Dwayne McLean, Brian Renfro, Anton Yukodi, Jamie Jones, Conrad Coates, Tom Wilkinson
When a newly liberated Eastern-bloc country tries to repatriate a priceless painting, it mysteriously disappears

03. Now and At the Hour of Our Death
(07/15/90) Salome: Jennifer Dale, Father Vera: Jorge Montesi, Cortez: August Schellenberg, Marco: Frank Pellegrino, Father Milady: Michael Hogan, Tenente Jourda: Arturo Frescolone, Christian Vidosa, Gino Marrocco, Robert Ozores
Alexander escorts a San Pedran priest to testify in front of the UN on atrocities committed by a Latin American dictatorship

04. Dead in the Air
(07/08/90) Rojo: Raoul Trujillo, Natalie: Chris Moore, Jackson: Anthony Sherwood, DaSilva: Tony Desantis, Santino Buda, Alessandro Bandiera, Nancy Czar, Jan Filips
Addington protects a U S prosecutor from a narcotics distributor and investigates the death of the dealer's girlfriend

05. Power Play
(07/29/90) Westic: Nicholas Campbell, General Loctuck: James Saito, Fayai: Harvey Chao, Gottfried: Anthony Bekenn, Warren Fairchild: Bob Zidel, Claire Cellucci, Francois Klanfer, Courtney Taylor
When a girl is found dead in his bed, a third-world president is blackmailed to stop developement by foreign military

06. A Little Purity
(08/05/90) Bridgette: Susan Hogan, Carver: Denis Forest, Dean Banks: Ross Petty, Amy: Laura Bruneau, Ron White, Hal Eisen, Hal Johnson, Eric Murphy
The Leader of an environmentalist group is accused in a fatal bombing at a chemical plant

07. Son With A Gun
(08/19/90) Count Brondino: Jean Pierre Stewart, Enrico:Alexis Dupuy, Carlotta: Catherine Jarrett, Donato: Jerry DiGiacomo, Michael Albertini, Jacques Herlin, Damir Andrei
An Italian politician's son is implicated in a murder, then disappears

08. Lady of the Rhine
(08/26/90)Kurtz: Hans Meyer, Dr Meyerhoff: Van Doude, Lorraine: Catriona MacCall, Steve Gadler, Agnes Boucher, Jean Dell, Thomas Bialkowski, Denis Ayikama, Lawrence Nakamura
A reporter stumbles on giant tulips which are a clue to radiation about to be dumped in the ocean.

09. Knights of Aram
(09/09/90) Adm Westgate: Geoffrey Bateman, Kempfer: Murray Gronwall, Griffen: Bernard Speigel, Paulo: David Gabison, Michel Motu, Jesse Joe Walsh, George Birt
A secret organization, formed to do good for mankind, is preparing to destroy Beirut to build their new temple

10. Extreme Measures
(09/16/90) Grenier: Serge Feuillard, Nigel: Nicholas Howtrey, Jutai: Tervor Stephens, Yamam: Albert Pariente, Vincent Grass, Patrick Tessart, Katie Vail, Melanie McCarty
A killer stalks members of a 1960s revolutionary group, one of whom is a friend of Alexander

11. Thanos
(10/07/90) Philippe: Michel Voletti, Jeanne Buchareb: Rebacca Pauly, Henri Duval: Yan Brian, Amman: Mandis Renos, Bouchareb: Philippe de Brugada, Julie Anne Rauth, Ludy Airs, Robin Lent, Anne Tihomiroff
An arms dealer about to become Prime Minister of his country after a violent overthrow of the current government kidnaps his children to force his wife, an old friend of Nicki's) to cooperate

12. Siege
(10/14/90) Gina: Beatrice Camurat, Akmed: Edwin Gerard, Mr Haddad: Nabil Massad, Therese Cremieux, Carmela Valent, Betty Berr, Irene Fabry, Mimi Setin, Karim Salah, Yves Collignon, Vincent Lo Monaco, Guy-Pierre Mineur, Noel Hamman
The team infiltrates a castle where terrorists are holding diplomat's wives hostage

