The Campbells

Dr. James Campbell: Malcolm Stoddard
Neil Campbell: John Wildman
Emma Campbell: Amber Lea Weston
John Campbell: Eric Richards
Captain Thomas Sims: Cedric Smith
Harriet Sims: Brigit Wilson
Rebecca Sims: Wendy Lyon
Charlotte Logan: Barbara Kyle
Thomas Logan: Thomas Anderson-Barker


1. A Magic Medicine
2. A Great Decision
3. First Day
4. The Haunting
5. 75 Miles from Anywhere Else
6. The Visitors
7. A Real Lady
8. Treasure of Jean Lafitte
9. Gift Horse
10. Vendetta
11. To Love and Protect
12. Heaven Sent
13. Rites of Passage
Pig At Large
Autumn and Smoke
Burning Cures
Harvest Gold
Free and Clear
Declarations of Independence
21. Child of Fortune
22. End of the River
23. A Place Called Home
24. A Blessing in Disguise
25. Of Fathers and Sons
26. The Runaway
27. Judgement from the Heart
28. Unwelcome Suitor
29. Woman's Work
30. Bingham's Gold
31. Star Light, Star Bright
32. Last Time Around
33. The Rifle Company
34. The Sins of the Father
35. The Last Performance
36. Sweetest Song
37. Blinded by Love
38. Desperate Remedy
39. Dr. Colt of Calcutta
40. A Matter of Distinction
41. Kith and Kin
42. Living Legends
43. Room at the Inn
44. The Legacy
45. Miss Quincy
46. Cabin Fever
47. Rough Justice
48. The Siege
49. Mr. Stevenson
50. Homeward Bound
51. Lady Helen's Love
52. The Sentence of the Court
53. Partners
54. Stand and Deliver
55. Gateway to the World
56. And in the Spring
57. Dreams Stay with You
58. Peter was a Saint
59. Face of a Stranger
60. When the Bough Breaks
61. The Eyes of Angels
62. The Reluctant Candidate
63. Something's Rotten
64. Fortunes of War
65. Miles to Go
Welcome Strangers
The Dragonslayers
Back to School
A Proposal of Marriage
The Raid
Bird of Paradise
Comfort and Joy
Mirrors of the Soul
Live by the Sword
A Time for Goodbyes
The Firebrand
Old Ways and New
Truth Will Out
See No Evil
The Shiners
Many Happy Returns
83. The Sky is the Limit
84. A Medal for Valour
85. The Elusive Mr. Smith
86. The Hunting Party
87. Sould of Like Mind
88. A Man of Means
89. The Miller's Son
90. Down to the Sea
91. Duty Bound
92. Anniversary Waltz
93. Disguises
94. The Fine Art of Horsetrading
95. Boys' Brigade
96. Ancient Wounds
97. From Chimborazo to Canton
98. Flying the Coop
99. Bringing Up Thomas
100. Tales of the Canadas

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