The City

Katharine Strachan: Torri Higginson
Jack Berg: John Ralston
Father Shane Devlin: Aidan Devine (1999)
Strachan Berg: Matthew Lemche
Crisp: Jody Racicot
Angie Hart: Robin Brule
Tyrone Meeks: Arnold Pinnock
Milt: Michael Sarrazin
Bobby: Panou
Marly Lamarr: Shannon Lawson
Myra: Sumela Kay
Gabriel: Lorne Cardinal
Li Chen: Arthur Eng
Michael Croft: James Gallanders (2000)
: Shawn Doyle
Thalia: Larissa Laskin

101. Joy Ride
Two families are thrown into a crisis after a shooting in an upscale restaurant.

102. Joy Ride
Two families are thrown into a crisis after a shooting in an upscale restaurant.

103. Fire in the Garden
Father Shane declares war on Core's drug lord; Katharine confronts Jack about his infidelity.

104. Confessions
Katherine tries to overcome unpopularity in her ward as the election approaches.

105. Haunted
Father Shane helps a refugee family.

106. Departures
The Super: Frank McAnulty;
Father Shane's needle-exchange project affects Katharine politically and personally -- her son is romantically involved with a junkie.

107. Surviving
Resident 1: Allan Clow
Jack buys property downtown; Angie gets involved in the sex trade.

108. Obsessions
Katharine and Shane are forced to take sides during a Police Services Board meeting about a conroversial shooting.

109. Shadows
Katharine offers new information about her son's shooting; the city searches for the victim who can identify a second shooter.

110. Blood Sports
Katharine opens a community office in the middle of gang turf, but rethinks her decision when Shane is brutally beaten.

111. Thicker than Water
Katharine makes a startling discovery.

112. Deranged Marriages
Father Shane teaches a marriage course.

113. It's Cold Out There
Katherine feels like she is the only one who wants the family to stay together after Strachan moves out and Jack serves her with divorce papers. Katharine is stranded in an accident.

Season 2

114. Where the Bodies are Buried
After the accident, Shane leaves the city and Katharine realizes there will be no reconciliation with Jack; a retired Mafia don asks Milt to help him plan is funeral.

115. Town Without Pity
Katharine must decide whether to warn the public about a possible serial rapist; Don Jimmy Trips faces the city's new criminal mind.

116. Means to an End
Katharine is the police bait for the rapist; Croft feels the police are after the wrong man.

117. Dark Horses
Crisp confronts one of Kira's bank clients, forcing himself into her life; Croft and Katharine's attempts to connect on a personal level result in some misunderstandings.

118. Point Counterpoint
Jack is the prime suspect when a city councillor is murdered, and the investigation forces Katharine and Croft to put their relationship on hold.

119. Gorky ParketteW: Jeremy HoleD: Clark Johnson
Enuka Okuma; Mr. Payne: John Bourgeois; Katya Gardner; Chris A: Andreas Apergis; Marly: Shannon Lawson
Jack figures out a way to outwit the cops and his Russian partner while obtaining the money he needs for his project.

120. Out of the Box
Crisp thinks he has pulled off a bank truck heist, until he realized the security guard is locked in the truck; Katharine and Jack rekindle their romance.

121. The Good, The Bad and The Broke
Angie tours with a rock band and almost loses everything; Tyrone is eager to get his family back, but Crisp jeopardized his plans; Jack turns to Ruby for support.

122. Hungry Hearts
Katharine is surprised to learn the truth when she starts digging up dirt on Talia; Katharine finds out Croft has a girlfriend.

123. Survival of the Fittest W: D A Nathan  D: Milan Cheylov
(03/24/00) Cavan: Phillip Jarrett; Chris Asamakis: Andreas Apergis; Payne: John Bourgeois; Thomas Hauff; Ramona Milano; Michael Sarrazin; Jen: Sarah Lafleur; Lance: Noam Jenkins; Jen: Sarah Lafleur; Homestyle: Richard Yearwood; Irene: Thea Andrews; Danny Myles: "Humble" Howard Glassman; Stunt Teen 1: Billy Oliver; Stunt Teen 2: Billy Linders
Croft's partner is involved in illegal gun sales; the police take on City Hall in a charity football match.

124. Bed-Fellows  W: Karen Walton  D: Steve DiMarco
(04/14/00) Oliver Martin: Geordie Johnson; Lance: Noam Jenkins; Marly: Shannon Lawson; Jen: Sarah LaFleur; Violet: Johnanna Black; Cavan: Phillip Jarrett; Danny Myles: "Humble" Howard Glassman; Gerome: David Eisner; Male stripper: Derek DeLuis
Lance must decide whether to leave his abusive lover; Jack hopes a rich socialite he meets can be his way back to the top.

125. My Brother's Keeper  W:Janet MacLean  D: John L'Ecuyer
(04/21/00) Stick (Stephen): Kelly Harms; Chris: Andreas Apergis; Milt: Michael Sarrazin; Lance: Noam Jenkins; Bailey: Chas Lawther; Bronwyn Sylkie: Deborah O'Dell; Mercy: Victoria Moxley; Danny Myles: "Humble" Howard Glassman; Carrie: Jane Cox; James Arnold: Man: Bob Debrosiere; T
Tyrone places himself in danger to save a fellow cab driver's life; Croft deals with his partner's suicide. Katherine and Jack try to divide their marital property

126. Motivation
Milt and a homeless woman lead a protest at City Hall.

127. Free Fall
Someone's sexual encouter is captured on a security camera; Croft and Katharine's affair heats up.

128. Swing Your Partner
Payne and Marly can no longer resist their attraction for each other; Katharine and Croft play house.

129. Points of Light
Talia and Jen get snowed in at Katharine's place; Croft and Jack are trapped in an elevator because of a power outage.

130. Blindside!
Katharine and Jack finalize their divorce; Strachan introduces his girlfriend to his parents.


132. Sweet CherubW: Jeremy HoleD: John L'Ecuyer
Ben Mallory: Nicholas Campbell; Daniel Clark; Payne: John Bourgeois; Shannon Lawson; Michael Sarrazin; Homestyle: Richard Yearwood; Drunk woman: Moira Dunphy; Tres'friend 1: Jermaine Brown; Tres'friend 2: Skylar Pollack; "Humble"Howard Glassman: Danny Myles
Katharine attempts to get Ben Mallory to help fight for youth protection.

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