13. Escape Route
(10/28/90) Philippe Evran: Michael Voletti, Veronique: Corinne Fouzei, Georges Verlaine: Frederic Witta, Rene Verlaine: Bruno Wolkowithc, Sebastain Roche, Karen Strassman
A terrorist group plans to kill wealthy industrialists to gain freedom for a compatriot

14. Cry of the Children
(11/17/90) Manny: John Kapelos, Andrea: Laura Robinson, Mr. Laurence: Kurt Reis, Zoe: Courtney Taylor, Detective (Larry): Ron White, Elizabeth Leslie, Amanda Lynn Smith, Elizabeth Ann Smith
Luke's old girlfriend shows up with a baby she claims is his

15. The Beginning
(11/10/90) Lt. Samuelson: Vlasta Vrana, Chantal: Barbara Law, Kruger: Stephen Russell, Jim Morris, Doug Lennox, Arturo Fresolone
A billionaire hires a Scotland Yard investigator to find his kidnapped wife; then forms a crime-fighting team

16. Masks
(11/24/90) Gregory: Nathaniel Moreau, Amanda: Patricia Gage, Elizabeth Szathmary, Edward Juanz, Bill McDermott, John LeFebvre
The team searches for a Gypsy boy who witnessed a murder; a kidnapper replaces Alexander with a look-alike at a conference

17. Mindbender
Major Zukova: Heidi Von Palleske, Dr Bruegei: Ned Vukovic, Boris: Milan Cheyov, Bernard Behrens, Veljko Pajkovic, Justine Campbell, David Lloyd Austin
Luke is abducted and brainwashed to kill Gorbachov.

18. Regal Connection
(12/13/90) Van Gelder: Maxwell Caulfield, Robert: Anthony Sherwood, Yvonne: Shawne Jackson, George Seremba, Adriane Willmer, Trevor Bain
Suzanne's kidnapped computer-science professor is heir to a mineral-rich African nation's throne

19. Cinema Verite
Scott Wagner: Gene Glazer, Michael Marloe: Cedric Smith, Samantha Marloe: Eve Crawford, Sandy: Real Andrews, Michael Rhoades, Diane: Tracey Cook, Vince: Geordie Johnson, Kim Huffman, Mario Di Jorio, Sandy Crawley
An olympic swimmer turned novelist drowns during filming of one of his books, which is acutally being used as a cover for drug smuggling

20. Verathion
(01/12/91) Wylie: Shawn Lawrence, Craver: Victor Ertmanis, Clara: Micki Maunsell, Det. Larwin: Ron White, Declan Hill, Craig Gardner, Alexe Duncan, Sharon Dyer, Steven W Smith
Suzanne's boyfriend is killed & she is abducted when he finds out the truth about a miracle drug

21. The Millerton Papers
(01/19/91) Jason: Page Fletcher, Bernard Millerton: J P Linton, Porzan: Elias Zarou, Jamal: Hrant Alianak, T W Schroeder, Carole Galloway
A model maker is getting blueprints of new aircraft; an old boyfriend of Nicki's wants her help in getting stolen items out of Cleveland.

22. The Dilemma
(02/02/91) Colonel Nathan: Scott Hylands, Robert: Graeme Campbell, Claire: Janet Laine-Greene, Wayne Best, Bob Bainborough, Matt Cooke, Martin Gorman
Peter pulls the team off a job, but Luke and Nicky go ahead with the operation. Nicky tracks Peter down at his ex-wife's when they need his backup.

Season 2

23. Tie A Yellow Ribbon
(09/21/91) Ernie: Geza Kovacs, Mallick: Ron Lea, Robert: Graeme Campbell, Maureen: Kate Lynch, Christopher Bondy, Martin Gorman, Susan Jay, Kim Nelles, Steve Whistance-Smith, Donovan Spence, Pat Patterson, Paul Brown
Luke is shot on an assignement. Feeling resentful that Peter didn't prevent it, he quits the team and takes up with a Vietnam vet, who's still living the war. This brings back memories of Luke's father. Nicki has left to get married. Peter and JJ must find Luke before an IRA assassin finds him (or Peter) and kills them. After they catch the assassin, he blows up the camp, and Luke dies trying to prevent him.

