1. A Magic Medicine W: Allan Prior
(James, Neil, Emma, John)
June Watson; Stuart Muncall; Michael MacKenzie; Nicholas McCarole; Tom Watson; Katy Hale
A continuing drama set in 19th-century Scotland and Canada. In the opening episode, Dr. James Campbell treats the son of a powerful Scottish landowner

2. A Great Decision W: Allan Prior
(James, Neil, Emma, John)
June Watson; Stuart Muncall; Michael MacKenzie; Nicholas McCarole; Tom Watson; Katy Hale
Dr. Campbell and his family move to Canada when the whole village blames him for the death of the Laird's son

3. First Day W: Kerry D Sim D: George Blumfield
(James, Neil, Emma, John, Simms, Rebecca)
Gabrielle Leger: Julien Poulin; Hardy: David Elliott After the Campbells arrive at their new home in Canada, a neighbor attempts to drive them off their land

4. The Haunting W: D A Nathan D: Joseph L. Scanlan
(James, Neil, Emma, John, Sims)
Mrs Sims: Barbara Garrick; Richard Sims: Brian Stittle; Mary McTavish: Rosemary Dinsmore
John and Emma try to get rid of their superstitious housekeeper by setting up pranks to scare her away

5. 75 Miles From Anywhere Else
(James, Neil, Emma, John
An injured trapper, befriended by Neil, holds the Campbells hostage in their own home

6. The Visitors W: Glenn Norman D: Joseph L Scanlan
(James, Neil, Emma, John)
Indian woman: Monique Mojica; Indian man: Denis LaCroix; Gabrielle Leger: Julien Poulin
A native woman saves Emma from a poisonous snakebite

7. A Real Lady
(James, Neil, Emma, John
An upper-class Englishwoman uses the Campbell home as a retreat from her fiance and ends up becoming attracted to James

8. Treasure of Jean Lafitte
(James, Neil, Emma, John
The Campbells embark on a treasure hunt after an elderly man gives James a map to a pirate's cache

9. Gift Horse
(James, Neil, Emma, John, Sims)
Will Forrester: Geordie Johnson
Emma grows fond of a horse James received as in payment for delivering Willís son and is heartbroken when a stranger lays claim to the animal

10. Vendetta
(James, Neil, Emma, John, Sims
Capt. Sims is challenged to a duel over the death of a man 15 years earlier

To Love and Protect
(James, Neil, Emma, John
A skeleton found buried on the Campbells' land leads to a murder investigation

Heaven Sent

Rites of Passage

A Pig at Large
(James, Neil, Emma, John, Sims
When the Campbells' pig gets loose, Sims finds it and plots to keep the animal permanenty

Burning Cures
(James, Neil, Emma, John, Sims
When a farmer with diseased animals refuses to destroy them, James must control an irate Sims

Autumn and Smoke
(James, Neil, Emma, John, Sims
John is kidnapped and held for ransom by Iroquois who believe James murdered two tribesmen

Harvest Gold
(James, Neil, Emma, John, Sims
As winter approaches, James finds himself short of cash due to his patients' practice of paying him with pumpkins

Free and Clear
(James, Neil, Emma, John, Sims
The Campbells learn they must clear their land or lose it to the Canada Land Company

Declaration of Independence
(James, Neil, Emma, John, Sims
Rebecca Sims saves a runaway slave from a bounty hunter

21. Child of Fortune W: Ken Gass    D: George Bloomfield
(1985)(James, Neil, Emma, Sims)
Reverend: Jan Rubes; Nadia: Daccia Bloomfield; Will Forrester: Geordie Johnson; Doug Lennox; Robert Buck; Martin Donlevy
The Campbells are quarantined and the townfolk become alarmed after Emma becomes ill after bringing home a gypsy girl exposed to cholera.

22. End of the River W: Michael Mercer D: Joseph L Scanlan
(1985) (James, Neil, Emma, John, Sims)
Alf Blackwood: Patrick Brymer; Henry: Greg Winkfield
While out hunting, James and Sims are captured by a criminal who threatens to kill them unless James can save the man's injured friend, Henry.

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