Becky W: Suzette Couture D: Steve DiMarco
(1988) (James, Emma, John, Rebecca, Charlotte, Thomas) Harmon Boving; Proctor: Darren O'Donnell
A malaria-infected soldier arrives at the Campbells’ cabin and, in his delirium, mistakes Emma for his love, Becky

See No Evil W: Michael Mercer D: Allan Kroeker
(1988) (James, Emma, John J Winston Carroll; Heinar Piller; Jean Cavall; Leon Monday; Wayne Robson
Emma witnesses a fatal shooting on a family visit to Galt

The Shiners W: Paul LeDoux D: Sturla Gunnarsson
(1988) (James, Emma, John, Sims, Charlotte) Desmond Ellis; David Orth; Brent Stait; Desmond Scott; Lady on stagecoach: Joyce Campion
A group of Irish “Shiners” steals timber from the Campbells

Many Happy Returns D: Carlo Liconti
(1988) (James, Emma, John
Neil: John Wildman; Christine: Catherine Disher
Neil and Christine run into trouble when they come to visit

83. The Sky is the Limit W: Michael Mercer D: Don Shebib
(1988) (James, Emma, John, Sims
Coulmier: Jacques Allard
A con man persuades an unknowing Sims to buy a stolen hot air balloon.

84. A Medal for Valor W: Scott Barrie D: Don McCutcheon
(1988) (James, Emma, John, Rebecca
Martin Newfeld; Jillian Cook; Larry MacLean; Peter Girling: Antony Parr
The Campbells protect a man decorated for bravery from a ruthless highwayman who plans on stealing his medal

85. The Elusive Mr Smith W: Paul LeDoux D: Carlo Liconti
(1988) (James, Emma, John, Harriet, Charlotte, Thomas
Neil: John Wildman; Henry Moore Smith: John Evans; Sheriff Bates: Graeme Campbell
Neil and High Sheriff Bates search for an escape artist who holds a damaging secret about the visiting lawman.

86. The Hunting Party W: Cedric Smith D: Steve DiMarco
(James, Emma, John, Charlotte
Howard Gibbs; George Tootosis; Lord Farfield: Garrick Hagon
John embarks on an adventure with an English visitor

87. Souls of Like Mind W: Jana Veverka, Tony Robertson D: Rene Bonniere
(1988) (James, Neil, Emma, John, Sims
Will Forrester: Geordie Johnson; Josiah Huckabee: Graham McPherson
Campbell hurts his back; Neil investigates the murder of a father and son

88. A Man of Means W: Jeffrey Cohen, Steve Lucas D: Carlo Liconti
(19 (James, Emma, John, Sims, Rebecca, Thomas
Kathleen Robertson; Ann Ward; Dora Dainton; Fred Hill; Ron Payne; Rupert Jenkins: Bob Clout
John develops a crush on a new student

89. The Miller’s Son W: Christine Cornish, Peter Mitchell, Paul Aitken D: Don Shebib
(1988) (James, Emma, John, Sims, Harriet, Rebecca)
Oberton: Frank Adamson; Chris Moffat; Louis Tripp; Becky: Tara Charendoff; Earl: David McFarlane
Emma befriends the miller’s son who has Downs Syndrome; Sims tries to repair Harriet’s clock

90. Down to the Sea W: Rob Forsyth D: Don McCutcheon
(1988) (James, Neil, Emma, John, Sims, Harriet)
Clarence DAvis: Michael Burgess; Ellen Davis: Pauline Gillis
The Campbells help a terrified woman leave her violent husband

91. Duty Bound W: Michael Mercer D: Malcolm Stoddard
(1988)(James, Charlotte)
Neil: John Wildman; Will: Geordie Johnson; Pat Harmon: Gerard Plunkett; Maria: Pamela Matthews; Abel Grote: Mo Bock
Neil and Will track an escaped convict's girlfriend who has kidnapped Pat Harmon

92. Anniversary Waltz W: Scott Barrie D: F Harvey Frost
(1988) (James, Emma, John, Sims, harriet, Rebecca, Charlotte, Thomas)
Allan Merovitz
Events lead the children & the Sims to think James & Rebecca are getting engaged

93. Disguises W: Michael Mercer D: Otta Hanus
(1988) (James, Emma, Sims, Rebecca, Charlotte)
Meg: Nicki Gaudagi; Pat Galloway
While dresses up as a man to travel farther to collect data for her book, Emma and Sims, who's chasing her thinking she's a thief, are captured by three women from England who are the actual robbers

94. The Fine Art of Horsetrading W: Rob Forsythe D: Carlo Liconti
(1988) (James, Emma, Neil, John, Sims)
Clarence: John Tench
James tries to help when Neil is looking to buy two horses

95. Boys’ Brigade W: Peter Mitchell , Paul Aitkin D: Steve DiMarco
(1988) (James, Neil, Emma, John Andrew: Sean Roberge; Amy: Lisa Jakub; Rusty: Seirge LeBlanc; Jefferson Mappin; Jed Dixon
John’s stay with Neil gets off to a rough start when they enounter 3 orphans and 2 highway robbers

96. Ancient Wounds W: Michael Mercer D: Don Shebib
(1988) (James, Emma, John, Sims, Rebecca
Ian White; Olivia: Nancy Palk
A woman claiming to be Sims’ jilted fiancee shows up, while Rebecca frets over an official inspection

97. From Chimborazo to Canton W: Michael Mercer D: Ken Girotti
(1988) (James, Emma, John, Sims, Rebecca, Charlotte)
King: Michael Fawkes; Samuel Penrose: Lewis Gordon
An elderly explorer restores James' shattered optimism

98. Flying the Coop W: Paul Ledoux D: Steve DiMarco
(19 (James, Emma, John, Harriet, Rebecca)
Margaret: Marti Maraden, Cindy Bertrand
Emma, Harriet and Rebecca go to the Logans for an extended visit

99. Bringing Up Thomas W: Suzette Couture D: Malcolm Stoddard
(19 (James, Emma, John, Thomas
Roger Dunn
Emma & John look after Thomas & the Inn when a very important contact for Sims comes to call

100. Tales of the Canadas W: Susan Snooks, Scott Barrie D: Steve DiMarco
(1988) (James, Emma, John, Charlotte)
Emma races to meet the publisher's deadline for her first book, "Tales of the Canadas"

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