24. Hidden Assets
(09/28/91) Introducing Sophie Michaud as Gabrielle. Jeremy: Jeremy Ratchford, Sheldon Blake: Heath Lamberts, Saul Writer: Elias Zarou, Sam: Janet Bailey, Francois Klanfer, Alexander Karzis, Vito Rezza, Eli Gabay, Sandi Stahlbrand
Alexander is interviewing new personal assistants. A publisher friend of his asks him to protect a controversial author. The task is complicated by journalist Gabrielle Germaint who's trying to interview Peter about what he's doing since he left Scotland Yard.

25. Fall From Grace
(10/05/91) Introducing James Purcell as Hector Stone. Carlos: Silvio Olivero, Viokie: Jacqueline Samuels, Lopez: Hrant Alianak, Fisk: David Gardner, Vincent Marino, David Blacker, Graham McPherson, Michael Woods
Stone is left out to dry by people he's been working for in South America. Peter and Gabrielle rescue him and help him find files with incriminating information against the senator he's been working for.

26. Night of the Black Moon
(11/23/91) Charles Hope: Robert Ito, Chaing: Ernest Abuba, Lok: Denis Akiyama, May: Ji Bai, Michael Tait, Frank Nakashima, Simon Sinn, Russel Yuen
A Chinese businessman backs out of an agreement with Alexander and the Canadian govt after his daughter is kidnapped by a group against the deal.

27. It's All In The Game
(10/12/91) Strand: Michael Sarrazin, Andrea: Jennifer Dale, Claire: Janet-Laine Green, Kistler: Chris Wiggins
A scientist who's working on cold fusion research, with funding from Alexander, is abducted just as he thinks he's got the answer. The team goes into rescue him and finds a bizarre series of 'tests' awaiting them from a man who had tried to get Alexander's support for research.

28. Hide and Seek
(10/19/91) Detective Larwin: Ron White, Trudy Grey: Lynne Cormack, Costas: Lawrence Bayne, Hal Eisen, Nicholas Pasco, Karen Williams, Amanda Zamprogna, Dominic Zamporgna
Gabrielle gets emotionally involved with the man the team is tracking for killing a friend of Peter's.

29. Native Warrior
(10/26/91) Ron Smith: Nicholas Campbell, St John: August Schellenberg, Hawk: Billy Merasty, Kait Matthews, Brett Halsey, Steve Pernie, Chis Gillett
A reporter manipulation of Native Americans into kidnapping a senator to regain lost lands is really a cover for blowing up a dam and flooding lands where toxins have been dumped.

30. Breaking Point
(11/02/91) Jake: Miguel Fernandes, Detective Samuelson: Vlasta Vrana, Gagosian: Marvin Ishmael, Wanda Cannon, Joe Roncetti, James Loxley, Sandy Crawley
Stone gets a distress signal from a friend, but by the time he gets to Toronto, the friend has been murdered and the team finds his partner mixed up in a deal to supply nuclear components to a 3rd world country.

31. Going Home
(11/09/91) Nick: Stephen McHattie, Pynn: Andrew Gillies, Angie: Belinda Metz, Frank Pellegrino, Richard Monette, Victor Ertmanis
The team goes to Stone's hometown, Philadelphia, when trouble breaks out with the unions on a revitalization project Alexander is involved in because of corrupt officials.

32. Survival Instinct
(11/16/91) Colonel Grant: George Sperdakos, Lance: Kim Coates, Dave Nichols, David Mucci, Paul Hubbard, Matt Cooke
The team investigates the death of a government agent at a survival training camp

33. Fire in the Streets
(11/30/91) Clayton: Eugene Clark, Captain Murphy: Sean McCann, Nicky: Frank Pellegrino, Falcon: Bob Zidel
Alexander is taken hostage by a crack dealer while touring a building planned to be renovated for Project NOVA.

