53. Partners Suzette C D: Sturla Gunnarsson
(James, Neil, Emma, John, Sims
Sims takes over the inn until Mrs Logan shows up with a claim.

54. Stand and Deliver W: Michael Mercer, D: Allan Kroeker
(James, Neil, Emma, John, Sims, Harriet
Paige Fletcher; Henry Payne: Bruce Gray
Neil assists in the search for robbers who have abducted Harriet Sims

55.Gateway to the World D: Ken Girotti
(James, Neil, Emma, John
Tom Jackson; Colin Mochrie; Harry Booker
Neil and Capt Sims form a rafting company after a disagreement with a cartage firm’s owner

56. And in the Spring Writer: Peter Mitchell & Paul Aitken D: Sturla Gunnarsson
(James, Neil, Emma, John)
Jeremy Ratchford; Ron White; Gerry Pearson; Pavil MacCallum; David Hewlitt; Christine Bradford: Catherine Disher
Neil meets a woman with a mysterious past

57. Dreams Stay with You W: Peter Mitchell & Paul Aitken D: Sturla Gunnarsoson
(James, Neil, Emma, John, Sims, Harriet, Rebecca)
Jeremy Ratchford; Mary McTavish: Rosemary Dunsmore, David Main, Erick Trask, Andrew Douglas Binks(?);Jenny Turner; Stephen Walsh; Christine Bradford: Catherine Disher; Rev Kirkbride: Jan Rubes
Neil must rescue his fiancee when her father orders her to marry a man of his choosing.

58. Peter Was A Saint W: Michael Mercer D: Timothy Bond
(James, Neil, Emma, John
Graeme Campbell; Peter: Simon Reynolds
Numerous thefts in the community coincide with the arrival of a “relative” from Scotland

59. Face of a Stranger W: Bill Gough D: F Harvey Frost
(James, Neil, Emma, John
Michael Fletcher; Kevin Horatio Sims: Johnathan Crombie; Susannah Hoffmann
Believed to be a witch, a young woman is blamed when a number of farm animals become ill

60. When The Bough Breaks W: Paul Aitken D: Carlo Liconti
(James, Neil, Emma, John
Mary McTavish: Rosemary Dunsmore; Don Cullen; Caroline Yeager; Walter Kaufman: Christopher Barry
A baby is left at the Sims house.

61. Eyes of Angels W: Peter Mitchell, Paul Aitken D: Steve DiMarco
(James, Neil, Emma, John
Jake: Ardon Bess; Jim: Conrad Coates; Stephen Hair; Robert Hawkins
James attempts to rescue John, who has run away with two black fugitives from a Southern plantation

62. The Reluctant Candidate W: Tony Aspler D: Don Shebib
(James, Neil, Emma, John
Graham Harley; J Gordon Masten; Wanda Wilkinson; Dan Bright: Geraint Wyn Davies
Sims runs against James Campbell for a Legislative Assembly seat

63. Something’s Rotten W: Peter Jobin, Timothy Bond D: F Harvey Frost
(James, Neil, Emma, John
Wayne Robson; Richard Donat; Ian D Clark; Burbage: Tom Wood; Peter: Simon Reynolds
Travelling actors are really thieves

64. Fortunes of War W: Paul Ledoux D: Don Shebib
(James, Neil, Emma, John
Michael Schrauwen; John Ferguson; Kyra Harper; Richard Maitland: Gerard Plunkett
New resident is called a coward by Sims for his actions in the War of 1812

65. Miles To Go W: Jane Smith D: Steve DiMarco
(James, Neil, Emma, John
Trevor Smith, Laurent Imbault; Maria Brant: Tantoo Cardinal
Indian woman moves in to help Campbells and gain their aid for her half-breed son

Welcome Strangers W: Scott Barrie D: Carlo Liconti
(James, Neil, Emma, John
Emma has an article printed in the Colonial Advocate; John & Thomas go camping and encounter bison.

The Dragonslayers W: Suzette Couture D: Larry Kent
(James, Neil, Emma, John
Michael Copeman; Diego Matamoros; Jenny: Heather Kjollesdal
Thomas and John appoint themselves protectors of a servant

Back To School W: Paul Aitken, Peter Mitchell D: Steve DiMarco
(James, Neil, Emma, John
Hart Massey; Diego Matamoros; Rachel Blanchard; Francine Volker; Maurice Godin; Robert Latimer
A school opens with Rebecca Sims as teacher.

A Proposal of Marriage W: Paul Ledoux D: Paul Shapiro
(James, Neil, Emma, John
Gordon Woolvett; Donald Ewer; Ty Templeton
Emma mistakes the Rev. Buchanan’s interest as courtship.

The Raid W: Peter Jobin, Timothy Bond D: Steve DiMarco
(James, Neil, Emma, John
Peter Krantz; Alex Guard; Fred Archibald; Chris Benson,
Irish patriots take Sims, John & Emma hostage.

Bird of Paradise W: Christine Cornish D: Peter Thurling
(James, Neil, Emma, John
Patrick Christophe; Edward Marchant: Nigel Bennett; Warren Vanevera; Abigail Marchant: Kate Trotter
An ornithologist and artist charms James

Mirrors of the Soul W: Paul Aitken D: Allan Kroeker
(James, Neil, Emma, John
Gladys Taylor; Wilmer Nadjiwon; Pamela Matthews; Santino Buda; Stephen Hair; Carroway: Michael Rhoades
Accused murderer James must pass an Ojibwa test of truth

Live By The Sword W: Cedrick Smith D: Ken Girotti
(James, Neil, Emma, John
James Bradford; Ned: David Hewlitt; Sir Reginald: Patrick Crean
Capt Sims sets up a fencing exhibition

A Time for Goodbyes W: Scott Barrie D: Don McCutcheon
(James, Emma, John
Will Forrester: Geordie Johnson, Sarah Forrester: Diana Reis; Colin Fox; Margaret Sims: Marti Maraden
Campbell contemplates going to work for a hospital in Toronto.

The Firebrand W:
(James, Emma, John, Sims
James and Sims take opposite sides in a political dispute.

Old Ways and New W:
(James, Emma, John
Emma accompanies James to lecture in Edinburgh.

The Truth Will Out W:
(James, Emma, John
Emma’s writings create indignation among Scottish society as she also learns the ups and downs of love

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