34. In The Blood
(12/07/91) Stash Jannovic: Nigel Bennett, Vlad: Nicholas Kilbertus, Carmilla: Ariana Cervenka, Coach Trevin: James B Douglas, Talbot: Daniel MacIvor, Ther Terminator: Nicu Branzea, Coleman: Dennis O'Connor
The team encounters political intrigue when they have to protect a Yugoslavian tennis prodigy.

35. Village of the Damned
(12/14/91) Luttke: Daniel Kash, Dr Severn: Bernard Behrens, Colonel Jacks: John Gilbert, MacIntosh: Ken James, Matt Birman, Beatriz Pizano, Sasha St George, Jimmy Pappas

36. Prize Package
(01/04/92) Ashti: Daniela Sinha, Halloway: Barry Flatman, Clark Reynolds: Dave Nichols, Lodi: Jorge Montesi, Damir Andrei, Sugith Varughese, Rick Fester, Mike Lee
Alexander assigns the team to escort the widow of an Iraqi military official to Washington.

37. The Three Tramps
(01/11/92) Billy: Chris Potter
Gabrielle receives new information about JFK's assassination from a source who is soon silenced for good

38. Dead Heat
(04/04/92) Philippe: Michel Voletti, The Fisherman: Marianne Assouline, Aziz: Nabil Massad, Golding: Michael Goldman, Madame Martin: Caroline Berg, Jesse Joe Walsh, Alain Barbier, Pierre Trabut, Jerome Henry
An assassin is after Alexander at a benefit for animal rights, Alexander is trying to get two Middle East opponents to work together.

39. Behind Bars
(03/14/92) Helga: Anouchka Renzi, Guchlu: Waguth Takla, Sait: Patrick Serraf, Sirma: Annie Mercier, The prison guard: Nadia Vasil, Isabelle Linnartz, Jean-Pol Brissard, Stephane Meldegg, Parvise Khazrai, Alexandra Ehrlich
Gabrielle is set-up and imprisoned for smuggling gold coins out of Turkey.

40. Cherchez La Femme
(03/21/92) Mary: Alexandra Vandernoot, Dexter:Robert Morelli, Coleridge: Nicholas Calderbank, Michelle Amiel, Bruce Van Barthold, Philippe Lejour
Peter falls for a murder suspect. One of Alexander's banks is investigated. (season premiere)

41. Ripped From the Grave
(04/18/92) Philippe: Michel voletti, Jerzy: Alain Saint Alix, Colonel Nastig: Alexandre Arbatt, Carin: Vernik Ryke, Bogdan Stanoevitch, Eveline Klopsch, Jean Marc Hugot
Peter and the team set a complicated trap for a Jack-the-Ripper imitator

42. La Belle Dame Monique
(04/11/92) Monique: France Zobda, The thin man: Yves Beneyton, Anderson: Jean Valmont, Marie LeGault, Philippe Mareuil, Pierre Zimmer, Charles Millot, Patrick Albenque
An old friend shows up at Stone's door with a suitcase full of counterfeit money.

43. The Circus Ring
(05/09/92) James: Ross Perry, Burroughs: Peter Hudson, Antoine: Jean-Francois Pages, The Judge: Pauline Larrieu, Gerard Bormann: Gerard Croce, Nael Kervoas, Yves Collignon, Anne Deleuze, Jerome Keen, Terry Shane
A traveling circus is a cover for white slavery.

44. Trigger Finger
(05/02/92)President Burballis: Susan Moncur, Franko: Serge Feuillard, Francois: Marc Serhan, Yuri: Michel Subor, Pechkoff: Andrezej Jagora, Jerzy Rogulski, Christian Van Acker, Richard Oleksiak, Robert Barr, Norman Stokle, Sylvain Corthay
Stone and Gabrielle become preditor and prey to protect a foreign president

Season 3

45. I Remember it Well
(09/26/92) Nicki Beaumont: Cyrielle Claire, Jean-Jacques Truffant: Jean Pierre Aumont, Godard: Guy Verame, Raymond: Thierry DeCarbonnieres, Thomas: Luis Marquez, Chevalier: Jean-Marie Marlon
Police suspect a retired expert thief of lifting the priceless Vronsky jewel collection from a museum

46. The Sting
(10/03/92) DiMarco: Philip Caroit, Spike: Michael Davis, Rosti: Jean-Pierre Bernard, Henri: Saul Jephecott, Rachael Palmieri, Klonel Azoulay, Junger Zingel, Eric Paraud, Frank Capillery
Addington poses as the owner of a new restaurant when he learns that men associated with the mob have been squeezing protection money from businesses

47. Til Death Do Us Part
(10/10/92) Trevor Winston: Christian Burgess, Juliette: Barbara Law, the Inspector: Michel Voletti, Corinne: Marine Jolivet, The Beggar: Jubert Gillet
Addington believes that his wife is still alive, held captive by Scotland Yard's most wanted man

48. No Honor Among Thieves
Anita Duvallier: Elke Sommer, Lempke: Val Avery, Traherne: Christian Erickson, Castigliano: Gerald Morales, Jeanette: Nadia Fares
Because of a former relationship with the man's sister, Addington asks that the force protect a major gangster who is set up to testify before a U S Senate committee

49. Bastille Day Terror
(10/17/92) Brigitte Nielson, Jessica: Mapi Galan, Gorki: Marc Maurey, Bafre: Brandley Cole
A Bastille Day parade may be the target of a thief's nuclear warhead.

50. The Curse of the Amber Chamber
(11/07/92) Marc DeJonge, Natasha: Dee Dee Di Marco, Hans: Peter Semler
Addington Mining pursues a joint venture in Germany's Black Forest to find the famous Amber Chamber, filled with valuable, 300-year old artifacts

51. Skin Deep
(10/31/92) Sandrino Carter: Latoya Jackson, Suzanne Addington: Rachael Palmieri, Tara: Denise Virieux, Serge: Jacques Martial, Philippe: Michel Voletti, Sandrino's assistant: Philippe Cal, Jean-Claude Jitrois: Himself, Manny: Jack Gordon
Voodoo and murder are in the mix when Addington's daughter invests in an avant-guard fashion business

52. Death Seal
(11/14/92) Jack Devon: Gordon Pinset, Bull: Richard Eden, Bellows: Roy Lewis, Cindy: Ellen Dubin, Peter Dane: Toni Naples, Silas Purell: Jeffrey Max Nicholls, Charles: Dean Gabourie
Members of Stone's seal squad are being killed.

53. Cyborg
(11/21/92)Lisa Howard A beautiful cyborg is out to kill a witness to human rights violations.

54. D.O.A.
(12/05/92) Dorn: Guylaine St Onge, Ladner: Hrant Alianak, Dr Menges: Geoffrey Bowes, Damon D'Oliveira, Tom Butler, Carlos Castillo, Jane Luk, Anais Granofsky, Allan Eastman
After Peter is hit with a poison dart, the team must negotiate with a terrorist to get the antidote

55. Cat in the Craddle
(12/11/92) Sam Percy: Joe Roncetti, Kathleen Percy: Alex Amini, John McGill: Tony DeSantis, Louis Galado: Joel Wyner, Jack: Walter Alza, Ronnie: Santino Buda, Marlene: Mary Beth Rubens, Jacobson: Chris Bondy, Gazeppi: Vincent Marino, Satinas: Enrique Jim Gutierrea-Ross
The team goes undercover at a strip club to save the son of a murdered friend being pursued by the mob

56. Betrayed
(01/09/93) Julia Devane: Sonja Smits, Eddie Gant: Michael Caruana, Sam Leaver: Geordie Johnson, Stan Moore: David Eisner, Chuckie: Jefferson Mappin, Police Detective: Steve Mousseau, Barmid (Brenda): Nahanni Johnstone
Peter protects an friend of Alexander's, who tries to seduce him away from Alex, in a plan to bring Alex down.

57. Bosnian Connection
(12/20/92)Brigitte Arnell: Susan Hogan, Jovan: Michael Cepeman, Mark Holtman: Raymond O'Neill, Pavic: Edward Roy, Foreman: Murray Ellis, Booker: David Nerman
Alex's god-daughter, who heads a relief agency is kidnapped

58. Clearcut
(02/07/93) Ron Waters: Alex Carter, Susan Kimberly: Torri Higginson, Johnny Stratton: Dean McDermott, Clint Houser: Ray Paisley, Sheriff Kimberly: Michael Kirby, Mrs Stratton: Samantha Langevin, Gov Donnely: Michael J Reynolds, Newswoman: Patruska Sarakula
Conflict between loggers and environmentalists is stirred up as a cover for illegal stripping of tree bark to be sold to overseas pharmaceutical companies.

59. Free To Kill
(02/14/93) Dr. Sharon Rayne: Mimi Kuzyk, Renfrew: Shawn Alex Thompson, Joanie: Robyn Stevan, The Detective: Philip Akin, Tiny: Gene Mack, Holstrom: Robert Collins, Chrstina Baren, Ted Simonette, David Bolt, Hal Eisen, Chantal Craig, Vito Rezza
When a close friend of Alex's becomes the third victim in a string of murders, the team realizes that they all served on the same parole review board and Alex could be the next target

60. The Hit
(02/28/93) Trevor Winston: Christian Burgess, Yvonne: Cali Timmins, Xavier: Joseph Griffin, Vince: Real Andrews, Sheriff Jenkins: William Colgate, Customs Official: Christian Laurin
Peter is kidnapped and brought to a former nemesis who desires the whereabouts of a drug-deal witness

61. French Twist
(03/21/93) Quinton Jones: Nigel Bennett, Malecki: Booth Savage, Eve: Roberta Bizeau, Nicky: Juan Chioran, Michael Ricupero, Leslie Kay Sterling, Yvan Labelle, Lane White, Louis Negin
Artist Quinton Jones is murdered and Gabrielle is a prime suspect

62.The Contender
(03/28/93) Denise: Tonya Lee Williams, Vince: John Colicos, Jack Ray: Geza Kovacs, Sugar Duke Johnson: Richard Chevolleau, Carlo Roti, Louis Taylor, Tom Melissis, Bernard Browne, Elliot Smith, Eli Gabay, George Chuvallo, Jennifer Foster
Peter pretends he's a maverick fight promoter to stop a crooked manager from exploiting JJ's kid brother, who could be a contender

63. Raw Truth
(04/03/93) Monroe Park: Morton Downey Jr, Betty: Lori Krebbs, Senator Carmichael: Stephen Young, Balinger: Marc Strange, Det Roger Burke: Richard Zeppieri, Karen Locklee: Deborah Grover, Cameraman: Rick Fester, Nurse: Jennifer Griffin, Autobody shop man: Charles Gray
A sleazy host of a tabloid TV show makes up his own news and smears the name of a respected U S Senator

64. Peacemaker
(04/18/93) Pamela Carson: Deborah Duchene, Montcalm: Henry Czerny, Simon Osborn: Alan Jordan, Ian Paully: Sean Mulcahy, Lord Eames: Mackenzie Gray, Damon Redfern, Kayla McGregor, Mo Bock, Carlton Watson, Ken Smith, Simon Bradbury
Addington is kidnapped and becomes embroiled in the politics of Northern Ireland

65. Muerte
(05/02/93) Sandra: Vanity, Lexington: Jeff Wincott, Michael: Kim Coates, Morris: Eugene Robert Glazer, Bill Kaskins: Walker Boone, James Elliott: Michael Rhoades, Heidi: Andrea Roth
Meurte, the worlds worst killing organization, has programmed a woman to kill people without remembering, but due to a flaw, she has flashbacks.

66. Bad Guys
Sam Carvaggio: Lisa Howard, Jeremy Helefield: Page Fletcher, Chelsea Little: Nancy Cser, Fixer: Ron Gabriel, Lieutenant: Elliot McIver, Detective: Roger McKeen, Lord Shefield: Alan Scarfe
While investigating the British establishment, a top level cover-up is discovered that lands Peter in prison and threatens the rest of the team's existance

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